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Legions of the Dragon Coalition (OOC & Recruitment)

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There are no ancient Stars here: all are new or young Stars and so, from a distance, most are seen as blue or white – pale specks in the pitch-coloured heavens that surround our world. Each Star lives – a life separate to that of the creatures that roam the land but a life nonetheless – and each bears a name so that we may better acknowledge them. They live as Gods and Goddesses, bearing magicks with the power to shape wills and worlds and controlling many aspects of our lives. Although sometimes their presence is known and their motives clear, more often their manipulations are ambiguous at the best of times, leading us like will-o’-the-wisps into dead-end situations from which there is no escape. The sovereign Star – a Goddess of all Stars – produces all the magick of the world, dealing out power as she sees fit to both create and destroy life as needed; nurturing the Stars or destroying nations, she cannot be deemed ‘good’ or ‘evil’ for she does what she believes necessary – as most Stars do.

At the time of my story’s beginning, Amaryllis is the brightest Star of the sky – our sovereign Star – and burns a dazzling white in the daytime like an eternal flame, paling in the evenings to become like the silvery glow of the moon. Stars do not always stay in the heavens where they are made, and many take a corporeal form: the sovereign Star maintaining constant vigilance by walking the land she controls, often in the shape of a great pale feline, although when the need arises, she comes as a stately figure dressed in silver-blue with a silver circlet on her brow. Some believe that the Stars are untouchable, but this is not the case: Stars bleed and die like any other living being but, without interference, their lifespan borders on eternal, giving them a high level of disregard for those of a shorter life and a belief of invincibility. Because of this, Stars very rarely make mistakes of their own accord.

I must tell you more about Cirrian for you to understand the relationship between its people. Cirrian has five continents, each almost completely covered with some form of tree, whether conifers, flora of the jungle or even trees you had never heard of. Armiekai is the largest of the continents; Jahnhey has the greatest population; Wordonat, is the darkest; Sharlohm is known as the most powerful of the five, though some say not much more so than Wordonat; and Nailin is the most beautiful of all. The placement of the continents goes as follows: Wordonat at the North Pole, Nailin at the South, and Armiekai and Jahnhey placed halfway around the centre, which is known as the Payal or ‘anklet’.

You think I am forgetting Sharlohm. In fact it is impossible to forget it, as it is the most visible as well as the most important continent. Sharlohm is what we call the Venetican or ‘Wanderer’, for it constantly moves. No obvious path can be traced but it always stays more than a mile away from the other lands, repelled by something unseen and unknown.

Over the years, many have tried to gain control of a different continent to their own and have given up their life to the defending land, so now most people are content to stay in their native land or, if they are restless, to visit and stay for a while in a foreign continent. But all return to their homeland sooner… or later. The start of the war of which I will describe in this tale is the first in over a thousand years. Peace can smother the pain of the past until it is forgotten. We were not expecting it.

The Roleplay:

Ok, this is actually going to be a sort of spin-off from a novel I've just written. It's based on a world called Cirrian, in which there are 5 continents (in order of size): Armiekai (pron: ar-mee-ky), Jahnhey (pron: yan-hey), Nailin (pron: ny-lin), Wordonat (pron: wor-don-at) and Sharlohm (pron: shar-lom).

Relatively peaceful up until now, Cirrian has found itself under the tightening grip of a Star named Surinder who can drain the very soul out of a being - both gradually and rapidly - tapping into their powers and life-force like a parasite until the host eventually dies.

There are seven main races on this world, six of them humanoid and one dragon race. This RP will involve solely the Dragon Coalition on Armeikai's East coast and it's response to the impending war that has been prophesized to kill millions - even so far as to destroy whole races. We will start off in the Coalition itself - daily life etc. - and then possibly progress onto other lands as the war develops. Other races can be played if requested. With dragons and riders, please play both as the bond between the two are very close and having one person play a rider and the other play a dragon may cause difficulties.

I'd like relatively experienced roleplayers please, just so that we can keep the narrative going (i.e. no one-liners). You don't have to write reams and reams: a couple of paragraphs will keep me happy!

The World - Cirrian:
World Map:
World Map.JPG
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Armiekai (pron: arm-eek-eye) - the largest:
Population: aprox. 22,402,200
Capital: Conochbar (pron: con-ock-bar)
Other main cities: Govind, Dariatan, Tanith, Danaria
Language/s: Indrajeet (pron: in-drah-sheet)
Religion: Lalia
Currency: Qasim
Endemic animal species: Dragoon (pl), Dragon (sl)
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Jahnhey (pron: yan-hey) - the greatest population:
Population: aprox. 167,097,300
Capital: Brinmor
Other main cities: Alunedella, Fenella, Ottilie, Cheyenne, Mischa
Language/s: Meadhbh (pron: meev)
Religion: Lalia
Currency: Moira
Endemic animal species: Gaurin (Small, rat-sized, mammalian creatures with feline facial features and a lithe, serpentine body. Large muscular tail used for standing on hind legs (but not walking). Colouring = tan to white. Temperament = wild but docile.)
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Wordonat (pron: wore-don-at) - the darkest:
Population: aprox. 527,000
Capital: Ronnath
Other main cities: Syannath, Narwnock (pron: nar-nok)
Language/s: Dohmnall (Syannath) and Ginnian
Religion: Cain
Currency: Shin
Endemic animal species: Lithen (10ft long serpent. Colouring = blue/black upper, pale yellow underside. Temperament = extremely venomous & dangerous)

Nailin (pron: nigh-lin) - the most beautiful:
Population: approx. 24,700
Capital: Thecla
Other main cities: Tegan, Tenecia
Language/s: Shanae/ Humayra/ Aremenic (in the main, though others are spoken)
Religion: Isaac
Currency: N/A (trade alone)
Endemic animal species: Deepak (deer-like creatures with long ears and whip-like tails. Colouring = ranges from black to tan. Temperament = docile.)

