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Lósénji Festival of Spirits

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Lósénji Festival of Spirits

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As the summer solstice approaches, a time of great festivity comes upon the island nation of Losenji. The Festival of Spirits is a month-long period during which celebrations abound across the entire island. Streets are decorated with lights and banners, and carnival stalls come out in force to sell souvenirs, spirit-masks and other ceremonial items.

The Festival of Spirits celebrates the beginning of summer and the harmony between Losenji and the world of the spirits that it signals. It is traditionally believed that were the spirits not revered around this time, they would not usher in summer and instead winter would fall upon the land anew. Few people hold that belief to this day, but the tradition of celebrating the period through parades, fireworks and reverie of all kinds is deeply ingrained in Losenyu culture.

Tourists flock to the island during this time to see the sights, and are welcomed in equal part by cheerful natives and opportunistic souvenir stall owners. A full timetable events is usually scheduled, with different things occurring in different locales. Each township has its own events, whilst the crown also organises events that span the entire island.

So bring yourselves down to the island for festivity and good cheer!

Hey guys, so, I'm planning a plotline in Losenji and it starts with this festival :) If anyone wants to bring any character along to it to take part in the festivities or just be in the area, I'll be able to get you involved in what I hope will be a long-term and interesting plot. Shoot me a message either in chat or via PM if you want more information or have other questions or suggestions. If anyone has ideas for their own plots then I'm more than happy to try and work them into what I have planned so far.

Event Timetable: (note, there are no specific dates for these as I can't predict how long each will take)

Whole island:
- Decorations go up, festive carnivals set up shop in Senasi Gardens and in towns across the island and excitement begins to build.
- Island-wide airship race. (see below)
- Spirit-lanterns are released into the sky across the island the night before the solstice.
- Towns and villages across the island host open-air dances where attendees wear spirit masks the night of the solstice.
- Temples across the island hold solstice rituals on the night of the solstice.

Tianshi City:
-Solstice Parade
-Empress' Speech
-Show-fighting in the arena
-Senasi Gardens' Carnival
-Grand Temple Ceremony (spirit offering is delivered here from Mount Senji)

Naseni Forest:
-Yan'Xin Village Carnival
-Siyuna Shrine Ceremony

Mount Senji:
-Township of Zhansen Carnival
-Yuansen Monastery Ceremony
-Pilgrimage Climb
-Spirit offering begins its journey here.

Lake Yosai/Yosai Village:
Image Image Image

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