LaGrange 4

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LaGrange 4

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Re: LaGrange 4

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Sergeant Reiker lifted his body into a black painted Serpent Suit. A precision team comprised of just over 100 mobile suits was prepping for a strike. The objective was simple, but the dangers were unknown. Satellite photos of the target area provided little information on defenses and so the team felt as if they were going in nearly blind. It didn't matter though, it was for the good of the Colonies and the drive to avenge General Sin that guided.

Sergeant Reiker moved his black Serpent into the lead transport shuttle. Another Serpent painted white and piloted by Corporal Marx entered the second transport, and yet another white Serpent piloted by Corporal Sparx entered a third transport. The Serpent suits were always considered the leading officers and helped define them through the chaos of the battlefield. Over the course of half an hour, 40 Taurus suits led by Corporal Marx, 40 assorted weapons Leo suits Led by Corporal Sparx, and a special operations team comprised entirely of Black Ops pilots in 20 Virgo suits under leadership of Sergeant Reiker alone all entered into a fleet of 10 relatively small, but very quick transport shuttles. A path lighted up in space leading out of Military Launch Bay X-9 from the L04 Colony. The shuttles launched in two sets of five, the first set leading with Sergeant Reiker in front and his five ships on active scan in case of an enemy attack. One last transmission was sent back to the L04 colony from Sergeant Reiker.

Reiker: "This is strike force Zulu headed for Echo sector. Will execute operation Greed in T-minus 20 hours. Proceeding to radio silence till target hostiles are engaged."
45 minutes after the last transmission from Sergeant Reiker, a squad of dropships launched from the L04 colony following the same path that the assault force had followed.

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