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Lithium versus Master

a topic in Battle Arena, a part of the RPG forum.

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Lithium versus Master

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Mon Jan 29, 2007 4:42 pm


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Jun 27 20:41:20   <Master>   First to five, I suppose.  I don't have much time.
Jun 27 20:41:20 <ssjgoku86>   hehe, this is a match to watch
Jun 27 20:41:22   <Lithium>   Short match, then.  Seems like you're trying to avoid getting pwnt too bad? ;P
Jun 27 20:41:24   <Master>   Nah - I just have shit to do,.  You know how that is.
Jun 27 20:41:25 <Lithium>   Lol - yeah.
Jun 27 20:41:26 <Master>   15+, closed connections?
Jun 27 20:41:28 <Lithium>   Yeah, sounds good to me.  Like old times.
Jun 27 20:41:29 <Master>   Alright, you ready?
Jun 27 20:41:31 <Lithium>   Whenever you are.
Jun 27 20:41:32 <Master>   Together, from five.
Jun 27 20:41:32 <Master>   Five.
Jun 27 20:41:34 <Lithium>   Five.
Jun 27 20:41:34 <Lithium>   Four.
Jun 27 20:41:34 <Master>   Four.
Jun 27 20:41:34 <Master>   Three.
Jun 27 20:41:35 <Lithium>   Three.
Jun 27 20:41:35 <Master>   Two.
Jun 27 20:41:35 <Lithium>   Two.
Jun 27 20:41:35 <Master>   One.
Jun 27 20:41:35 <Lithium>   One.
Jun 27 20:41:36 <Lithium>   Go.
Jun 27 20:41:36 <Master>   Go.
Jun 27 20:41:40 <Master>   -= Master fluidly launched his body to the right with a quick snap of his left leg, changing his position. =-
Jun 27 20:41:40 <Lithium>   <Bringing his body into juxtaposition with a forceful kick, Lithium smirked as he began barreling towards Master's position.>
Jun 27 20:41:43   <Master>   -= His feet skidded into the ground to redirect his motion in the direction of Lithium's left side, closing the distance between them. =-
Jun 27 20:41:44 <Lithium>   <Sliding to redirect his motion off to his left, he followed Master's change of position with a quick raising of his left arm to protect his face.>
Jun 27 20:41:47   <Master>   -= Slinging his right foot forward with his moment, Master launched a driving front kick below his foe's hand, aiming to hit him in the ribs. =-
Jun 27 20:41:49 <Lithium>   <Dropping>
Jun 27 20:42:00   <Master>   -= Master took the strike to his cheek, grimacing slightly as he backpedalled to lift his left knee to his chest in a defensive position. =-
Jun 27 20:42:01 <Lithium>   <He>
Jun 27 20:42:04   <Master>   -= Ripping his body around to snap his right foot out towards the attacking Lithium's head in a switchfoot snap kick, bringing his leg out of harm's way. =-   
Jun 27 20:42:05 <Lithium>   <Carrying>
Jun 27 20:42:07   <Master>   -= Slamming his foot forcefully into Lithium's temple as his attack landed on the designated target, Master clenched his teeth as he descended. =-
Jun 27 20:42:09 <Lithium>   <Hooking the kick from his failed attack back in for Master's head, he stumbled slightly from the impact upon his own crown.>
Jun 27 20:42:12   <Master>   -= Deadening the impact to his head with a raised right-handed block, Master touched down upon the ground and began to sink into a crouch. =-
Jun 27 20:42:14 <Lithium>   <Knowing>
Jun 27 20:42:16   <Master>   -= Leaning forward into a barrelling tackle at Lithium's back, Master used his momentum as leverage, aiming to drive his opponent into the ground with his shoulder. =-
Jun 27 20:42:18 <Lithium>   <Tucking>
Jun 27 20:42:20   <Master>   -= Diving into a roll to prevent his shoulder from ramming into the ground, Master layed his left hand upon the ground to enter a smooth shoulder roll. =-
Jun 27 20:42:24 <Lithium>   <Stepping>
Jun 27 20:42:32   <Master>   -= Instead planting hsi foot into a step, he quickly moved his left arm across his throat area to swipe the fist off course. =-
Jun 27 20:42:35 <Lithium>   <Following>
Jun 27 20:42:36   <Master>   -= Master took a brisk pedal to the left, moving his body away from the form of Lithium in an attempt to increase the distance between the two of them. =-
Jun 27 20:42:40 <Lithium>   <Stepping>
Jun 27 20:42:40   <Master>   -= Snapping his foot upwards to meet Lithium where he intuitively determined he would follow, aiming high to hit his face. =-
Jun 27 20:42:44 <Lithium>   <Lithium>
Jun 27 20:42:44   <Master>   -= Bringing his body into a rigid thrust, he shoved the ball of his foot firmly into the face of Lithium as he ran right into the attack. =-
Jun 27 20:42:47 <Lithium>   <Failing>
Jun 27 20:42:48   <Master>   -= Coming in to follow with a snapping punch towards the solar plexus of Lithium, Master hoped to take hold of the momentum. =-
Jun 27 20:42:51 <Lithium>   <Launching>
Jun 27 20:42:56   <Master>   -= Recoiling form the strike, Master turned his body as he leaned back to avoid the punch... or not. =-
Jun 27 20:43:00 <Lithium>   <Following>
Jun 27 20:43:02   <Master>   -= Master saw this second punch, and easily raised his left arm to deflect the attack with a high block. =-
Jun 27 20:43:05 <Lithium>   <Missing with his attack, he followed up with another repeated strike, padding at Master's face with his right fist once more.>
Jun 27 20:43:05   <Master>   -= Striking upwards with an uppercut for the exposed underarm of Lithium, Master unleashed a brutal thrust with his left side. =-
Jun 27 20:43:08 <Lithium>   <Sending>
Jun 27 20:43:09   <Master>   -= Sinking his fist home underneath the shoulder of his foe, he thrust the attack deeper in hopes of damaging this striker's ability. =-
Jun 27 20:43:11   <Master>   -= Following up with a straight from his right arm, he launched a punch for the bridge of Lithium's nose. =-
Jun 27 20:43:12 <Lithium>   <Falling>
Jun 27 20:43:14 <Master>   -= Slamming his strike firmly into the upper lip of Lithium, his attack landed with the desired effect. =-
Jun 27 20:43:14 <Lithium>   <Rising>
Jun 27 20:43:15 <Master>   Heh, hate to do it to you, but that's game. =D
Jun 27 20:43:15 <Lithium>   Well shit.
Jun 27 20:43:16 <Lithium>   You're just as fast as usual. Good game.
Jun 27 20:43:17 <Master>   Yeah, for sure.  Thanks for the match, d00d.
Jun 27 20:43:22 <Lithium>   Have you seen Ten around much?
Jun 27 20:43:23 <Lithium>   Oh yeah, man.  No problem.
Jun 27 20:43:26 <ssjgoku86>   not today, no
Jun 27 20:43:29 <ssjgoku86>   he was on last night tho

edit: changed tags to [code] - it seems like the forum is interpreting Lith's brackets as tags.
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