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Let's find out....

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Let's find out....

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Grailknight on Wed Aug 22, 2007 1:55 am

Ok here's the thing.... Not sure of what to post... but I AM POSTING SOMETHING... yeah yeah faith counsel me later... LETS GET THIS TOPIC GOING...

Lets go with your first experience on a forum(or the first one you can remember)..... and if you look - POST SOMETHING... everyone has a first time....

Mine, I was 17 on another site... I listed up as bearcub3.... and i joined up to watch someone... turned out i met up with this fighter... oooppppsss GUNDAM WARRIOR... my bad... had a little spat, then found myself face down in a ditch...

funny it was the same guy that pulled me here, now that i think about it........... Tsumetai I WANT A REMATCH.... next week... or month... or something....

whats your first experience?

man, I am so going to get it later..............................................
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Re: Let's find out....

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Wed Aug 22, 2007 6:40 pm

I'm not sure that I'm qualified to answer this question! ;)

My first forum experience was in 2000, when, a previously chat-only site, gave birth to, which had forums. I soon became a moderator, and the rest is history.
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Re: Let's find out....

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mr. Devious on Fri Aug 24, 2007 10:38 am

Grailknight wrote:whats your first experience?

Remaeus wrote:I'm not sure that I'm qualified to answer this question! ;)



I've been to alot of forums, but I never really stayed active atthem, until I was 17. The Kingdom Key Forums, I still frequent it too. Lot of good people there, also, I met the love of my life there too. :D
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Re: Let's find out....

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby isafos on Wed Aug 29, 2007 9:55 pm

[quote="Remaeus"]I'm not sure that I'm qualified to answer this question! ;)

Hahahahahaha. :lol:

I honestly can't remember. probably a fansite for a book or something. I used to read a lot more then I currently do.

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Re: Let's find out....

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Angel_Melfina on Wed Oct 03, 2007 10:12 am

Oh my gosh. What an embarassing explanation this is going to be!3

I don't remember how old I was...must have been around 12. I started to go to this forum/chat site that was based on Sailor Moon because that was the first anime I ever saw or noticed. I don't remember the first name I used, but I was mostly in the chat. Well, when the second Austin Powers came out in 1999, making me 14, I was so obsessed with the movie, I changed my screen name to Felicity Shagwell.


Then I found I was so in love with the chat-only site, that I forgot all about the other site. Obviously. I can't even remember the name. I don't even really remember all the names that I used on that site. I think I posted that in another topic...Princess_Sasami, Princess_Tsunami, Angel_Melfina...and then I made up the fact that I had a sister, named Calista...but I don't remember "her" screen name.

Anywho, then spawned AnimeMetro, where I stayed for a while at first, then on and off. Then came this site, which I am in love with now!

Today, Friday, October 10, 2009, is my last day on
Everyone give me lots of love, because I shall be handing lots out. <3

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Re: Let's find out....

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Faithy on Wed Oct 03, 2007 4:37 pm

Bwaha. I started out at a sailormoon website too, Dani. XD

Alright... here's how it went down for me. Grail, you have issues. =P

Once upon a time there was this person who had to work afternoons at an EVIL furniture store. One day while waiting for it to be time to work, she found herself flipping through channels in order to entertain herself. What she found was rather intriguing... three people up inside of this black and purple swirling type vortex thing talking about being left alone and things like that. This person had to go before it was over, so she taped the rest of it. After returning home after being verbally abused by her boss, she rewound the tape to finish watching the episode. After finding out what it was, she decided to find more about it. So, she went to her school [since she was old enough to be in the beginning stages of college ;-; DON'T JUDGE!] and began researching Sailormoon. It was about that time she found a website that had forums and chatrooms for Sailormoon, DBZ, Hello Kitty, and something else. Creating a spectacular name was in order so the girl sat and thought for a little before coming up with a great name! Faith Yuy Maxwell. Well, when she put it in, there was a glitch and Faithy was born. The girl spent hours upon hours in the school computer lab chatting online and messing around on the forums. It was a year or two or so later when IRC was introduced to the girl and the sailormoon/dbz/hello kitty/ect went down for a little bit. She and a group of other "hard core" rpers and chatters decided to create a room on IRC and that is when "Anime-Chat" came about. It's total shit now, but she still goes to visit a few old friends.


