Lost Connection Beta

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Lost Connection Beta

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Draruto on Sat Nov 21, 2015 12:54 pm

Knifing her SFA-180E Super Wasp through the canyons of Satan's Oven, Materadyne Stormhauk saw the day her step brother left with out a word replay in her mind. Narrowing crimson/golden eyes behind a gold plated visor, she ignored the pain from it an focused on exiting the twisty canyons. Throwing her fighter around, she saw the exit several thousand yards away. 'Damn it. They screwed me over again, freaking bastards.' Materadyne thought, leveling out. Seeing that it was relatively straight, for once, she firewalled the throttles. Feeling the g-force push her back against the seat, she disarmed the transponder knowing that the command wouldn't detect its lost till she cleared Satan's Oven.

Flicking open the inner holographic display she ran through a list of possible hiding spots, but soon saw that all were way out her range from here. "Damn it, ok in to the wild blue yonder." she states, as the exit passed. Pulling hard on the stick, she banked the fighter and stayed in the canyon's outer shadow. Sighing heavily, Materadyne swiped her IR chipped wrist an embedded chip reader. Which completely deleted all the contacts from the bastards' computers. And left a nasty little troyan house for them. 'More targets for future strikes is always good.' she thought.

Watching the scenery blast past by, Materadyne wished that her step brother had taken her with him. Then she thought that she wouldn't have tossed into this pissing contest. But fate, being the brutal mistress that she was, wound not be deterred and Materadyne knew that first hand. Shaking her head, she banked her fighter in to the open after the last satellite sweep passed over the mountain. Once she saw the coast she remembered that there was a merc aircraft carrier just three miles in neutral waters. "That will do." Materadyne said, aiming her Super Wasp towards the coastline.

Hours passed before Materadyne lands on merc operated aircraft carrier. While took care of her fighter, she was lead to the pilot rec room. Sitting, she stared at the helmet that given to her. 'Sorry Talisman I won't be seeing you again. You don't have my heart, my step brother does.' she thought, removing her ident chip. Exchanging it for one of the carrier's spares Materadyne leaned over the table and closed her eyes. "Where did you go brother?" she whispered softly, knowing that no one but her would hear it.


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