Labyrinth/Legend crossover rp

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Labyrinth/Legend crossover rp

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby diabolicalxdamsel on Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:24 am

I have been wanting to do this crossover for quite sometime now, and some ideas have been spinning in my head. It would begin in the Goblin City. Well technically it would begin in the Aboveground for a brief period then transition into the Underground.

As of now, the main plot would focus on Jareth and three descendants of Jack and Lily from the film Legend.

(if you have never seen this beautiful, ridiculous heap of cheesy 80's fantasy I guess I'm a better Ridley Scott fan than you, and you need to fix that ASAP. Read more about it here.)

If the interested party has something they would like to incorporate into the main plot, I'm totally open to ideas.

Since I'm only checking for interest, I'm gonna keep my pitch short, but I would consider myself an advanced, multi-para, literate, TL-DR, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

They say The Exiled Prince vanished from this realm like mist in the dawn, and the King of Light is certain he didn’t manage it on his own. He knows of a man, a monster, a bargain-striker, a king of goblins, monarch of all the wretches of the Underground. We know our king knows more than what he says, and there are whispers of yet another descendant of Lily of the Light born far beyond what we know. But our king protects us, protects the unicorns that anchor the Innocence, the Light and the Spring to the Underground, and drives off all that would dare serve or submit to Darkness. Through his benevolence may we all be kept safe. May we not fear the false prophecies of the Exiled Prince’s boon, a Goblin King, an army, Eostre buried in ice and ash as Darkness sits her throne.

Ideally, I'd like one partner capable of writing multiple roles, but I can take in a third if it proves beneficial to the story.

I want to take the classic coming-of-age, awaking into magic concept and apply it to a more grown up, cynical sort of mentality. This Underground is a darker place than what Sarah or Lily experienced. I want to explore the same themes in the films: escapism, struggles with responsibility, near-fatal naivete, guilt, greed, desire for control, possession, but on a much deeper level.

I'd love to find a Jareth (otherwise, I'd might as well make this a fanfic considering how one-sided it would be). I'm totally open to bringing back Sarah, Toby, and all our other friends as well. I plan on bringing back Oona and Gump. I'm also happy to play Hoggle, Sir Didymus, Ludo, and any other Goblin City denizen (I actually have two OC goblins made up: Beamish and Squeamish)

I'll post more details regarding the plot if it perks anyone's interest!

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