A man by the name of Hero Galiant entered into the chat and stated that he wanted to fight. The girl decided why the hell not and went into a separate room to fight him. The two found in a gundam style, which she did not have experience in. To say it nicely... she got her ass handed to her. He offered to train her and told her to go to a website called animemetro. Figuring why the hell not, she ventured on over there and created a very stupid name; ssjin_Faith. --; After that [2001] she pretty much stopped going to the other site and of course ventured to other websites such as Anime League and this shibby place otherwise known as Roleplay Gateway.

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Re: Let's find out....

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ace Darkfire on Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:48 am

Oh, where to start, I was 14 (9 years ago) when I started roleplaying, starting out on a very... odd chatroom for original roleplaying, the name of which escapes me at the moment, "Epic SciFi" is coming to mind, but again, I don't really remember, as it is hazy. At one point, the leader of my former group on the former chatroom had begun to hunt me down, obviously to no avail. It's where the imfamous "Duo Madan" started at before he moved onto's chatroom looking for something a little more... intriguing. Some of my old haunts had completely boring story idea's that were rehashed more than DBZ fight scenes with different bad guys, which got very, very old ridiculously fast.

Before ever stepping foot on's territory, I had gone through several different roleplaying websites, considering the years, most of them shut down, changed names, etc. I had roleplayed two years before I started Roleplaying at's chatroom, and for the most part, had only lingered at two different websites for roleplay.

The Initial Entrance
I made enemies faster than I made friends, made readily apparent during the time in the chatroom. First foray into said chatroom, I get into an aguement with a person using the handle "Foo_Fighter," who, after a bit of a debate (approximately 10-15 minutes), he left the room and rejoined as "Kintaros_Friend." That was my first foray into the World of the GW Chat, an argument because someone said something completely stupid and untrue at the time, what it was, I don't specifically remember.

The First Fight
First Roleplay Speed Fight occured only hours later when I logged back in, in which the chatroom denizens proceeded to call me a "Dark Horse" (Read: Someone who is unknown or who unexpectedly wins) after I had won. I had actually gone after him, in a roleplay sense, for harassing another person in the chat.

The First Involvement with a Faction and Building of Reputation
A day later, I had joined in an attack with Kyo Yuy against a White Fang installation in the Roleplay, scoring a victory for a side in a conflict I knew little about. Only shortly after to have gotten into a fight with the person who had asked for my assistance. At this point, I eventually found I had some imposters trying to ruin my reputation - namely those who I had smacked around like a punching bag at the WF Installation. And coming across morons who believe beam sabers/swords operate using Geothermal energy... (If they were half as intelligent as a finch, they'd know Geo = ground and thermal = heat).

Made into an Outcast | A Plan is thought
To find out who had done this, I initiated a plan to infiltrate WF, but not all things went according to plan. I ended up getting in through a fairly... strange source, who would eventually become my characters girlfriend and eventual roleplay wife, who was the right hand woman to the leader of the group. Oddly enough, my infiltration had caused the leader and several followers to leave the group and form a new group, if my memory is right, the group was a spin off of Black Destiny, or a sub group of it. Needless, I never found the people who had impersonated me to ruin my reputation. (For the most part, I was successful at doing this myself, I didn't need assistance). At one point, I had become a double agent for Kyo's group, Crimson Rogues or something there about, but had instead opted to have supplied false information to CR and supply true information to WF.

I made enemies very quickly with Gabriel Kushrenada, literally not long before my infiltration plan, and some of his fellow pilots under his command. I've been in and out of friendships with Sudara Okami, the same with General Quatre and Sex Merquise, Tenacious and Derek. Throughout GWC to AnimeMetro, I have made an impact on individuals, in some ways positive, in others extremely negative.

During the entire time I was on GWing, people would actually make an effort to avoid me, rather than deal with me, which had given me a true sense of resentment from those around me, even those who I considered friends.

I stayed with WF after the initial collapse, there were only roughly 10 members left after only a few months, eventually, WF did rebuild and I had begun to become detached from the group, eventually leaving it altogether. Aside from some rather dumb melodramatics about that and of some other members, I had made even more enemies, from those who I considered friends. This elevated and had eventually left the roleplay level, and with that, I will leave you to guess what the hell happened there.