Sharlohm (pron: shar-lome) - the most powerful:
Population: aprox. 16,090
Capital: Dorna
Other main cities: Brandi, Arial, Anushai
Language/s: Ginnian (in the main, plus all other languages)
Religion: Lalia
Currency: N/A (trade alone)
Endemic animal species: Wikyn, Wrykin & Wierkyn (the three forms of winged-wolves: Wikyn = docile to tame with white/cream/tan colouring - furred bodies and feathered wings; Wrykin = wild with silver/grey/brown colouring - furred bodies and feathered wings; Wierkyn = dangerous/cruel with solely black colouring - bare skinned and leathery wings with crimson eyes.)
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The Religion:

What: the belief that the Stars are Gods/Goddesses due to their extensive use of magic and immortal lives, and the worship of these creatures.
Who: 'Lalians'; most of Cirrian (Armeikai, Sharlohm and Jahnhey especially).

What: the belief that all things living are made from and return to Cirrian (and are thusly re-incarnated); the belief that the Stars are simply another race (more accurate).
Who: 'Isaacs'; the shape-shifters of Nailin.

Cain (pron: kyne):
What: the worship of Ronak, the priest who founded the Mage College in Syannath, Wordonat; the belief that all magic - including those of the Stars - can be manipulated with determination and force; the belief that all magic should only be held by a select few individuals (i.e. the mages of Syannath).
Who: 'Cainans'; mostly those who live on Wordonat.

The Species/Races:

Species: Human
Appearance: (we all know what humans look like).
Characteristics: (let’s face it, we all know what humans can be like too...)
Homeland: found upon nearly every continent on Cirrian (excluding Nailin)
Powers/weaponry: magic wielded only by the highest of mages and priests and only managed after many years of study (therefore mages tend to be at least mid-twenties or older); extensive use of weaponry of all kinds.

The Mages of Syannath
Syannath: Syannath is a mage college on Wordonat – and though there are others – it is also the most prominent. Founded by the mage, Ronak, in the Third Age (the third century since the dragons came and the one before the present century), the college started out initially as a select guild in which membership was only offered to those mages of the highest callibre. These mages were then let into the secret of Ronak’s extensive power: the leaching – and thus pilfering – of magic from other beings, both mortal and immortal. Some say Ronak was actually Surinder’s corporeal form in light of his unscrupulous methods of gaining power solely for his own desires; it was never known – and still isn’t – whether this rumour had any truth, for Ronak died only thirty years after he founded his guild in a fire that destroyed most of the extensive manor that the society occupied. Syannath was rebuilt at the end of the Third Age by the remaining members - becoming a vast citadel that made itself the centre piece of the small village that the college was named after – and by the start of the Fourth Age, students were already being taken in and Ronak was beginning to gain an almost God-like status, only re-affirming the belief that he had been Surinder’s ‘mortal’ form on Cirrian. All those living in the college and the village are very xenophobic, and any ship – merchant or pirate alike – is accompanied by a single mage from Syannath, to ensure secrets stay that way.

The Mages: The students of Syannath – like their guild ancestors – are only accepted into the college by invitation and have to undergo severe testing before they can be allowed to study. Though the methods are unknown, it is clear that the mages are taught some means of leaching magic from being into a vessel that stores the magic until it can be divided evenly. It has been noted that this means of gaining power is critically flawed: no mages live to more than fifty years of age, though the average lifespan is a lot less due to the high amount of rivalry that is encouraged within the college itself. The only time the mages have been seen to co-operate is during periods of war or when there is an attempt to gain magic from a superior being (the dragons, the Stars or the Sagar-Morwen). All mages are adept spell-casters ranging anywhere from elemental to necrotic magics. Rather than having healers, each mage is taught enough to heal their own minor wounds and those unable to survive more fatal injuries simply become no more than fodder for the scavengers. Mages of Syannath (or at least those that have accomplished a decent status) wear robes of deep purple overlain by an enormous, enveloping, hooded cloak that is black lined with a bright purple silk: mostly to hide their outward appearence, giving the impression that all the mages look the same. Both males and females are accepted, though it is often hard to tell which is which due to the latter comment. Those studying in Syannath even go so far in their xenophobia as to have their own language – Dohmnall – which is taught solely to those mages attending the college; this is again to ensure that secrets among the college stay secret – even to those in the village.

Race: Dragon Rider
Appearance: (see ‘Human’)
Characteristics: (see ‘Human’)
Homeland: found only on Armeikai; though will travel across the whole of Cirrian, Dragon Riders don’t stay long in one place, always returning to their homeland.
History: The Dragon Coalition on Armeikai’s North coast has been established for many centuries ever since the first interaction with dragons in the First Age
Powers/weaponry: a dragon can feed enhanced senses to the rider when necessary (e.g. sight, sound, smell, vibrations etc); rider is telekinetic with dragon; good use of ranged weaponry (e.g. bows/arrows, spears, throwing knives, nets, etc.)

