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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Arrogance on Sat Jan 10, 2009 11:49 pm


Appearance: The length of Leviathan is for about that of a kilometer, being the smallest Son of Idea, the Leviathan certainly isn't the weakest. The leviathan is of a dark indigo hue and has a slick slimy appearance, there are pores located all over the leviathan's body that allow it to secrete any sort of biological warfare that it may use. Located around the skull is a long wiry strand that extends and provides a source of luminance. While the body of the leviathan is like an eel, the face and head is closer to that of a deep-sea angler fish.

Anatomy: Leviathan is pretty-straight shooting. There is one entrance and waste management is processed within the viral sacs. The viral sacs are also what holds the many different viruses and they line across all the way around the central canal, housed by layers of muscle that allow the leviathan to twist any which way. Thus saying the Leviathan has no skeletal structure, but merely cartilidge. The cartilidge is only used to enforce that the viral sacs, techno-matrix and cerebrate are not crushed. In the leviathan, the cerebrate is not nearly as important, because the Leviathan uses the herald's collective conciousness as a backup conciousness. Underneath Leviathan's oral cavity is the techno-matrix, which is what allows the val'gara to effectively spread the vesuvian virus to technological sources. It also is what allows the Val'gara to contact or interface with technology by any means. Above the oral cavity is the cerebrate, the cerebrate is the same as all others of the son's of idea; the cerebrate allows self-sentience and cognitive thinking for the Leviathan by having Avatar Leviathan give it a sort of self-aware sentinece.


Unity (Vesuvian Virus): Normally this spawns from the vesuvian vertix, and is deeply embedded within it in Val'gara species. The Vesuvian virus, unlike most viral infections is sentient can adapt and is effective on man, machine, and creature. The viral infection is uneffected by heat and can dig through memory, protocol, and program; the viral infection reacts to antibiotics like you would react to harsh weather, it builds up immunity. The Vesuvian virus is capable of digging through thought and memory, capable of warping the willpower of whatever it infects, and is so powerful that there is no known cure for it. Quarantine has proven to be effective in earlier stages of contraction, but is completely ineffective after minimal time.

Neurotoxins: The Leviathan has access to copious amounts of neurotoxins, many of which are perception-altering psychotropes. The Leviathan is capable of creating new neurotoxins by manipulating the chemical reactions in the neurotoxins.

Anti-Genetic virus: This is not really as much of a virus as it is a parasite on microscopic levels, based off a mutation of the toxoplasmosa gondii, the AGV acts through the food chain, and infects not only rodents, but plants, the manner of infection is simply through breathing it in, in the airstream and water source it is capable of surviving in nearly any climate or condition, however it is unable to breed in any situation, the only manner it may breed is through the intestines of it's victim, so what does it do? Through the respiratory and circulatory system it moves up into the brain altering judgment, and essentially taking over the brain however, it acts just like the toxoplasmosa gondii in the manner that the spore is the sole proprietor of judgment, and normally those who are infected end up being consumed by predator or completely loses regard for their own safety.

Reanimatrix Pathogen: A pathogen that focus on Neuro-genesis it is particular in the way it acts because it is only able to control dead bodies it works as such: The pathogen infects the brain and begins to regenerate dead brain tissue, thus bringing the dead body back to life by jump-starting a few critical functions that are necessary for life, however, it comes at the cost. The brain, from the cortex-in, begins to decay, once the cortex decays there is nothing but basic instincts within the newly created 'zombie', the same species and morality is not a recognized concept, so when hunger strikes, the new 'zombie' will eat anything in sight, including its own race. The pathogen is also capable of spreading via any sort of bodily fluid, so a bite that punctures flesh - if fatal, is capable of making a new zombie.


The Techno-Nexus: The one piece of the puzzle that allows the Leviathan and all of the Val'gara to interface with technology, the techno-nexus is located within all Leviathans and is able to transmit via avatars because in addition to engaging with techno-links (electronic connections) it is also capable of deciphering psionic frequencies.

Techno-organic Pulse: a pulse that is used via the Techno-nexus that is able to temporarily shut down electronics through open links (non firewalled or unbuffered links) most commonly used with communication links. It works similar to an electromagnetic pulse, and is also capable of being used on psionic frequency in the manner that it shuts down the mind of one individual (much like a seizure).

Deluge: Whereas the Techno-organic pulse works only on one target, the Deluge works on widespread targets, it is able to effect any number of minds/techno-links via the same premise as the techno-organic pulse.

Hacking: Through ear-techs the val'gara are able to interface with the infecteds home-world technology with the extension of their knowledge of it. The val'gara, then collectively learns about the technology as the infected learns about it, theirself.


Dimensional Transportation: Leviathan is capable of moving through dimensions and is actually capable of existing and maintaining itself in-between dimensions, with this leviathan has a much more sophisticated grasp over the concept of 'warping' while Dreadnaught and Sentinel are still capable of singular warp, Leviathan holds a much better knowledge of it, in the scenario that it is actually capable of maintaining itself within warp and attacking guerilla-style from warp or attack warping vessels.


Eartech: the Eartech is a small slug-like parasite that inhabits a host. The eartech is most effective when in conjunctive use of the vesuvian virus, but is only effective on living organisms. Normally eartechs are transplanted through the ear-canal and take over functions of the brain within by secreting complex pheromones. While they normally traverse the ear canal, if there is not one available for the specimen the ear-techs are capable of burrowing a pathway to the brain or cortex of function. The Eartechs are also capable of secreteing a substance that allows their own physical form to completely dissolve into the bloodstream, this enables the eartechs to reform in the brain and take control.

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