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The Imagiverse

Lore: The Creators and the Beginning

a part of “The Imagiverse”, a fictional universe by Adam Skelecoot.

The realm of Fantasy, where the cartoons live.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “The Imagiverse”.
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Lore: The Creators and the Beginning

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Adam Skelecoot on Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:35 pm

The Lore of the Imagiverse is largely connected with the Creators, beings of pure Imagination who created the worlds of the Imagiverse today. the group consists of:
  • The High Creator, the leader of the Creators
  • The Creator with a Pencil, the Creator of Toontown
  • The Equestrian, the Creator of Equestria
  • The Turtle Creator, the Creator of the Discworld
  • The Sea Creator, the Creator of Bikini Bottom
and so on. They have existed since before the worlds existed, which is reasonable because they had to have enough time to exist before they could create worlds. The beginning of the Imagiverse's existence was started by the Maker, the Father of the Creators, who weaved the fabric of the Imagiverse, or in computer terms, coded the structure of the Imagiverse's rules (which are rather loose). The Maker then.... then he..... did something to make the Creators, maybe humped a space whale or something. He granted his children the ability to Create, hence their name.
However, every story must have conflict. Whilst experimenting with Ideas, the Imagine-Anima of the Imagiverse, he foolishly attempted to combine Fantasy with Reality. The resulting mixture caused a rift to open between Fantasy and Reality, the resulting chaos created the Maelstrom, a destructive force which embodies the vice and chaos of all realms. The Maelstrom brought Chaos to the Imagiverse, generating a wave of monstrosities to destroy the Imagiverse. Of course, the Maker and his children were able to fend off the galactic siege, and imprisoned the Maelstrom in Creator's End, at the very edge of the Imagiverse, where no man or god could tread. The ordeal, however, broke the Maker, who sent his children to the centre of the Imagiverse to let loose the Ideas they have been nurturing since their time in Fantasy. The story that followed can be read here: ... -620748601

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