Species: Dragon
Height: 6-10ft to the shoulders [adult];
Length: 20-40ft, nose to tail [adult];
Wingspan: 30-70ft, wingtip to wingtip [adult];
Scales: 1 inch (below 1/3 of body) – 2 ½ inches (above 2/3 of body) [adult];
Fangs: range = 2 – 5 inches [adult];
Colouring: varied, often metallic; races are defined by colouring and are named after semi-precious stones:
Obsidian = black, Pearl = white, Goldstone = brown, Garnet = dark red, Ruby = bright red, Carnelian = orange/red/yellow, Amber = orange, Citrine = yellow/gold, Emerald = dark green, Jade = pale green, Sapphire = dark blue, Lazuli = blue/gold, Aquamarine = blue/green, Tanzanite = blue/purple, Amethyst = purple, Morganite = pink, Axinite = gold, Quartz = silver, Opal = irridescent.
Other physiology: warm blooded animals with mammalian birthing; reptilian-like structure; well-muscled second pair of forelimbs with extended digits – stretched leathery skin between enabling flight (known as ‘wings’); wings placed approx. 1ft behind forelegs with the skin flaps extending to the bottom of the hip; spines running from crown to tail tip made of compacted fibrous hair.
Characteristics: above average intelligence; no decision is passed without a majority of consent from the rest of the familial group;
Temperament: varied, though females generally more aggressive than males – especially in breeding season; during nurturing though, females become passive.
Homeland: found only on Armeikai;
Habitat: mainly rocky landscapes i.e. mountains/caves, though some nests found in wooded areas; nests usually made out of branches lined with dead leaves and other soft materials e.g. fur/hair from prey;
Other info.: have the ability to swim but in most cases only needed when hunting; live in large familial groups of ten or more known as a ‘knot’; a group of half a dozen working in the Dragon Coalition is called a Legion; dragons have a carnivorous diet.
History: Dragons are the oldest land-creatures on Cirrian, having arrived not long after the world was established; origin unknown; fairly peaceful creatures resorting only to violence if a mental agreement between opposing sides cannot be found.
Powers/weaponry: able to use magick easily (usually one specific element); able to sense and interpret the smallest hint of emotion; telepathic; fluent in language of birthplace 1 week after birth and fluent in all languages within two minutes of hearing it spoken; no known weaponry (although armor in war situations is common).
Methods of becoming a rider: Method 1: when a human child reaches one year old – usually best between a week before and a week after their first birthday – then the child is taken to the Dearbhaila mountains and left as close to a dragon nest as possible. When the female smells out a child a year old, they become very maternal and adopt the child as on of their own. The child lives with the dragons for a year and then as a gift, the mother will send one of its own offspring back with the child to train at the Coalition. Method 2: When a rider's dragon dies or can no longer work, they can be assigned to a dragon who has already aligned itself with the Coalition. This also works the same way if a human dies. Method 3: An adult human may find an abandoned dragon egg and nurse it until it hatches, claiming the dragon for his own. Method 4: A dragon may hatch and chose a human to bond with (this usually results in the rider being older than the dragon which is unusual).
Riding: ridden by one to three people sat at the base of the neck/shoulders; spines at base of neck removed at two weeks old for ease and comfort in riding (pain of removal reduced by parental-/self-hypnosis); when riding, riders legs are tucked behind the forelegs with the wings behind the rider; harnesses can be used for those less used to riding or if the rider needs use of both hands during flight (a ‘swing’ harness is fitted for war, enabling the rider to swing his/herself underneath the dragon in flight, making it possible for the rider to use weapons); spines just above the base of the neck – either side of the backbone – are used as handholds for the rider;

Species: Star
Appearance: hair colour: black and silver; eye colour: varying shades of blue and grey; often tall and slim
Characteristics: immortal (Nb. this does not mean indestructable); aloof; confident; sometimes kind; often cold/emotionless; highly intelligent.
Homeland: unknown
History: unknown but are likely to have been around as long as mortals; Stars are created when a person on Cirrian dies.
Powers/weaponry: highly magical in one field only e.g. Star of Travel, Star of Weather, Star of Nature (Nb. not elemental); can wield swords but no other weapon.

Species: Sagar-Morwen (female)/Sagar-Morgan (male)
Appearance: pale blue skin; hour-glass figures; hair colour: silver (good)/green (evil); eye colour ranges from yellow to orange; extended sharp upper canine.
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Characteristics: sarcastic; vivacious; passionate; quick-tempered.
Homeland: the oceans and rock outcrops, including the odd island or two.
History: decendants from the ancient sirens of the sea, the Sagar-people are vampires of the oceans, feeding on the blood of animals (good) or humans (bad); they are new creatures to Cirrian.
Powers/weaponry: highly experienced in healing (good) and poisons/toxins (bad) – make good alchemists; experienced in the use of swords, knives, nets, darts and harpoons.
- Sagar-Morwen are an all female race and can go through both sexual and asexual reproduction (i.e. they have the choice of mating with human males (produces male and female offspring) or producing a single female offspring once every 5 years for 25 years (they become sexually mature at 20));
- green-haired race of Sagar-Morwen are both racist and sexist and thus hate the idea of mixing their blood with humans, therefore any male ('Sagar-Morgan') born from a mating is either killed at birth or within the first year and half-breed females are kept but not allowed to reproduce in their lifetime; silver-haired Sagar-Morwen are much more accepting and often pair with a human mate for a lifetime (husband); they would never kill their own child;
- green-haired Sagar-Morwen generally live quite deep in the ocean, either on outcrops/islands far away from any shore or deep beneath the surface of the waves (think 'Atlantis' like dwellings); silver-haired Sagar-Morwen on the other hand enjoy more company and tend to settle in reefs or outcrops/archipelagos nearer to shore (e.g. Ninata, off the South Armiekai coast); some may even live on the mainland with their husband, but this is very rare;
- Sagar-Morwen blood contains minute toxins that are dangerous to humans: green-haired females take advantage of this, whereas silver-haired females are a lot more cautious about the matter; the toxins only come into effect when Sagar-Morwen blood mixes with human blood e.g. cuts and wounds;
- both the Sagar-Morwen and Sagar-Morgan are excellent sailors.

Species: Shape-shifter
Appearance: generally very similar to the animal they shift into.
Characteristics: (see above)
Homeland: Nailin
History: a very peaceful nation, shape-shifters treasure Cirrian and the life upon it; very few wars and no skirmishes.
Powers/weaponry: the ability to shift into a single animal; usually each member of a family changes into an animal of the same species (e.g. all dogs/cats/birds, etc.); good with small weaponry e.g. knives, darts etc. but not often carried due to difficulties carrying once changed.

