Kingdom Roleplay- Characters Wanted

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Kingdom Roleplay- Characters Wanted

Postby ArabellaDemonte on Sat Apr 03, 2010 6:15 pm

Arabella Demonte: Rogue Princess....In this roleplay, we need people to play the King,Queen, and multiple Princes...There are PLENTY of other roles always available and original roles are also welcomed as long as they fit the time period. Antagonists are also very much welcomed to stir up reasonable amounts of trouble to add a bit of excitement to the roleplay. If you are interested please post a character or a response to one of the already posted long as your character fits the medieval time period I see no problem in your joining. But please...if you would like to play as one of the already designed characters please talk to me and let me know. In all honesty the personalities are very much open, except for the Queen who is naturally designed to be a bit uptight. If you are interested private message me and let me know!

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