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My long work in progress

a topic in The Artist's Cafe, a part of the RPG forum.

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My long work in progress

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Anonymous Writer on Sun May 03, 2015 2:46 am

I wasn't really sure where to put this, I hope here is alright because its more of ideas I need help with then a finished writing or rp idea...well its kinda an rp idea but thats not the point anyway moving on... Ohyeah it's been a long time since I have written up anything that anyone besides me is going to read, so theres going to be alot of spelling and grammer errors. Im sorry about that in advance

Insert Epic Title Here

...Yeah Okay, I've been working on this project for many many years now, and the whole damn thing doesnt have a title yet or any form of name for most things. Kinda why I've decided that It's about time that I asked for some help and opinons on my work. It's not really a story as such, more of a world/universe like middle earth or disc world. Now of course Im not going to be sharing everything with you, becasue one day I want to turn all of this into a book/game/ghraphic novel/ect.

I was also thinking that maybe if theres any interest in my idea I can turn it into an rp? or at least what I share with you into one because the key thing Im missing is people, creatures and just life in general.

What I have so far...

I'll put up some pictures when I can, I need to draw some better ones then my chicken scratchings..

So Where do I start..

Well the world it self is not so much a world but a fragment of what was. Imagine if you laid earth out flat, well thats just the surface area of the top of this hunking rock of earth floating in space. Its whats left of a planet that was ruled by highly inteligent humanoid life forms, that became greedy and pretty much blew them selves, and their planet, up. For some mystical magical reason (that I'm not gonna tell you becasue I'm a bitch ) this hunk of rock was perfectly preserved. It consists of a... well I'm not very good at describing this place because it keeps changing, but heres a dodgy picture of whats left.


Ok that pictures a llittle better then what was here ha. Anyway most of the stories will take place in and around that city. The main idea is that people wake up in a fancy hotel room in the tallest building in the middle of the city. Looking around they find some basic belongings, money and no idea of how they got there or who they where besides there own name and age. An important point here is not one person that wakes up is human and I must stress that point if you are interested in this story. NO HUMANS. Or at least not untill much much much much later in the time line, something I will explore in storys and novels. Who does wake up though can be humanoid in apperance. You can be or look like anything you want to be or always wanted to be. You can have powers for all I care. One story line has a dragon tail disapearing into the red light distict, so yes, you can walk on all fours or what ever takes your fancy, the city accomidates for all. ( I'm not saying anything thats going to be posted here will be R rated, its just something me and a friend of mine get a giggle out of )

The city is incredibly peacefull and has a very very very low crime rate, It is looked after by the mayor who is a robot. I have a lot of her story of crash landing onto the floating rock written up, so if your interested I might put those up for who ever wants to read them. There is plenty going on in the city and always something to do, buying something in the many markets and shops, spending some time in the forementioned red light district, watching or participating in the car races and a list of other things.

The main point in any story is tention, so where does tention come from in this place, if not the city? With more and more people waking up everyday, the city is starting to over populate, but cant expland any more without destroying the forest, and the mayor does not want this to happen under any circumstances at all. But the people keep pushing and pushing at them for change. So the mayor makes a small team to venture into the forest for places to live and to see whats out there.

This is where the story really comes into its own and becomes interesting I think. This small group, and other groups, explore the forest and find they are not alone on this hunk of rock floating through space. They meet people that have survived from what the world used to be, discover the secrets that the mountains hold and venture underground for the shock of there lives.

...Well thats a whole lot of ramble that doesnt really explain a lot but I'm not really sure how to put all of this out there without giving to much away and spoiling the fun. So my question to you guys is what do you think of this very very basic out line? please please please ask questions and I'll try to answer them the best I can. Would anyone be interested if I turned part of this into a rp that you could put a character in to explore?

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Re: My long work in progress

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby CaptainGrue on Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:30 am

This seems wicked cool :O Definitely my type of RP, anyway. I like the surrealist nature and the idea of having a sentient protractor waltzing around a hotel room.

If you've got the time, it definitely wouldn't hurt to set it up and I think it's got some decent potential to be really creative. So yeah, I'd be interested.

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