Race: Dekan (dragon shape-shifter)
Appearance: Skin color can be a dark blue, silver-white, or pitch black. Their dragon form varies between the person and race. Turquoise Dekan (dark blue) generally have a medium body with semi-long and semi-wide wings, Diamond Dekan (silver-white) are usually longer and more serpentine with long narrow wings and, finally, Onyx Dekan (pitch black) have usually a heavy body with shorter, wider wings.
Characteristics: Dekan have fairly long life spans, it is not clear how long exactly because most Dekan die in battle or wielding magic. It is believed that some of the Dragons in the world are actually Dekan who have given up on their humanoid form. They have been blessed with elemental abilities and more dragon-like abilities in dragon form. Thier personalities are also based around the particular race. They all have a shared feeling of remaining cut off from the other races, though many notable Diamond and Onyx Dekan have vetured from their realm to participate in adventures, quests and battles for good or evil intent.
- Turquoise Dekan respect each of the three races equally, though they tend to look down those that aren't one of the three, like Jade Dekan, who have a slight greeinish-blue color. They have a wide rang of emotions and their temper is usually very mild.
- Diamond Dekan hold all races of Dekan in light, even if they are not of the three main types. Although they do have a certain distrust in the Onyx Dekan and their destructive behavior. Diamond Dekan are a little more willing to leave their lands, if only for scholarly ventures or to offer their medical aid. Their tempers and almost impossible to set off, although if such a feat is managed, it is even harder to calm them.
- Onyx Dekan are almost the exact opposite of the Diamond Dekan. They see their race as the most superior but hold some regard to the Turquoise, since they sided with them during the Elemental War. Their tempers are very quick and easy to set off, and they will hold a grudge until the other is killed or has recieved a fair judgment by their hand. Even if it means violating a cemetary to dig up the remains of a long dead foe.
Homeland: North Nailin; North Nailin is split into three parts, shared between the three races of Dekan. The largest area of land before the mountain range is for the Turquoise, and the mountains are splt between the Diamond and Onyx Dekan. They remain cut off from other shapeshifters and the rest of the lands.
- Dekans are the kin of two different dragons. While there are Dekan of all different colors and sizes, the most dominent races are the Turquoise, the Diamond, and the Onyx Dekan. All Dekan, no matter what the decent, have one thing in common: one of the two parent dragons was a Quartz dragon. The Turquoise Dekan are parented by Sapphire and Quartz dragons, the Diamond Dekan are parented by Pearl and Quartz dragons and the Onyx Dekan are parented by Obsidian and Quartz dragons. While the dragons know of the Dekan's existence they rarely bring them up in conversation.
- There was only one time in the past when the Dekan used to travel across the lands, back during the Elemental Wars. Only the oldest Dekan and Dragons will remember this war because it was held in private between the two sides. The Onyx and Turquoise Dekan united to fight for equal status against the dragons, while the Diamond Dekan remained neutral - although they did lean more in favour towards the dragons. The Onyx Dekan that led the campain was eventually killed and a treaty was signed, restricting the Dekan to the northern portion of their homeland. The boundries have been removed many years ago, but the Dekan focused more inwards now, closing the outside world to them.
- The Turquoise Dekan are the largest of the races and lead lives as warriors, healers, traders, and a multitude of other jobs. They are responsible for the seperation and reattaching powers in the zhen. They are responsible for keeping outsiders away from their borders. They are fluent in Dragon, and new Aremenic, the language of the Dekan, as well as a multitude of human dialects. The Turquoise are masters of the ice elemental, so fire hurts them the most.
- The Onyx Dekan are the smallest of the three races. They hold lifestyles that excel in fighting, such as the royal guard or officers in an army. Apart from fighting, they do little to the Dekan community, although they make the zhen blades capable of handling extended combat without sharpening and prolonged effects from enhancements invoked on it. They are fluent in Ancient and new Aremenic, Dragon and other human dialects. The Onyx are masters of the fire elemental, so ice and water spells hurt them the most.
- The Diamond Dekan are the second largest of the three races, although still small in comparison to the Turquoise. They hold high ranking positions, such as scholars, civil and government officials, and healers. They are responsible for retrieveing the enchanted wood needed to for the staff of the zhen, which is found within the root of an ancient tree that grows deep within the mountains. They are fluent in almost every known language including, but not limited to: Ancient and new Aremenic, Dragon, almost every known human dialect and a vast number of others that would be considered dead. The Diamond are masters of both fire and ice, yet whatever elemental they choose to wield, the exact opposite will effect them, though not as badly as with the Onyx or Turquoise. Also, if they attempt to use both elementals in one day they will be critically handicapped.
Powers/weaponry: The ability to shift into a dragon.
- Weapon of choice between all Dekan is the Zhen, a weapon they have made from the metal of fallen stars (Nb. the real thing, not the species) they find in their realm. The Zhen can be enchanted to have the Dekan's elemental properties within the blade. They also, with enough mental focus, can be split into two blades and attached into one and no mark is made in the reattachment. The long wooden grip is made from an enchanted wood only the Diamond Dekan can make, while the blade is made by the Onyx Dekan. The Turquoise Dekan envoke the magic ability to split and reattach the zhen for use. The Zhen is enchanted so that when they shift to dragon form, the zhen is stored behind a section of the frill that is made entirely from bone, so it doen not get in the way or harm the Dekan.
- Each race has different abilities and powers. The Turquoise favor the ice elemental, giving them an ice breath in dragon form and ice-based magic in human form. They also use their zhen in its seperated form more often.
The Diamonds have both fire and ice, but if they attempt to use both elements within a day of each other, no matter which form, they will be drained of all their magic ability and stamina for an unknown amount of time. They also fight with the zhen seperated or as a solitary weapon, although a master of their race can never best a master of another race in its fighting form.
- The Onxy have the fire elemental, giving them fire breath in dragon form and and fire enchantments in human form. They are skilled with fighting with the zhen in its complete form.
- The Diamonds, compared to the other races, have an amazing healing ability and knowledge as well. While the other two only know minor spells and treatments.
Other info: In human form, a Dekan's armor is its dragon form's hide. The transformation alters the hide so that it fits the Dekan snuggly like armor, but if one got close enough to examine it, they would find it is attached to their skin by a fine membrane. The armor is as strong as their scales so fire, ice and other elemental blows cannot effect it. Bruises in dragon form do not appear in human form, but cuts in the armor in human from will appear as ruined or torn scales in dragon form.

Character Profile:

If you're interested, please post a character profile in the format below:

Name: (your character's name)
Age: (Nb. Stars/Dragons = very old i.e. hundreds of years)
Race: (self-explained)
Gender: (obvious)
Appearance: (try and stick to the general race look if possible)
Pesonality: (can be as nice or as mean as you like as long as it fits in with the race characteristics)
History: (a bit of background info about your character)
Magic/weaponry: (again, please stick to the race info: makes it more fair)
RP Intro: (a place to show off your skills as a roleplayer! Just one paragraph to describe what your character would be doing in everyday life on Cirrian...)

