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A Land Thrust Into Chaos..

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Re: A Land Thrust Into Chaos..

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jader on Thu May 24, 2007 10:05 pm

Ka`zeh's crimson orbs flickered a bit as he stared at Aarisa. Was he dumbfounded by her beauty? Was the detective lost in deep thought, the vaults of his mentality yearning to find the words to bring that lovely carefree smile across her glowing visage once more? His entire body shuddered a bit, waking himself from his deep meditative state. Ka`zeh exhaled deeply, swallowed yet another lump in his throat, and clicked his heels into his horse's sides. The beast trotted towards the helm of their roving band once more, and the detective unsheathed his blade, his keen eyes focusing on something not too far ahead of his current position.

Was that a clearing? Yes! It had to be! They had finally reached Harborym Valley! The thick jungle growth began to thin, allowing a soft cool breeze to filter through their ranks, and Ka`zeh's sweat smothered black hair began to dance with glee as it had always done.

"The valley! We made it!" Ka`zeh shouted back to his companions, joy compounded within his tone as he dug his heels deep into the beast's ribs. Even the horse the man sat atop seemed overcome with happiness and gladly galloped towards the opening.

He was so lost within his own ecstatic tendencies, the detective did not even give pause to think about his actions. Rushing out into an open valley with the threat of war approaching the horizon was something he usually would not do. Ka`zeh had become so fatigued the last few weeks, that he had begun to lose his mind within the deep recesses of the treacherous jungle. He constantly begged for salvation and sleep, but it would never come. He held too much obligation towards the people who had so willingly traveled with him to prevent this travesty from happening in the first place.

Little did the man know, he was getting himself into quite a precarious situation, his steed finally breaking through the thick jungle vines of the forest and stopping at a small plateau. His sight was instantly assaulted by an image that even his worst nightmares could not produce.

The setting sun would introduce the shimmering glow of plate armor, swords, spears, and armored mounts. Millions of soldiers, moving in tight formation, stampeding throughout the western side of Harborym Valley. The shouts of commanders echoing against the walls as the drums of war reverberated back to Ka`zeh, his mouth agape with shock.

"No..." He muttered, his crimson eyes now catching sight of a small division of Ghalerion soldiers just outside the border of the jungle he had emerged from. In fact, they couldn't be more than fifty feet away. The soldiers turned, a few of the archers raising their crossbows in alarm as the superior officer bade his horse to trot to the helm of the division.

The detective had to think quickly. While he may be in no immediate danger, also being a citizen and commander of Ghalerion, his companions were not. If they were seen, they would likely be captured.

"GREETINGS, FELLOW GHALERION SOLDIERS! QUITE A LOVELY DAY FOR WAR, EH!? THE AIR IS CRISP AND CLEAN, AND THE VYKENS ARE RIPE FOR THE SLAUGHTERING!!" Ka`zeh bellowed loudly, laughing nervously and quite awkwardly as the guards continued to stare at him, a few quirking their brow in silent inquiry.

I hate my life sometimes.. He thought to himself, sighing as he hoped his obnoxious and loud yelling reached his companions' ears and they would get the hint NOT to exit the jungle just yet.

((OOC: The RP will continue in the Harborym Valley thread from now on. Please click the link below and post! ^_^))

The Valley.

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