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Torn Asunder

Locations Of The Veil

a part of “Torn Asunder”, a fictional universe by The Based God.

A kingdom oppressed by an Imperial tyrant, a dark secret held by the King, and land now ripe with opportunity.

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Locations Of The Veil

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby The Based God on Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:22 pm

The Veil

The Kingdom of the Veil was once the northern most province of the Dovarii Imperium before it's secession in 832 2E. Stretching from the Valley of Tears in the south to the Wilds of the north and from the eastern coast of Sleeping Bay to the Heart's Ridge Mountains in the west, the Veil was one of the largest provinces of the Imperium before it's rebellion and allotted more liberty than most. The history of the Veil is lined with the exploits of it's brave and hardy Inhabitants, and the wealth yielded from trade on the coast and in the River Lands gave it great power. These facts are what many believe led to the inevitable uprising of the Veil Lords, for it had grown more proud and more powerful than any mere province should have. However; despite these facts the reign of the Veil's independence was a short one, spanning only three decades before it's reoccupation. While the Veil was allowed to retain more freedom than a rebellious province should, it's people now grow restless with the Imperial presence in their midst.

Since before the Imperial occupation, over a millennia prior to the rebellion, seven major holdings have existed within the lands of the Veil. The lands of High Rock, Valley Forge, Sleeping Bay, The River Lands, The Shi'Lands, The Tyr'lands, and Raven's Watch have stood the test of time and proved worthy homes for the lords of the Veil and their heirs. These holdings serve as seats of power for the Great Houses and in return offer said houses their ability to rule over their vassals and represent the full brunt of the Veil's forces to surrounding nations. Each holding is distinct and unique to itself, having different peoples and cultures that one might only find in a specific land and due to this the people of the Veil are vastly diverse. Each holding being as distinctive as the people that live upon it makes the Veil a region of geographical diversity bearing all such as tundra, lowlands, highlands, and coastal regions. However; though diverse the people of the Veil are a proud and centre focused nation when the time calls for it.

High Rock

High Rock lies on the eastern boder against the Heart's Ridge Mountains, south of the Shi'lands and north of Valley Forge. Made up of highlands near the borders of the Shi, mountain ranges, flatlands, and part of the valley range near Valley Forge, it stands as one of the most diverse host of terrain in the Veil. Getting it's name from Rising Stone Keep, the seat of it's high lord, built into the side of the mountains, High Rock is one of the oldest and most weathered holdings in the Veil. Many of the oldest ruins in the Veil can in fact be found in High Rock which lead most to believe that it was the first holding to be settled by the early Veilic peoples. The people that now reside in High Rock are a people obsessed with their heritage and maintaining traditions passed down by their forefathers, it is this holdfast mindset that has led these people and determined the course of action by which they govern themselves. Because of their devotion to their roots and respect for their past, High Rock remains under constant scrutiny from the Imperium. Many officials in the Imperial Regime believe because of their stubborn ways that should another rebellion occur the natives of High Rock would be the first to take up arms.

Being so fixated on tradition as they are, the fighting men of the Veil are trained and operate in a more traditional manner. The Knights of High Rock are regarded as the most honorable men in all the Veil, maintaining a strict code of honor and chivalry that is lost on many others of the Veil. This unconventional way of thinking has given these men the reputation of being stubborn and often uncompromising putting their honor and value above rational thought or logic and while it is a noble aspect of their being, it has often brought about the end of many of these brave souls. However; the men of High Rock have persevered and grown despite this fact, becoming one of the last true superpowers in the Veil since it's reoccupation, something many thought could not be done. Perhaps it has brought scorn from the Imperial agents roving the countryside but High Rock remains a force to be reckoned with.

The wealth of High Rock is not as vast as that of the River Lands or Valley Forge, but it is substantial enough to be worth nothing. Coming from many different places from within it's borders, High Rock has capitalized on diversification of goods. Maintaining crop farms, raising stock animals, and performing mining activities, High Rock has been able to amass a great deal of profit from it's multitude of small operations. The Lords of High Rock have long contended, without avail, the rights to mine in the Valley Range within it's borders, however; the Lords of Valley Forge get their great wealth from the gold mines located in the and are unwilling to allow it. Despite this High Rock manages to flourish even in times of oppression making many envious of the peoples there. Proud and enduring, the people of High Rock are determined to pass on their traditions to those that come after them.