Rules (yes, there are a few, unfortunately)

RPGateway rules apply:
- Swearing is allowed - though racist/sexist/ageist/etc. remarks will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.
- Keep it PG please, as we don't want the kiddy-winkles being scarred...
- No god-modding; just 'cause you're pissed off, don't take it out on everyone else. Every character should have a fair chance.
- As GM, my say goes, though I'm always open to suggestions.
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My characters:

Name: Commander Elspeth Dann; Gaeb
Age: 513; 978
Race: Dragon Rider; Dragon
Gender: Female; Male
Appearance: Elspeth is of average height - around 5' 6" - and looks like she is in her mid thirties. She has pale, white skin (typical of those having lived their lives on the Northern coast of Armiekai) and her figure is slim yet muscular, her relatively broad shoulders supporting strong arms and contrasting with narrow hips and waist. Her short-cropped, tousled hair is a shade of mousey-brown mottled with dark blonde and her large blue eyes are the colour of the ocean on a cloudy day. Her mouth is small, as is her nose, set into an almost delicate-looking face that is beginning to show the fine lines of age - soft marks at the corners of her lips and eyes showing that she is no stranger to smiling. She wears soft, brown leather trousers that cling to her legs like a second skin and calf-length, hard-wearing boots of a hardier yet similar material. Her short jacket is also a rich brown in colour and made of shed dragon skin, lined with soft down harvested from the creamy, winged-wolves of the region - the Wikyn - and she wears this over a loose, white shirt and toughened leather breastplate.
Gaeb is a dragon of enormous size and stands ten feet to the shoulders, each wing almost the length of his body and thus spanning around fifty feet. His scaly flesh is a deep conifer green and is slight brighter on his smaller-scaled underbelly and bat-like wings - a shimmering hue that seems almost metallic. His platter-sized eyes are a deep amber, speared with a long, slit-like pupil and continually give the impression that he is assessing you. His spines are a dark, charcoal grey like steel, matching the long, sharp talons upon his feet, and run all the way from his crown to the tip of his tail with the typical space at the riding position. He also has a single spine upon the bridge of his muzzle.
Pesonality: Elspeth is a very bright young woman, always optimistic and smiling, however, her enthusiasm does not bespoke childishness but simply a friendly nature. Despite this, she is very protective of the Coalition - both the people and the dragons - and anyone who poses a risk to the welfare of either will be met with strong judgement and little pity. She is a highly passionate woman and in situations like the latter can seem harsh and unforgiving, but she is loyal to those she loves and her arguments with them are fierce yet brief.
In contrast, Gaeb is very calm and collected - though his sense of humour is just as decent - and he often seems to be the one reigning his rider. He is a noble beast full of good intentions and though he isn't as enthusiatic as Elspeth, his passion in righting wrong is identical to her own. Occasionally, he can seem aloof, but being the Alpha - the oldest dragon in the Coalition - he has good reason to be.
History: Elspeth's childhood was uneventful - virtually the same as every other child in the Coalition - and though she joined the military side at an early age, working her way up the ranks, there had never been any need for concern - the world remaining calm until around her two-hundredth year. Pressure from the mages at Wordonat meant she had to fly to war, serving in a Legion for five decades before her dragon, Tulasi, was severely injured by a harpoon and she was forced to retreat. Though the dragon survived, she was no longer able to serve in the line of duty, and Elspeth was allocated to Gaeb, who proved initially to be stubborn in the making of a friendship. After only ten more years, the war with Wordonat ended on a stalemate and leaving the two firm friends. Elspeth was promoted to Commander for her efforts and now holds her own Legion of half-a-dozen dragons and their riders.
Magic/weaponry: Like all riders, Elspeth is telepathic with her dragon but unusually (mainly due to Gaeb's age and strength) she can maintain her telepathy with all the members of her Legion - a useful magic in times of battle. She does however have to train the riders to 'accept' her thoughts, so to speak, but the dragons bear enough magic in their souls to hear her regardless. In the first stages of training, Elspeth communicates mainly though the dragons until this gradually progresses until both can hear her mental commands. Again, like most, Gaeb is able to feed his enhanced senses to her which she has become relatively used to. She carries a longbow strapped to her back along with a quiver full of arrows fletched with pale Wikyn feathers and, due to her rank, wears a short-sword strapped to her waist, though this is rarely used.
Gaeb's magics consist of energy bursts - a magic that has no colour - and can be used for various purposes. It can, for example, be used to fire a ball of pure force at an enemy, striking them with a force reminiscent of his own weight, or used in defensive purposes to create an invisible shield.
RP Intro:
Elspeth leapt into the free air, just as if she was diving into deep water, and the chill wind caressed her face like icy fingers, lacing her pale cheeks with hints of pink and causing her eyes to water slightly. Narrowing her gaze, she allowed the dark wave of her eyelashes to reduce the air's strength, trusting in her mount's judgement as the ground rose with a rush to meet her. She could feel Gaeb plummeting behind her and sense his admonishment like a constant murmur in her mind and before she knew it, the dragon's talons wrapped firmly around her waist pulling her from the dive with wings spread wide. He slowed their descent to almost a halt and the claws upon his hind legs scored long lines in the dirt, the heavy thud of the dragon trembling the frozen ground as the pair finally landed.

The great emerald dragon set Elspeth down gently - her boots crunching against the frosty grass - and then lowed himself back to all fours, a soft, rumbling sigh emerging from his throat.

Elspeth stretched and rubbed her cold hands together with a grin, her cool blue eyes settling upon the cliff-carved parapets of the Coalition as Gaeb folded his wings gently against his flanks. "There's nothing like an early morning flight," she sighed happily and the dragon gave a low laugh in return.

"Just warn me next time," he replied and followed her gaze, immediately sobering. It's time we returned, he murmured into her mind, his tone reserved, Training is not far away and I am beginning to sense we will need it.

Frowning slightly in concern, Elspeth's hand rested gently upon the hilt of her sword. Soon? she asked in the privacy of their own minds.

Soon. The dragon replied.