The Move to MSN's L3 Pilots Lounge; Beginning and Ending of a Tradition
During the chat downtime thanks to spam-bot attacks, I moved to the MSN Chatroom for Gundam Roleplay (To my memory, it was the "L3 Pilots Lounge" or something to that effect), I learned some stuff here, and had actually kicked quite a few asses in roleplay combat, and a few of those are those who are top speed fighters now, whom I will no longer stand a chance against.

Those who I had made enemies here became my friends, even outside the bounds of roleplay. Eventually, MSN would shut down the free chats and L3 went by the wayside, like Gundam Wing before it, but this didn't happen until much much later. Starting with MSN was a tradition I had started, and just as quickly stopped, of dumping truck-loads of roses on certain female members I knew. I've been told this has been missed, but I do not intend to start this again, too much has changed since then to go about this with those individuals.

Turning Point
L3 Had held a tournament for Gundam Roleplayers, a wide variety of people had signed up, and many people were encouraging me to sign up, but I had known my limits, and all by a few rpers were far, far beyond my abilities as the style was freestyle and basically the faster the typer was, the more likely he or she was likely to win. This would essentially spell the end of my speedtyping freestyle roleplay.

At some points, the GWC chatroom would come up and work for a little bit, but was spotty. The moment speed fighting started, it would slow down to a crawl or kick you and everyone else offline. MSN's L3 Pilots Lounge had become the place to hang out for GWC Refugees, among some other chatrooms based on Gundam and Roleplay. As well during this down time, I had looked through some other chatrooms, through Nick/ChanServ and some others, found a few, but the networks went down, and the chats were slow to begin with. I didn't make many friends through these, as I didn't stay long enough to do so, as there were mostly Digimon type roleplays with no mech types.

A New Place
Eventually, came back, but with no chat, and had pointed towards AnimeMetro. I had signed up on the forums, and all-be-damned here, as drama in the Fighters Corner on the forums. Those who had been friends had become enemies all over again, that's who things had changed. Ego's flared, tempers ignited, and with some thanks to me, fights broke out between former rp lovers and friends, alliances forged with the unexpected - those who hated each other because of ego had begun to work together again those who didn't like them or bragged about being the best. After about a year of this, I eventually left roleplaying virtually altogether, doing very little roleplaying in little spits of boredom.

A New Beginning
I eventually dropped "Duo Madan" as my primary character not long after leaving AnimeMetro, mostly due to the stigma attached to the name, but really because the name did look strange and people constantly spelled the last name wrong of the character, and retards would think I learned how to spell "Duo" because of Gundam Wing... when it's in the goddamn dictionary with the meaning "two of..." I then adopted my Armored Core pilot handle, "Ace Darkfire," which is actually a change of the original concept from A.C.E Darkfire, in which A.C.E stood for "Artificial Combat Entity" with the codename of "Darkfire." The result if more of a formal-use name of "Ace" with the last name of "Darkfire."

The Differences
The personalities, in a roleplay sense, differ greatly between "Duo Madan" and "Ace Darkfire," in that Ace is more calm, cool and collected for the most part and Duo is the raging bull waiting for the gate to open that has a docile demeanor at random times. But with the same person behind each, each character is highly volatile outside of the roleplaying level, and yes, despite knowing the grounds between real life and roleplay, the real-persons personality does leak into the character during a roleplay, and it can and does tend to blur the line between the roleplay persona and the real persona.

Beginning of the End of Ways
Things beyond the roleplay boundaries and in the roleplay boundaries have changed with those I have roleplayed with, many do not hold me in the same regard as I do them - mostly lower, much, much lower.

I roleplayed up until Thrall Rhynes Battle System was essentially forced upon the Metro Fighters. I refused to roleplay with

fast typers who had insisted on using "Hits" or "Connects" after every attack, and the drama dealing with each become far too

frustrating to deal with any more. The arguments of "if you use this" or "if you use that" ends in the declaration of one not being a true roleplayer while the other is.

Ending of Post.
This is not a complete history of the the character and the user, there has been information omitted for sake of the fact it isn't 100% relevant to my roleplay history, and it isn't all that important to know any more, as people who know don't come around much, if at all, any more, or just don't care.

If I had actually spoke this, I'd have probably collapsed my lungs.

Currently, Duo Madan's profile is pending a rewrite, and Ace Darkfire's is pending writing. I'll probably go and organize this later into "era's" so it'll be
AceDarkfire's deviantArt page
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