Raven's Watch

The lands of the Raven's Watch holding, while technically in the southern part of the Veil, are considered the nation's center. They are also the crown lands meaning they are the lands specifically under the king's supervision. Unlike the other holdings in the Veil, which have a High Lord and vassal lords that each own their own treks of land, the entirety of the crown lands fall under the rule of the king and his council. While there are of course other lords present in the crown lands they more often than not serve in some delegated role in which they serve as the king's eyes, ears, and voice. The lands of Raven's Watch are also the home to many of the Veil's most paramount monuments, such as Raven's Watch Tower which is considered the Veil's neutral point in which no arms may be bore and Dragon Wake Castle home of the royal family.

Raven's Watch, or the crown lands if you prefer, are host to the largest remaining military force since the wars end and the disbandment of the standing army. The men that serve in this force are referred to as Knights of the Watch or Watchmen, and each and everyone one of them are explicitly loyal the king. The loyalty of these men is only matched by the skill at which they wield their blades, being none but the finest fighters in all the Veil. During the war the king would ride into battle with his host of Watchmen striking fear into the Legions of Dovarrii, their solid black armor trimmed in gold made them seem more as demons than soldiers of men, and it was due to them many victories were won. Though their numbers have been reduced they remain a testament to Velic pride and prowess, a constant reminder to the Imperium that they can be defied.

The crown lands are of course quite wealthy. Though they do not generate very much wealth independently, the taxes and dues of fealty owed to them by the other holdings is more than substantial enough to offer the people here easy lives. There are of course farms and river traders that yield some profit, however; the meager earnings that those bring are less than the crown spends on the fancies used to entertain them. Food from the Tyr, wood from the Shi, exotics from Sleeping Bay, gold from the Valley, it all ends up granting the denizens of Raven's Watch unfathomable delicacies that few others are offered. However; this is the home to the king and his retainers so it is to be expected.

The River Lands

Bordering the Sleeping Bay and the Dovarii Imperium, The River Lands encompass the part of the southern border of the Veil and the majority of it's center on it's western most side. The terrain of these lands are where it's namesake is derived, consisting of mostly rivers flowing in from the Sleeping Bay and outward through the Veil and even down into Dovarii. The people that dwell upon the River Lands are among the most durable people in all of the Veil, possessing an unimaginable will that can push them through most, if not all, hardships. Being a border territory to Dovarii The River Lands were often the centre of battles between the forces of the Veil and Legions of the Imperium. The centralized waterways of The River Lands that lead to most other holdings was a long sought after target of Dovarii, hoping they could use these natural canals to deliver their troops to the heart of the Veil. Nevertheless, the people of the River Lands held their own against Dovarii proving their might and prowess to all that dare doubt them.

After the war, The River Lands went through a state of reconstruction due to the damage sustained to many of it's southern assets. The people of the River Lands began to focus more on their affinity for avoiding unnecessary conflict and it's lords immersed themselves in southern court politics, which is where they would truly come alive in their adeptness at rhetoric and the ability to work an audience. It is this shift in demeanor that make many wary of the River Lords, for since the wars end they have tripled their collective wealth with their ruthless tactics and fierce negotiating skills. This of course is not meant to overshadow the fighting men of the River Lands, for they are indeed fine warriors. Known for their uncouth nature and disregard for notions of fair fighting and honorable duels, the warriors of the River Land yield only the best results in combat whether in war or in raids.

The Lords of the River Lands hold a monopoly on the river boat economy. Any fishing barge, ferry, or bridge built across their waters pay the River Toll or risk winding up on the river bed. Whether by buyouts, negotiations, or violence, the River Lords have slowly consolidated every business or operation that uses their rivers making them not only very wealthy but also very powerful. Many say that if the Lord of the River Lands snaps all trade on the rivers stops, and while this might not seem impressive when first heard, when the fate of many other holdings require the rivers to get their goods it is. Despite all the negativity upon them the River Lords and the River Lands are not host to bad people. Perhaps they are opportunistic, but that is likely the scope of their ambition. Only one thing is truly certain, as long as the rivers flow the power of the River Lords will grow.