There's my first two characters. I will add another one or two maybe but I have a load of uni work to do and I've spent over an hour here now, so I'll do it at some other point.
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Name: Daniel Fray, Naina

Age: 321, 309

Race: Dragon Rider, Dragon

Gender: Male, Female

Appearance: Retains his youthful appearance from when he was 21. Titanium red hair, ragged and slightly spiky, loosely braided at the back, pale skin, emerald green eyes, athletic build. A large red dragon, traditionally with four legs, a sturdy build and two large, ’bat’ wings which fold on her back. Yellow under belly, and ivory, twisting horns. A ‘bladed’ tail, like an axe head.

Personality: Kind, flirty, dedicated, a bit lazy, funny, loves to laugh, willing to help, would die for those he loves, stubborn. Kind, considerate, thoughtful, patient, quiet, quick to anger, hates sudden, loud noises, will do anything for Daniel, also stubborn

History: An older brother who lost his mother at 16 and despite their raging argumentative times before hand, he came to look after and protect his sister, who took her mother’s death just as hard as he did, through Daniel felt it was his responsibility to keep the family together seeing as his father had become distant. He managed to bring his father back down to earth through family outings (which he arranged) and a fair few arguments. He discovered a red dragon egg before his mother died, when he was 12 and she told him he had to look after it. He named his dragoness Naina and they have been together through thick and thin. He left his family home to live in a mountain hut with his dragoness and learn to ride her, as well as pursue Fire magic. She was hatched and raised by Daniel, who then lost his mother when she was only 2 and had to cope with Daniel’s slight depression from his predicament at the time. When he finally left the family, she was a little glad that he was moving away from his younger sister, as Naina was slightly protective of him then and was jealous of the attention that Daniel’s sister got from Daniel himself. She knows lives and travels with Daniel all around, usually trading fish to make money and likes to watch Daniel practice and work hard as he usually likes to nap in the sun or have many long lie ins in winter.

Magic/weaponry: Enhanced sense thanks to dragon, expert Fire magic, moderate Earth and Air magic. A katana (samurai sword) for close range fighting and a bow and arrow for long distances. Fire breath, striking from her ‘bladed’ tail end, standing on things (actually quite effective), whipping up air with her wings and her roar, horns. Wings can also be used for defence

RP Intro: Daniel sat outside his wooden hovel on a stood, gutting a fish with a crude hand knife out onto the wooden board that rested on his lap, though some guts and blood occasionally spurted out and hit his brown leggings, for which he cursed. His chest was bare and the radiant sun shone against his gleaming, porcelain skin, his red hair flashing in the bright light as he occasionally jerked his head up from his bent over position, whenever he cut into his thumb/fingers or he had to get another fish from the bucket beside him. His hands were covered in bandages from many cuts due to his lazy hands and him going off into a daze and forgetting he was holding something that could harm him with the flick of his wrist.

‘Be careful…’ Naina, his beautiful ruby dragon warned, as she flew far into the sky, scanning the valley just below the mountains for potential meals, such as antelope or deer. She had not eaten anything besides fish for weeks and little fish at that. Daniel couldn’t waste his stock.

“I know” He said aloud, being slightly drowned out from the waterfall about 20 metres away which ran a river between him and the mountain ledge were there was actually soil and he grew some vegetables in an alockment. He and Naina had built (and rebuilt over the years) a nice bridge, which was sturdy and strong and it had lasted them a good 2 and a half hundred years. Daniel looked at it for a minute, then gazed towards the sky and he saw his most favoured companion twist and turn like a reptilian ballerina through the air was she made her descent to a spotted prey. He smiled absently and turned back towards his fish.

“Ouch!” He cried loudly as he slashes his right index finger for the third time that week and he smirked grimly when he heard a faint rumbling in his head. Nana was laughing a him, again. “Guess I should get a bandage for that one too, eh?” He asked no one in particular, as he finished gutting and chopping, shoving the waste into one bucket and the stock into another. He stood and left his knife and chopping board and his little stool as he stretched towards the sky, tiny droplets of sweat beading together and rolling down his fine abs and smoothed over six pack. He took one look at the sky again, smiled again while letting out a chuckle and he turned towards his home to begin his search for a bandage.
Give my post a rate, will ya? :3

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Lovely Rei, glad to see you've found it! :D Sorry about that - I changed the idea of the RP and so wanted to change the title to a more suitable one. I didn't realise you already had your eye on it, lol. Anyway, welcome to the RP. We'll start this weekend (it's late now and I have project work to do tomorrow) and hopefully we'll gain another in the meantime. :)
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Sorry I've been slack on this one guys: I have a 4,000 word report that's due in on Monday and is currently occupying all my time. I promise I'll get it going in a couple of days time (maybe even tonight if I can spare and hour...). Thanks for your patience! :)
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Name: Alexis Greystone Shadow

Age: 25 150

Race: Human Dragon Rider Pearl Dragon

Gender: Female Male

Appearance: Alexis stands at 5' 4" with Blonde hair and blue eyes. Her skin is pale in color and her build is a little smaller then most women her age making her look weaker then she really is. She normaly wears white leather armor and pants with white riding boots
Shadow is a young adult dragon with scales the color of the purest snow. His claws and spikes are light gray but his teeth are a almost clear white and can remind you of icicles

Pesonality: Alexis really has no set personality her mood is affected by what is happening around her or how someone is treating her.
Shadow is loyal to Alexis and will protect her at any cost. To others he is normaly friendly but if someone hurts or insults Alexis or himself then that person better start running

History: Alexis and Shadow have know each other for all of Alexis' Life seeing as Shadow was her father's dragon. But one rainy night as Alexis waited for her father to return from a mission she saw Shadow fly in but then she saw her father barely holding on and covered with blood. As She ran to her father he saw him fall from Shadow then heard him speak "Shadow my time is done Alexis will make a fine rider be her dragon guard her well." then seeing Alexis he said "Alexis you are a strong and wonderful lady I'm proud of you and I love you my daughter" After he said this he breathed once more then died.
It didn't take long for Alexis and Shadow to become close as they had both lost the one they loved the most and only had each other left.

