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Lolcat Pride

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The Lolcat Pride is a spacefaring empire of lolcats with the intent to play them in a serious sci-fi environment while staying true to their core silliness.

The Pride
The Lolcat Pride extends to fifty eight individual colonised planets in different stages of Terraforming. Overall, the Lolcat Pride has been capable of space travel for over four hundred years. They are an industrious and militaristic nation with strong cultural backgrounds.

Government Structure
The Lolcat Pride has a tiered government structure that works its way from the bottom up. In the second month of the year votes are held to determine the City Council. In the fourth month of the year voting occurs again to select a State Council, if applicable. In the sixth month voting continues to determine the National Council. At ten months people vote for the Planetary Council, and at twelve months the leaders of all planets come together to choose the supreme council.

Each council consists of three representatives, one for each caste of the Lolcat Pride society (see society and culture).

City Council
The City Council deals with important details of day to day city life and ongoing issues throughout the year. They determine what gets developed or redeveloped, where city funding goes, maintains the outlying areas of the city and encourages cultural celebrations.

State Council
The State Council deals with inter-city matters, such as roads, goods and development or protection of large natural resources.

National Council
Often making the State Council unnecessary, the National Council oversee matters that effect the entire country including trade with other countries of goods, major laws and determining where the funding of the entire country is invested.

Planetary Council
The Planetary Council oversees the distribution of national resources, including imports from other planets. They are the ones responsible for the reactions to major disasters and for global policies eg. setting standards to prevent global warming.

Supreme Council
The Supreme Council deal with matters with other nations and the future direction for the Lolcat Pride. It is they who determine what planets are to be colonised and how to interact with other life.

Society and Culture
Lolcat's have a caste society determined from birth not by their status or wealth, but their genetics not all that dissimilar to bees. As a result, three defined castes define their role in life.

Leader Caste
Often attributed to their height, the Leader Caste are the most intelligent and the most physically developed in terms of hands. However only about one in twelve cats are born into the Leader Caste. These are the people who run the world, usually the politicians, generals or business owners. However they are notoriously also the first to refute an idea already established, often prideful and starkly contrasting the rest of their culture. The best of the Leader Caste are destined for greatness. They are additionally able to learn multiple languages and skills, allowing them to adapt to whatever situation comes at them.

Worker Caste
While shorter and having paws instead of hands, the Worker Caste are the backbone of the Lolcat Pride. Two out of three Lolcats are born into the Worker Caste where they will be ensured a life of labour, either in the many industries or by joining the military. Usually humble and fun loving, the Worker Caste are definitely what keeps the Pride running. They are usually the most scruffy and wild looking. The Worker Caste are also the least capable of learning, usually limited in the languages they can speak and the roles they might serve in society.

Merchant Caste
The smallest of Lolcats are a part of the Merchant Caste, best at minding things for others or for themselves. It is often thought that due to their size they stake a large amount of personal investment in their reputation but remain humble about their work. These folk are often the interim between the Leader Caster and Worker Caster, and the most likely to end up fat with plenty of creature comforts. The Merchant Caste are usually capable of learning more than the Worker Caste, but still tend to stick to one 'job' or 'purpose'.

The Lolcat Pride are rich in culture, with several public holidays to celebrate different facets of life (most notably Unification Day, the day the Pride became one nation), a yearly celebration

Primary Armanents
Buster: The Buster is a high powered energy weapon worn over the paw/arm capable of charging for increased effect. The standard energy blast is capable of blowing apart chunks of stone.
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