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Star Wars RPG set 500 years prior to Episode 1. All plots to be player-made

Kiyoshi Kazami

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zhelir Darkfall on Mon Mar 27, 2006 6:21 pm

As originally posted by FutureKiyoshi:

Name: Ethan Teir
Age: 20
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 175lbs
Gender: Male

Main Job/Sub Job: Pilot/Smuggler

Race: Human originally from Coruscant

Character Description: The 5ft 11inches Ethan has long blonde hair that he tries to use to cover a small scar that is on his forehead near his left eyebrow. Hidden behind a pair of large sunglasses, are dark blue eyes. While not extremly muscular, Ethan is well toned.

Character Bio: Growing up in an upscale, and lavish life style for Ethan are fond memories that he wishes he could forget. As a youngman he grew up on Coruscant with his loving parents, but at the age of seven they were murdered for what appeared to be political reasons. A friend of the family, a smuggler named Ran Teir, took the young Ethan to Corellia. It was here that Ran gave Ethan his new name, allowing him to stay hidden from anyone that might have been seeking out the young boy.

Ethan became an excellent pilot and tried to live a clean life, but after his "father" and mentor Ran became ill, he had to take up a few of his jobs as a smuggler. Ran tought him what he needed to know of the underworld and smuggling before suffering an untimely death. Learning this was connected to his own parents death, Ethan vowed to follow the trails of this mystery and get vengence for the people he had loved.

Now on the run for a smuggling operation that went wrong, Ethan has taken up wearing dark sunglasses to hide his identity.

Personal Info (All Optional)
AIM: FutureKiyoshi

Kiyoshi's Edit:

Yeah here's the pic I was using for my signature on the old forum Zhelir had. Yeah, yeah it's just Quattro (Char) from Z Gundam...but come on...Char's a bad ass.

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