Lloyd's Fandom Based RP Interest Check

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Lloyd's Fandom Based RP Interest Check

Tips: 0.25 INK Postby Lloyd999 on Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:53 pm

Hello. I am Lloyd999 and I have been a member of RPG for at least seven years, however, I have not participated in a roleplay here for quite some time. I want to change that. Unfortunately, it's hard to find roleplays of decent quality nowadays, so, I'm thinking I should try and create a roleplay of my own. I'd like to make a roleplay that would attract a lot of writers to make interesting characters and contribute to the world and story in interesting ways, and hopefully make some new friends in the process.

Now, non-original IP are easier to create for roleplays, for sure (as one is merely building off of an existing IP and its themes), but they also tend to be less accessible (however, I have experimented with trying to make a fandom-based RP as accessible as possible to non-fans, with considerable success), so therefore, I'd like to gauge the community to see which sorts of roleplays could potentially gain some traction. If I'm unable to find any interest, then I suppose I'll make a new topic gauging original RP ideas (which I'll take suggestions for here).

Anyway, here are the various franchises that I would be interested in making an RP for;

Touhou Project - I've made and participated in Touhou Project roleplays in the past. One idea I could reboot is this one, which features a pre-modern era that allows for the potential of playing both canon characters, and creating original characters. Of course, there's plenty of potential for a simple, canon-centric plot as well.
Katekyo Hitman REBORN - I've participated and created several iterations of a KHR RP, mainly centering around an 11th Generation Vongola, and a fairly overly elaborate myth-arc, with some friends. Perhaps we could take another crack at this.
Fallout - Great for a potential post-apocalyptic adventure, with a vast range of potential interesting characters to play or stories to tell, from Boston to the Mojave and beyond.
Sea of Thieves - Perfect for a swashbuckling pirate adventure, and perhaps fairly accessible to anybody unfamiliar with the game. There's hardly anything one needs to be familiar with, besides 'world of pirates', and a ragtag crew makes for the best mates.
Overwatch - With a large cast of canon characters to choose from, and a lot of stories untold, I could see the potential for a mission-based structure that could connect to a whole worldwide conspiracy to unravel.
BioShock - Classic, and ideal for a more horror-centric roleplay in an underwater graveyard of abominations, and perhaps those who seek to escape it.
Half-Life - For horrors both tangible, and existential, potential tales of hope or despair as humanity fights for its own identity. A roleplay could be based around a group of rebels looking to fight the power, or refugees looking to simply live and die on their own terms.

Other franchises I'd be interested in, although I lack any concrete ideas for RP, include; Dishonored, Prey (game by Arkane), Leviathan (novel trilogy), Team Fortress, and Portal.

So, what kind of roleplay would you like to play?

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