The Shi'lands

Located to the far northeast of the Veil, the Shi'lands are one of the two holdings bordering the northern wilds. Consisting of rolling highlands, dense forests, and unscaleable mountain ranges, the Shi'lands boast some of the roughest country in the Veil, however; to those living their it is looked at as a blessing rather than a curse for the rough country gave life to rough men. Often refereed to as Shi Folk, the people hailing from this northern landscape are cut from a more stern and hardy cloth than most others of the Veil due to the rough lives they endure in the highlands and against the wilds. Stern and fierce, proud and brave, they have endured much and became all the stronger for it. However; they are not to be confused as ignorant nor simple for the intricacies of the southern courts are not lost on them, and many yearn for a better life than that of a highlander.

Being a northern border territory, encounters with the Savages of the Wilds are frequent making it so each man, whether he be prince or pauper, is expected to be able to fend for himself and his family. Many young men and women take up some form of rudimentary weapons training at a young age, and while the young lordlings may train with a Master at Arms in swordplay, many of the village folk learn how to wield bows or axes for both defense and hunting purposes. While others hailing from different lands look down upon this empowerment of the lesser class and encouragement for them to defend themselves, the folk of the Shi recognized the importance of self preservation and the need to strengthen the foundation of the land. However; this way of thinking has often brought about unrest from the more unruly of the populace, for if each man must be strong why must they follow their lord. It is this very reason that the Lords of the Shi are as strong and uncompromising as they are. They know that if each man they rule is expected to be strong, they must be all the stronger.

Though the Shi may boast an impressive display of inhabitants due to the harsh and unforgiving way of their lands, their coffers can not. All the Shi's income is generated from logging operations on the fringes of the Wilds and the herding of stock animals such as cattle and sheep. The profits this yields are meager at best and the constant threat of Savage raiding parties make both dangerous endeavors for even the strongest of men. The money the Shi generates barely keeps the holding afloat making the lands of the Shi one of, if not the, poorest of all the holdings in the Veil. In the time since the Imperial occupation in 864 2E, many Shi Warriors fled south believing that working as swords for hire for the more wealthy lords would yield better lifestyles for them and their families.

Sleeping Bay

The lands of Sleeping Bay comprise of the entire eastern coast of the Veil, stretching all the way south from the borders of Dovarii to the northern borders of the Wilds. Sleeping Bay is the largest of all the Veil's holdings and is the only holding the be bordered by the sea, and as such Sleeping Bay is the only holding to posses a naval fleet and men knowledgeable enough to sail the rough waters of the Red Sea. During the war with Dovarii the Lords of Sleeping Bay stood alone against the full force of the Imperial navy with their own meager fleet, and not only did they defend the coastlands but also secured several victories over Dovarii bringing much honor to their lands and names. The people of Sleeping Bay are of course the greatest, if not only, seamen of the Veil, however; they also boast an impressive host of warriors from both the high and low born castes of it's lands. It is thanks to these fine warriors that order is kept in the vast tracks of land within the Sleeping Bay's borders and attacks from pirates or savages are few to none.

Sailing is a part of everyday life for many that reside in the coastlands, and for that reason many take up learning the intricacies of sailing at a very young age. The lords of Sleeping Bay are not only expected to be fine soldiers but the finest sailors the world over. Their first lessons as children are on the delicacies of sailing rough water rather than history or literature, and it shows in the skill at which they command their vessels. The sailors of Sleeping Bay often cross the Red Sea and visit foreign lands making them more accepting and learned of other cultures, and more often than nought the lords of the Sleeping Bay marry their children to foreign dignitaries to secure trade agreements and alliances of sorts. The unpredictable men of the Sleeping Bay are the Imperium's most closely watched of all the Veil's peoples, for you never truly know what they are thinking until the last minute.

The wealth of Sleeping Bay is of course generated through trade across the Red Sea and down the coastline, and while normally an economy built on sea trade wouldn't yield much profit the sheer girth of Sleeping Bay's trade fleet has allowed so to be. Even since the Imperial reoccupation of the Veil, Sleeping Bay has managed to flourish as an individual state. Though it still holds ties to it's brethren in the other lands of the Veil, the lords of Sleeping Bay have managed to network of allies and trade partners with the Sand Peoples across the Red Sea making their reliance on goods from other holdings little to none. With this is mind however; the lords of Sleeping Bay have been careful to progress at a slow rate and to not shun their neighbours in the Veil less they rouse the suspicion of the Imperium and have no allies at home to turn to. Despite this showing of reserve however; Sleeping Bay remains one of the most prominent holdings in the Veil.

