The League of Origins

The League of Origins

In a nuclear wasteland we struggle to survive. Our League Of Origins replaces the inevitable war over resources, but what will the outcome of this “sport” be for us?

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Here we will be adding NPC information as well as general information related to the roleplay

List of Aequitas NPC's
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NPC's of League Of Origins

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NPC's of Aequitas and the M3 Dome
General Verturum
    Full Name:
    Jonathan Verturum



    Standing at 1.95 meters with a weight of over 95 kilograms, Verturum is quite the bulky stereotype of a soldier. Although the years have left their undeniable mark on him, his hair turning grey and his face showing 30 years of military experience, he is still able to keep up with the new recruits when it comes to endurance. His face is scarred from many years of war.

    Verturum is the man in charge of all of the Aequitas Defense Guard as well as the Aequitas League Teams. He will be issuing the orders, and he expects people to follow them. With over 30 years of service in the defense guard, he expects nothing less than 100% from each and every soldier.
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