Magic/weaponry: Alexis uses a short bow and spear. She is able to heal any wound and posion but she can not raise the dead. She also uses ice magic for attacking.
Shadow uses his claws teeth, spikes and ice beath in battle. He also has a healing breath

RP Intro: Alexis held tight to Shadow's neck as they soared though the clouds it had 5 years to the day of her Father's death. Her and Shadow never really talked about it but she had to ask.
"So You and my father where close friends?"
Shadow sighed "we were more then friends, we were brothers"
"Brothers" Alexis said slowly. She then smiled "so Shadow should i start calling you uncle Shadow from now on then?"
Shadow let out what if he was human would be laugh "maybe niece"
Alexis laughed and huged Shadow's neck as they flew towards home.
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Ok, a few species types for the dragons. Dragons species are named after semi-precious stones in order of the colour they best represent. As you'll see in the IC post, I've sorted your dragons into their species and here's a list of a few more for those to come. If you want to change your species to a more appropriate one, pop a post here and I'll see what I can do. :D

Obsidian = black
Pearl = white
Goldstone = brown
Garnet = dark red
Ruby = bright red
Carnelian = orange/red/yellow
Amber = orange
Citrine = yellow/gold
Emerald = dark green
Jade = pale green
Sapphire = dark blue
Lazuli = blue/gold
Aquamarine = blue/green
Tanzanite = blue/purple
Amethyst = purple
Morganite = pink
Axinite = gold
Quartz = silver
Opal = irridescent
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IC topic is up and running! Look forward to seeing you all there! :D
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I'm very very interested in this RP, if spaces are still open, I'd love to join.

My Character:
Name: Jennali; Thraxis
Age: 27; 10,000
Race: Dragon Rider; Amber Dragon
Gender: Female; Male
Appearance: Jennali is an average looking rider. She has long strawberry blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and tan skin. However, she has 3 large scars going down the left side of her face, which she recieved from Thraxis herself. She has a boyish and athletic build, her muscles mainly in her arms and shoulders. She is clad in soft yet worn leather clothing.

Thraxis is a bright Amber dragon. He is full grown, and massive in size. Thraxis has a crown of horns matching his scale color, and a double row of matching spines down his back, which go to a single row down his tail. He has more of a bull dog snout, than a long and angular one, along with a stouter and heavier build.

Pesonality: Jennali is sweet and kind, or tries to be. Her patience is strained with Thraxis.

Thraxis is an arrogant, yet extremely intelligent dragon. He doesn't fully accept Jennali as his rider, and refuses to listen to her at times. He refuses to listen to any other dragon younger than him, besides the commander.

History: Jennali was a normal foot soldier in the Legion, until Thraxis' rider died. She was the only one to step forward and attempt to calm the enraged and despairing dragon. She is his rider now, though they don't have as much as a bond as other riders.

Thraxis is an older dragon, and he knows it. He has broken his left wing once, and it strains slightly on long flights. In his rage for Jennali's attempt to tame him, he slashed her face open, putting her into critical care for 7 months. He allows her to ride him, since the commander has ordered it.

Magic/weaponry: Short sword, and a oak bow with a quiver full of arrows; standard fire breath, and paralyzing blue eyes
RP Intro:

Jennali gripped the pommel of the saddle in an attempt to stay on. Thraxis, apparently, was angry with her again. His body whirled elegantly through the air, twisting and turning as though he was a parade ribbon. How an old dragon could be so lively in the air escaped her thought process. She closed her eyes, and tightened her grip into the leather.

Do you understand now, little one? You are but an insect on my back, but out of kindness, I haven't thrown you off. We are a team, and the word team contains no I.....You will never fully control me.....

Jennali bit her lip as his icy tone ripped through her head. She had tried hard to work with Thraxis. She had tried kindness, being stubborn, and lately, force. However, he would not have it, and he was teaching her that she couldn't bend him to her will. He finally steadied out, and allowed her to climb back into the saddle fully. Her limbs trembled in effort from holding on, and sweat beaded her forehead. A low, rasping chuckle escaped the Amber dragon's lips, and she glared at him. He chuckled again, and angled his wings, turning back to camp.

Come now...........We may have work to do.......
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(This catches my attention, im intrested)
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Post your profiles while there's still places! :D

Good to RP with you again Black Dragon! Nice to see that there are some riders still struggling with their dragons: adds a bit of intrigue to the RP. :)
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I'm going home for the weekend so I may or may not be able to post, depending on whether or not I get my report finished. I may be able to write in my break but we'll see. This is just a warning in case I disappear for a few days! :D
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Those of you who've signed up and who haven't posted in the IC thread yet, if you still want to join the roleplay please post here ASAP as I need to move on with the story and it'll be easier if everyone's there. No worries if you can't/ don't want to post anymore, just let me know so that I can continue. I promise I won't take offence! :D
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I'm still in but if i remember right i was last one to post so yeah...
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Ged Drayton and Aeon

Ged is twenty-six, and Aeon is roughly a hundred.

Dragon-Rider and Dragon.

Both male.

Ged stands at around 5'9". He has dark red-brown hair and dark eyes, which sit supiciously in his pale face. Ged might have been handsome once, and something of that can still be seen, but he sustained burns and scars as a boy when he came across a maternal female dragon who saw him as a threat to her eggs. Ged was saved from death by another, older Dragon-Rider who perished in saving his life. Ged is slender in frame, but his upper body is muscled and he usually wears black clothes.

Aeon is an obsidian dragon. His scales are all black, but a golden light gleams in his keen eyes and he is ridged with golden bumps along his back and his tail. The end of his tail is armed with a lethal golden spike. Aeon is an enormous dragon, with a huge wingspan to match.

Ged is wary, and very suspicious. He doesn't trust anyone else's company and is generally quiet and watchful when around other people. The only place he feels at home is when he is around the dragons. Ged is seldom seen smiling when he is around others of his own kind, but riding on the back of a dragon into the wide skies is the most natural thing in the world for him, and this is where he is happy. Ged is also filled with a deep scorn for authority and the petty whims of other people.

Aeon has a terrifying disposition and will not hesitate before he murders a human. He has never been ridden before Ged, and now he still has a deep scorn for all other humans. Aeon is temperamental and unpredictable.

