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Kingdom of Rebirth

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Kingdom of Rebirth

Tips: 0.50 INK Postby The Great Thundorz on Sat Nov 04, 2017 7:10 am

-~ Uh, hi. I've never been good with introductions for these sort of things. I'm Thundor, and I've been interested in writing for a long time now but have never actively pursued it outside of this one time that didn't ultimately lead anywhere. So to help motivate myself to get back into it, I'm going to do an experiment by re-creating a story I had a year ago for an RP I tried to run. I'll be pushing myself to try to put up one chapter a week in order to give myself some motivation. I am open to any criticism that comes my way by putting up these chapters and I hope you all enjoy what is to come! ~-

Chapter 1: Tragedy

An uneasy feeling loomed over the people of Rebirth. It had been a month's time since anyone had last seen the King outside of the castle and most were afraid he may have passed on. The Order of Rebirth, a circle of knights that had vowed to protect the kingdom, was among the few who ever saw the King these days. But none of them had been allowed to see him for the past few days. The head knight of the Order of Rebirth could only assume the worst and ran off riding on his horse the first chance he got. The sun had barely set over in the distance, he knew he still had time to make things better!

The head knight had managed to make it west of the kingdom, reaching the great forest that surrounded the kingdom and protected it from the outside world. Not many dared to live outside the kingdom, let alone venture far out into the forest. Although his horse walked at it's own pace, the head knight did not stop venturing out along one of the few paths he knew to exist. If he was right, he would find the cause that had started all of this trouble they tried so hard to bury. If he could get his hands on it, he would certainly find a cure. All seemed to be going well until his horse stopped moving and refused to go any further.

Dismounting from his horse, the head knight looked forward to try to see clearly what had stopped the horse from advancing. But all he could see were trees. Moving forward a few steps, he is stopped when a bright light emerges on one of the trees nearby and transforms itself into the shape of a young man. When the light was gone, the head knight could get a clear look at the boy and his unusual white hair. The boy had a creepy look within his eyes, holding an intimidating smile that showed no signs of changing anytime soon. Anyone else may have become intimidating by the boy, but the head knight did not back down.

"Welcome, Sir Brian." The boy spoke to him, causing the head knight to take a step back from the boy.

"What sorcery do you possess?" The head knight responds. "I have no time for tricks. I must move on to save my Kingdom from a tragic fate." The boy gives a chuckle before speaking.

"Yes, I know why you have come here. But I must tell you to not go any further." The boy points to the knight's horse. "Ride back home and send everyone north. Do not worry about His Majesty, you must protect those you still can." The head knight looks back to his horse before turning back to the white haired boy with a sharp glare.

"I know where I am going, and I will not endanger everyone by moving them out of home!" The head knight could not hold back his emotions. What the boy spoke to him was utter madness! "I do not care what warnings you have to give. I don't believe in stories! I know the risks of coming here alone, and should it take my life to save my King's, so be it!" The white haired boy stared at the knight before slowly shrugging.

"You have a wife and child to think about. You have an entire kingdom to consider over one man's life. You already know what has infected him, did you really think he would survive for long?" The boy stepped closer to the knight. "Going any further is futile. You cannot go south, east or west. It must be north! North is the only path to safety from what is to come! What has happened already will be an omen compared to that which is coming!"

"ENOUGH!" The head knight pushed the boy back and resumed along the path. "I will not be swayed by any trickery you possess! BEGONE! Do not disturb me again!" As the head knight continud to move forward, the white haired boy could only shake his head before quickly fading away. The knight soon discovered what he had come here to get. The corpse laid upon the ground in a hideous fashion, it's cracked and very white skin quickly gave off the signs of the disease's presence.

The head knight slowly walked over to the corpse and knelt down by it, observing it for just a few minutes before reaching down to grab hold of it. He stops as he is about to touch it when he sees the body begin to shake. The head knight quickly gets back up to his feet as he observes the shaking body to see if anything would happen. But the shaking quickly stops and the knight does not notice anything else occuring from the body. The knight makes his way back over to the body and observes it for a moment before reaching down and taking hold of the head.

A sharp pain emits from the knight's right side, his body having been pierced by two sickly looking spikes that had extended from the body. His instincts kicking in, the head knight draws out his sword and stabs the blade down into the decaying chest! A symbol shines brightly on the blade as the mouth of the corpse opens up and lets out a hallowing screech of pain. The knight did not relent, keeping a tight hold with both hands as the corpse's hands rise up and grab hold of the blade! Smoke quickly emits off the hands as the corpse violently shakes and moves about on the spot before ultimately becoming dust. Though his prize was lost, the knight intended to go home and force himself to see the truth with his own two eyes.

