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Broken Humans

Laws, Rules & Regulations

a part of “Broken Humans”, a fictional universe by UniqueYetUnoriginal.

In the future, humans are 'cleansed' to become the perfect servants. But when some of them start to remember their past and feel emotions, what will happen? [OPEN & ACCEPTING]

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Broken Humans”.
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Laws, Rules & Regulations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby UniqueYetUnoriginal on Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:13 pm


The Laws & Regulations Of Paxatore.
Decreed in 2101 AD, the Laws & Regulations of Paxatore are very strict and precise. Every rule was given a whole paragraph of explanation on the initial signing of the Laws & Regulations. Here is the list of the more important rules, each paragraph shortened down to one or two sentences.

Minors To Be Home By 8 pm Monday - Thursday and 9 pm Friday - Sunday. [Level One - Level Four]
Adults To Be Home By 10 pm Monday - Thursday and 11 pm Friday - Sunday. [Level One - Level Four]
Lights Out By 11 pm At Latest. [Level One - Level Three]
No Inappropriate Music. All Music Is To Be Cleared By An Official In Your Area. [Level One - Level Four]
No Inappropriate Books Or Movies. All Books And Movies Are To Be Cleared By An Official In Your Area [Level One - Level Four]
Any Inappropriate Websites Found Will Be Removed, Their Creators And Their Visitors Punished. [Level One - Level Four]
No Murdering Or Thievery. [Level Three - Level Five.]
The Legal Age For Sexual Intercourse Is Eighteen. [Level Two - Level Four.]
The Legal Age For Drinking Is Twenty-One. [Level Two - Level Five.]
No Ill-Speaking Of The Government. [Level Three - Level Five]
No Violence Of Any Sort. [Level One - Level Five]

Levels Of Punishment In Paxatore
By separating punishments into 'levels' depending on the punishment, the government found it easier to frighten their people, the worst level being level five. Here is a brief explanation of each level of punishment if a law is broken.

A Level One Law:
This includes being given a scolding and taken away rights of something, (e.g. internet) either for a set amount of time or forever. This can also be accompanied by a short amount of time in the Chains.

A Level Two Law:
Usually a short amount of time in the Chains, a scolding, removal of items that seem possibly the reason for your actions and after being released you may be on probation for a while.

A Level Three Law:
Time in the Chains and Probation, possible searching of the home.

A Level Four Law:
Long time in the Chains, probation, searching of home and look out on family and close friends for suspicious activity. This may also be punished by a life time of community service to the government.

A Level Five Law:
Life time sentence in the Chains, execution or purifying/cleansing - becoming a Purus Human.

The Chains: Paxatore's Perfect Prison
The Chains is Paxatore's version of a prison, where criminals are kept for different amounts of time, depending on the laws broken.

The Chains is Paxatore's version of a prison, though with slight changes. It is usually a large, grey building, covered in walls of mixed together metal, stone and Galux. The one in Sectates is six storeys high, at the edge of the region. It gives off a dark vibe and rarely gets visitors.

There is one window in the cell, which is made from a rare form of Galux, one that is extremely expensive and so only used in the Cells and other types of imprisonment, which is almost impossible to destroy. There is two beds per room, as it would cost too much to have more than one Chains in each city. The bathroom is a small room in the corner which only has a toilet and a small tap. The prisoners are allowed outside, depending on the level of law they broke, either once a day or never, though it would definitely have to be a level four or five law to never be allowed out of their cell, even for a walk in the yard. Level 1 and 2 prisoners are allowed to walk to a cafeteria to receive their food, whilst the others have their food brought to their cells.

Prisoners are allowed visitors on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, between the times of 1 - 5 pm. All level one prisoners wait in the visiting room from one - two pm, level two from two - three pm, level three from three - four pm and so on. Level Five prisoners are only allowed a visit once a month and the visitor(s) must call up in advance.

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