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.hack V3


a part of “.hack V3”, a fictional universe by Zeique.

CC Corp (CyberConnect Corporation) released a new and more advanced game: The World V3. This new game allowed players to be more interactive, but to what cost? (I hope this can get a spark of life.)

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “.hack V3”.
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[OOC] Knights

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zeique on Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:33 pm

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Goal: Protecting the players and enforcing the rules how they think it should be.
These characters are those who are either under direct order of CC Corp or are players that have been deemed worthy to be knighted. There are three sections in each of the three different types of Knights. The three sections are Knight Commander (KC), Knight Commander Assistant (KA), Knight of Public Assistance (KP), and Knight Enforcers (KE). The different types of knights are as follows:
Templar Knight (Commonly called the CC Watch Dogs by the players. These ones are the strictest and are NPC Knights.)
Black Knight (These Knights have gained the nickname Knight of Death or Death Knights. They are not nearly as strict as the Templar Knights but more so than the White Knights. Black Knights are playable.)
White Knight (The White Knights are called The Pure Ones by the players since they are so easy going and laid back. They are the least strict of all the Knights. White Knights are playable.)
You may only have one character as a Knight at one time.
KC’s are the ones that will report problems to me if they see them; they do not issue bans or suspensions. They can however give warnings and choose if they report small issues or not. However if they do not act accordingly I will demote them or delete their character, no second chances. Some issues (such as meta-gaming or misconduct) must be reported or they will be demoted. There is a maximum of one at a time per type of playable Knight. KC’s are the ones who choose two players to be promoted out of those recommended and submit them to me.
KA’s are assigned as runner up to being Knight Commander and may give warnings to players. They are allowed to report issues, however they must report to their Knight Commander. At that time their KC will decide if they should tell me or not. The amount of chances they get is determined by their KC with a maximum of five mess ups and you’re out. The only time they report directly to me is when the issue is with the Knight Commander they report to. There can be two at one time per KC for each type of Knight, and the more trusted from the two is promoted when the KC is demoted.
KP’s are the ones that take in the suggestions and complaints of players. They are also the ones who aid me in deciding special events or additions to the game. These players report directly to me on all issues and have three mess ups and then they are demoted. If I notice that they are not paying attention or responding to players then they will not help with game additions or events. There can only be three per KC for each type of Knight.
KE’s are not playable knights. They are the largest in number around The World and are the main eyes of the Knights. There are about 50 per KC in each type of knight.
The Templar Knights patrol all of The World, keeping an eye on everyone. Even though they are greater in number than the other two types of Knights combined, they are still a semi-rare sight. There are a total of three KC’s, six KA’s, nine KP’s, and 150 KE’s. They have only been known to be those who work at CC Corp and they give no chances to their Knight and rarely to players.
The server the Black Knights are on have less rules broken since they are a little stricter than the White Knights. Even though they are stricter they don’t seem to have any fewer players than the White Knights’. There is no 100% reason why this is but many think it is because there is less lag in this world that the other.
The White Knights have many rules broken such as character altering, (i.e. normal height, clothing color, weapon color, and other minor things.) but they don’t have any major issues around The World. (i.e. data hacking, stat altering, illegal abilities, and other major things like that.) However due to the leniency of the White Knights it seems that their world lags a little more than the one the Black Knights are on.
Here is the required order for Knight characters to be able to post:
-At least one Black or White Knight Commander position must be filled.
-The remaining Knight Commander spot may be filled.
-A Knight Commander Assistant position may be filled under an existing Knight Commander.
- A Black or White Knight of Public Assistance position can be filled if the corresponding type of Knight has at least one Knight Commander Assistant.
NOTE: Any Knight can be made at any time, however they must wait until the previous Knight has been made and accepted.
To be accepted by others you must first accept yourself.

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