Though he shed no blood, he could feel the pain growing throughout his body as he forced himself to walk back towards his horse. His sword now barely held in his left hand, he kept his right hand over the unnerving sight now growing on his body as he could see his vision begin to waver. When he begins to approach the horse, it suddenly whines out and turns around, fleeing from him without a moment's thought! He stops moving while watching the horse flee along the back path home, knowing somewhere deep down that he should of seen this coming. His hand becomes too weak to keep a hold of his sword and soon, it falls to the ground. His body collapses shortly after this, he could feel the change already taking hold as his mind began to lose focus.

His entire life flashed before his eyes with all of the good and the bad he had done washing over him. The truth of everything he had done hit him all at once with no way for him to react to it. His home, his family, his friends. He had abandoned them all and now he was paying the price for his stupidity. As his sight began to leave him, his last thoughts finally spoke the truth he never could admit to himself. The King is dead.

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Re: Kingdom of Rebirth

Tips: 0.25 INK Postby The Great Thundorz on Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:43 pm

Chapter 2: Change

A week's time passes by with no word from Sir Brian. The only thing anyone could find was his sword. Robbed of the King and Sir Brian, the kingdom itself seemed to gain a gloomy atmosphere to it. His wife and child are the first to be informed, with everyone reacting in a negative manner to the news. With every passing day, chaos began to spread and disorder fell from within. The Order of Rebirth were forced to put three men into a temporary position of power to keep the peace.

Rumors spread of attacks from strange creatures, stories from outside the forest only told of new tragedies. The three men set up a new rule in response to these attacks: No one was allowed to travel beyond the forest. In a month's time after Sir Brian went missing, the kingdom's rules had become far more restricting and enforced. The Order of Rebirth, once the king's loyal circle of knights and the best the kingdom had to offer, had become one of the highest powers within the kingdom. The most major change of all was to make sure no outsider coming in would bring the terrors with them.


In the month's time since his father had been gone, it fell upon Benjamin in order to carry out duties around his home. He was young, but he was more than capable of proving himself to be rising up into manhood. Having just finished up the last of his home duties, he made his way over towards his mother's room to check on her. Opening up the door, he could see his mother resting in bed with a peaceful look on her face today. Taking this as a good omen, he closed the door and headed out from home to prepare for his studies.

As he made his way through the district, he came to a halt when he heard some voices loudly speaking nearby. Curious, he made his way closer to see a large crowd of the villagers gathered to hear two men from the Order of Rebirth speaking to them.

"Hear me now!" One of the two men spoke up, having to carefully walk over to the other in the large purple robes that both of them wore. "We are doing everything we can in order to put your requests through!"

"That being said," The other of the two men said. "we cannot ignore the larger issues at hand. Please, be patient with us and we will get to you as soon as we can."

"Remember, we are always looking for volunteers! If anyone wishes to help us in these dire times, speak up and we shall give you a day to come to us!" Ben decided he had lingered long enough and continued on his way, the chatter behind him growing faint as he made his way over to one of the four gates of the kingdom.

As soon as Ben was in sight, he could hear a familiar voice calling out to him. "Benjamin!" Ben looked over to see John, who was one of the few knights in the order who still wore his armor at all times. "Thank you for coming. How is your mother doing today?"

"She's been fine from the looks of it." Ben spoke up to John, moving a hand through his blonde hair. "Been sleeping mostly through the morning."

"Well, please report to us if her condition gets worse. Horrible timing this is." John gestures towards the gate keeper to open the way for them. "Now to business. Normally, I would ask your father to handle duties like this."

"I understand. I know that everyone is busy with the new changes coming and all. If I can help out in any way, I will."

"Good to hear." Once the gate was opened, John walked outside the walls with Ben. Once they were far out enough, John pulls out a letter and gives it to Ben. "This is going to be tricky, I won't lie to you. Head forward into the forest until you come across a rather large tree with an x marked into it. There should be someone waiting there for this letter."

"Into the forest? Why are they waiting there and not closer?"

"I don't know, but all I was informed was that this is an important delivery. I must remain behind, but I will be waiting for you to return by this gate. Be careful out there, and don't wander too far inside!"

"I got it." Ben gave a quick wave to John as he made his way into the forest. Moving forward would be tricky, considering how much trees and other obstacles would be getting in the way of this. But after ten minutes of travelling forward, he managed to find the large tree with the x mark on it. But he was the only one there. Could the person be arriving late? From the sounds of it, someone was supposed to be here before him.

Looking around at the ground, Ben could see a trail of red moving further into the forest. Could this be blood? Was the person attacked? And if so, by what? Although his body screamed at him to turn back, he decided to follow the trail and find out where it lead. It didn't take long for Ben to find a body lying on the ground.

Ben slowly made his way over to the body to try to find some sort of injury on it, but he could find nothing unusual. The body looked as though it had been here for some time, but nothing to tell if it had been recent or a few days. He decided it was time to head back and began to walk away when he heard something move. Turning around, he became confused when he saw that the body was no longer there.

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