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Long-term fantasy roleplay partners wanted

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Long-term fantasy roleplay partners wanted

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby DarkUmbra on Fri Apr 12, 2024 11:33 am

Me as a writer
-present tense, third person only
-multi-paragraph, normally in the 500-1000 word range depending on what I have to work with. Inspiration comes and goes obviously.
-I really love worldbuilding! Especially in fantasy-esque settings. ASOIAF/GOT vibes are always a plus.
-semi-active. There will probably be some days where I cannot always post due to real life obligations, but we can definitely keep the story moving so that it doesn't stall. I'm all for clear communication, so I will always let you know if something comes up. Roleplays that get abandoned have always been a pet peeve of mine.
-romance is not a must, but if it happens I'm fine with writing it. I just don't want it to be the main focus of the story.
-I always tend to have characters with a lot of back story behind them.

Low-high fantasy has always been my go to. Brave knights, noble lords, unethical sellswords, why not :)

Realistically I'd just like to find someone who wishes to plot with me and is interested in creating something long-term that's fun. The forum(Valucre) I was on years ago was very detailed with a lot of world building. The lore was really in depth yet far from completed. I was disappointed when it went offline.

Some ideas I have for the character I'm wanting to flesh out: Someone that is haunted by his choices as the preeminent knight for his kingdom who occasionally thinks of leaving
everything behind to search for inner peace in the world. While he may feel great regret for his past actions, he does not wallow in it. Whatever our storyline may end up being, it leaves
room for character development that profoundly changes and shapes him along the way, making him a deeper character than just his remorse :)

I'm really open to any ideas. Anything from a squire, or someone he meets on the road that leads to a quest of sorts, perhaps a noble figure from the same or opposing kingdom, I think the options are unlimited. I'd love to hear any ideas you have. Feel free to DM me.

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Re: Long-term fantasy roleplay partners wanted

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby rpannier on Tue Apr 16, 2024 8:54 pm

Read your description and am interested
I usually play more magic, and/or rogue-ish type characters. Not much of a knight. I have done a few warrior-types. They're usually either arrogant types or evil.
My characters are usually female, and younger: teens. Largely because in older times, or post-apocalyptic teens would be more likely found, and they have a lot more room for development in a roleplay.
Never done a lot of world building. When we did, it was usually in D&D.
I'm up for something long term. Would look to try something that has opportunities for development. Something that allows for character development. For me not everything has to be kill, or be killed.

Medieval with knights and such would be interesting. Though I'd be more at home creating a character that is not noble, or wealthy. I prefer the lower caste type characters. But an rp with a knightly type and a peasant type would work fairly easily.
Ideas on my end for short adventures that could help build a world:
1. A trade city's roads have been blocked and people have come/been sent from other areas to find out the cause of the blockaded roads. (Leaves possibilities for what has caused the blocking)
2. A cemetery has been reported as having unusual undead activity. Adventurers have gone to check it out. Is it a rumour? A fact? Why is it happening? What kind of undead? Opportunities for building a section of a city, kingdom, world...
3. Natural disaster (earthquake, tidal wave, whatever) has opened an area in a mountain, under the ground, wherever and has freed some creature(s).
4. An ancient curse has returned (either expectedly -- every so many years, whatever). It afflicts only certain people because of something their ancestors did. The affected set out to end the curse. The curse could also indirectly effect the town making those cursed especially disliked.

Those are just some that I can think of in a short while

If you wanted we could create an area that they live in and over time build out the area. The people in one area are not necessarily aware of people much farther away -- like many in western Europe were unaware of the Mongols until much later.
Would allow us to build out w/o being restricted by "we already created something near that county"

Just a few ideas for something medieval as "quests". Having dissimilar people sharing the same curse, fate, or event gives us an easy way to bring them together.

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