The Tyr'lands

The Tyr'lands, located to the far north and northwest, are one of the largest of all the holdings of the Veil, and the largest of the two northern most holdings. The majority of the terrain that makes up the Tyr'lands are the massive stretches of flatlands between the coast and the Shi, which many claim to be the most beautiful and fertile lands in the Veil, and of course the dense forests of the northern Wilds. While true northerners at heart the men of the Tyr aren't to be confused with their Shi neighbors. Being more refined and eloquent than their northern brethren, the peoples of Tyr pride themselves on their innovation and ability to adapt quickly to the times while retaining their heritage as men of the north. While their Shi brethren grew strong to survive the men of Tyr grew strong to thrive, and due to this they boast some of the finest knights in the Veil which even in present times seek glory in campaigns against the savages of the Wilds.

As a northern border territory it is not only necessary but expected for the men of the Tyr'lands to defend the realm from the savages of the northern Wilds, and while the Tyr does not expect it's people to defend themselves, they have proven themselves more than competent by sending constant campaigns north into the Wilds to root out the savages. The Knights of Tyr are among the finest and well trained men in the Kingdom and, while few in number compared to the knights of other lands, they played a pivotal role in defending the realm from Dovarii during the war. The prowess of the Knights of Tyr is only undermined by the incompetence of it's foot soldiers, which consists mostly of untrained conscripts that make their living tending fields. However; due to it's population if the Tyr was ever allowed to muster it's banners again it would be a force to be reckoned with.

The annual runoff from the flooding of the River Lands has given the Tyr'lands superior soil in which to farm, and due to this the Tyr'lands provide the bulk of the planting products in the veil. The produce grown in within the vast fields of Tyr is shipped out to nearly every corner of the Veil turning over great profits for the Tyr Lords and yielding influence with other holdings. Many scoff at the good fortune of these men, but it narrowly phases them for they believe themselves above such trifling matters and rightly so. However; because of their die hard reliance on the farming community to produce their food and wealth a long winter or a bad harvest is among the greatest fear for the ruling lords of the mighty Tyr'lands. Despite meeting such dire circumstances in the past however, the Tyr'lands have prevailed and lived till another harvest showing their true resilience and northern blood.

Valley Forge

The lands of Valley Forge, despite their name, are not in fact made completely up of valleys. The Valley Range from which it's name is derived is just a small part of the lands that make up Valley Forge, the others being mostly flat and river lands. Bordered to the north by High Rock and the south by the Dovarii Imperium, Valley Forge was one of the most fought in holdings of the Veil. Time and time again the Legions of Dovarii attempted to march through the valley to penetrate the Veil's defenses, and time and time again they were repelled by the forces of Valley Forge. It was this paramount defense of the realm, coupled by their immense wealth, that led to the Valley Lords being among the most powerful men in all the Veil, if not the world. Due to their wealth the Valley Lords have been shown much favor by the Imperium, whether this favor is returned or not is unclear but Valley Forge has been allotted many boons since the wars end.

The Knights of Valley Forge are plentiful and common place. Any man or woman that serves to better the realm is anointed by the High Lord of Valley Forge and gains the title of Sir and Knight of the Valley, however; this is not meant to undermine those knighted. These men are tenacious and cunning above all else and have access to finer weapons and armor the world over making them an incredibly dangerous force, and when that alone is not enough their wealth is,being able to field an entire army of mercenaries should the need arise. The men of the valley have grown accustomed to living with the finest of luxuries, but that does not take away from the years of toil they put into their mining operations, for most lords have spent time in the mines themselves making them no stranger to hard work.

The astounding wealth generated from Valley Forge was the primary reason the Veil was taken by the Imperium over a millennia ago, and was the main reason the Imperium fought so long and hard to retake it. It is said that the gold pulled from the mines of the valley is collectively worth more than all the profits of the other holdings combined. This indisputable fact has brought about great distrust and envy from the lords of other holdings, but more importantly it bring has brought about fear. Fear that, should the High Valley Lord wish it, all those seemingly loyal to another could be coaxed away with golden promises. For all know gold can sway even the most pious man. It is this fear, and garnered respect that makes the lords of the Valley some of the most influential men in the Veil.

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