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[Elemental Kingdoms] Kinle Sorron

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[Elemental Kingdoms] Kinle Sorron

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Tue Apr 24, 2007 2:53 am

Name: Kinle Sorron {Kin-lei S-or-o-n}

Nickanme: Qre-Z {Crazy}




Weight:200 lbs {All muscle}



Weapon:Sword and Tower Shield

Eye Color:Brown

Hair Color:Brown

Hair Style:Spiky

Tatoos/Scars:Tatoo of a Snake going up a sword through a skull.

Clothing:Chianmail Shirt, Leggings. Plate Mail Chest Piece, Plate Pants, Leatherg gloves, Platemail boots. Knight Helmet

Designs, colors(Clothing Armor): Shield:Black with a white skull in the middle. Armor Color: Brown plate, red chainmail.




Skin Color: White


All of his life he has known the war. When he was 6 his parents went off to war, his dad was a brave Warrior, a knight who could stand his ground through a fight, and his mother who was a priestess who constantly healed the fallen warriiors. One day when she was healing men she met Bilo (Beelow) and fell in love. Later they had a child, Kinle. As best they could they raised him to be strong and brave. But the day his parents didn't come back from the war he tried his best to be brave but couln't stand the loss. Later that day a messenger came to confirm his fear and he went to live with his grandfather who was a retired warrior. His grandftaher conferted him in his time of need and trained him to be a great warrior like his father. When he was ready he left out to go fight. He was however to young to go out to war so he was ordered to be a guard for an Earth City.

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