Ged was left by his mother with the dragon hatchlings and was taken in by a female who reared him as her own. He was given a dragon of his own and rode back on him. This was a Carnelian dragon named Wych, and the bond between them was very strong. Wych and Ged grew up together and Ged would often taken him into the wilderness. This was where they came across the female dragon who tried to kill Ged. He was saved by the other Dragon Rider and after that was much more careful, but his bond began to grow and grow with the dragons and he never came back out of the wilderness. Then, when he was twenty-five, his beloved Wych was attacked by another dragon and killed. Ged was heartbroken, and for a year he wandered alone.

Then he came across Aeon. The obsidian dragon was huge and deadly and it tried to kill him on sight. Aeon had never allowed a human to train him, and he had never allowed one to ride on his back. However, when he met Ged, things changed. The boy was clearly an experienced hunter but did not move to hurt him, and this interested Aeon. Finally, he had met a human that he could respect, for Ged did not try to take him with force. Instead, he talked to him, and a bond was created. Ged was the first human to ever ride on Aeon's back, and because of this a bond was made that was so very strong. There were no pretences: both of them knew that Ged was in charge but that Aeon could disobey him at any given moment. The fact that he never did, however, is testament to their iron-cast bond. Aeon will obey no other human and only does not harm them on Ged's request.

Ged can pick up on Aeon's heightened senses and the two can talk in their minds. Ged is very skilled with human weaponry and can fight when airborne with ease and skill. If he was ever to fall, Aeon would immediately swoop round and save him. Ged also has a very strong connection with other dragons; something about them draws him to them.

Aeon is a powerful fighter with the spike on his tail and the horns on his head. He also has very strong fire magic.

RP Intro;;
The flickering firelight sent shadows chasing each other around the boy's face. He reached forwards and stoked the fire with a long stick before returning his attention to the charred meat in his hands. It was rabbit. He'd caught it earlier: setting the trap and then painstakingly waiting. Some nights they got pheasant or deer; others they got nothing at all. The young buck was as good a meal as any.

On the other side of the fire, a deeper shadow seemed to move and stretch out with a low rumbling sound which might have been a yawn. An onlooker might have blinked and stepped closer to see, but one foot into the circle of firelight and the boy would have leapt to his feet and had them on their back before they could move again.

Tonight, there were no onlookers. Ged swallowed his mouthful of food and built up the fire again before lying on his back and looking up at the stars through the canopy of leaves. A chill breeze ruffled through his hair and the shadow moved again.

'It's cold tonight.'

The voice drifted into Ged's head. He nodded. "Colder for me than for you, I think," he replied. On the other side of the fire, an amber eye opened and studied the boy. Finally, it nodded, sensing no trace of jealousy in Ged's voice.


The night drifted on into silence under the star-spangled canopy. Slowly, dragon and rider fell into sleep.
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may i waste your time too?
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Accepted, St Jimmy. Post in the IC thread whenever you wish. :)
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RPer: 7achary

Name: Tavi Pegorn/ Destrain

Age: 18/410

Race: Dragon Rider/ Dragon

Gender: Male/ Male

Appearance: Tavi has short light brown hair that and green eyes. He stands at 5'10 and has the build of a scrawny teenager./ Destrain is a large Goldstone dragon. He is a tower of muscle topped by two long curving horns, one of these horns is broken in half.

Pesonality: Tavi is easy going in his element, seen as "the kid." When out in the field Tavi adopts a serious attitude and answers questions in a clipped military fashion./ Destrain is quiet, but when he speaks, all listen.

History: Tavi is the seventh son of a powerful magistrate. As seventh son he was originally going to be House Wizard, all that changed when Destrain- an honored veteran- came through looking for a Rider, after 100 years of retirement. You can't say no to a dragon./ Destrain was the dragon of a commanding officer, he's pure military. This makes for awkward situations when leaders and respected persons come to talk to Destrain and ask Tavi to step outside.

Magic/weaponry: Tavi's magic is not based off of the elements, it is more arcane and has more use in non-combat situations. Tavi, in an effort to gain respect, has been attempting to use his magic in a more roundabout way to help in the field. With the backing of his dragon, Tavi's magic is a lot more potent, as he will soon find out.

RP Intro: The quill quivered to and fro as Tavi wrote down the flight maneuvers... again and again. He tried to visualize each one. After a while he could almost feel himself going through each one; the air passing by, his exhilaration, and-

"Recruit Pegorn! I need to speak with Destrain." The Officer walked in without so much as a knock. Tavi indicated an enclosed stall without moving. The Officer glared at Tavi. "You can wait outside."

Tavi snapped his book shut, saluted smartly, and went into the hall...

Destrain could hear what was going on outside and sighed to himself. The boy needed to grow a spine. Destrain was HIS dragon, no matter that man's rank, Tavi could stay if he pleased. People always questioned why he would pick an inexperienced child, not only inexperienced, but sheltered, as his rider. Destrain sighed again, lifted his enormous bulk, and lunged into the air.

He landed in front of the CO and bowed his head. "Where are we headed?"
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That's fine, 7achary, accepted. Only one thing to note: magic wielders on Cirrian are named Mages rather than Wizards but it's only a small point. Other than that, just jump right into the IC topic! :)
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I have a character that semi-fits i here, i want to run it by you if its alright...


Race of changlings birthed by any combination of two dragons, though ones that are kin from Sapphire and Quartz are the most common to find. They live on Nailin since they are considered a form of shapeshifter. Many of them persue dragonrider-like positions, since they can transform between human and dragon form, with some limitations. They are skilled with the Zhen, a weapon they developed that they consider portrays their lives and ancestory. They have realitivly long lives, compared to others, though not as long as a dragon's.

What do you think?

Name: Asirma'Nagul
Age: 185 years old, looks to be about 30
Race: Dekan
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Hey kinda looks like this but with some slight differences.)
whiteish-silver skin for one
Pesonality: Unstable, shifts between depressed, sorrowful and enraged often
History: Born from his ancestors, a pearl and Quartz dragon.
Magic/weaponry: Zhen, twin blades, few magic spells and enchantments, plus fire/ice breathing ability in dragon form
RP Intro: (a place to show off your skills as a roleplayer! Just one paragraph to describe what your character would be doing in everyday life on Cirrian...)

(Thus us still a skeleton really, but i want your reaction vefore i post the whole thing.)
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