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Lost Lancer's Requiem

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Lost Lancer's Requiem

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Draruto on Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:41 am

A lone female Lancer trudged slowly along the outskirts of the busy streets, wrapping herself in a battered in cloak and taking extraordinary care to pull the hood far over her face, making it difficult for any Lance Killer to recognize her. Underneath the hood a soft face that was marred with fatigue and caution. Shoulder length black hair, dyed two shades brighter, was chopped jaggedly because she was rushed and had to do it herself. Crimson iris's shifted under narrowed eyelids, scanning for threats and exits. She had never wore makeup and had one ear ring. Her skin was tan and relatively flawless in complexion, save for some dried mud and old scars. She wore an old infantry bodysuit that was missing the majority of it's olive drab armor dura-kevlar plates. She also was missing her micro railgun pistol, leaving it after exhausting the ammunition for it, which left only a tanto made of dreadnought super armor, sheathed into a slot built into the suit on her right thigh. Tattooed on her right forearm was a set of letters and a set of numbers, "ZX 505". However, the only thing visible from underneath the cloak was her hands and feet.

Lucky for her, most of the people either ignored their surroundings as they went about their day or had their eyes trained nervously on the more savage looking aliens scattered around the populous, but she knew that it never hurt to be careful. After all, her face was well known and her clothing, especially the tattoo, were a dead giveaway. Not that she herself had done anything worth the attention, but she was in fact a Lancer that was originally part of a larger force; one that was an enemy of this planet due to attacks of it's outlying settlements. She had abandoned her company after one such battle after she finally listened her conscience, but that wouldn't excuse her from that choice from anyone who managed to catch her. After all, the Lancers would usually follow orders to the letter and defects like her were astronomically rare. To them it would be far more likely that they considered her a scout gathering information for an upcoming battle on their home world. Unfortunately for her she had been stranded on this planet for just over a day now without any survival gear, so she'd have to venture into the more denesily populated areas in search for something to feed herself. She had never stolen before until today, but she had no money and would have trouble interacting with without being found out. The cloak she wore had also been "borrowed".

"Hey, did you hear about the most recent attack?" She overhead a group of aliens discussing is raspy voices. "It was a massacre. The Lancers of that Valkirya woman are really something else, aren't they?"

Valkirya was the term for her race. While she appeared to be human, and did in fact have the same lineage, she was actually part of a race separated from the rest of mankind for thousands of years. They were placed in harsh conditions and almost became extinct, but the survivors were all much tougher then the humans who settled in more easy going locations. She and her Lancers could easily take any man in a fair fight. Their main, and only big downside, was that it was expensive to create, maintain, and equip so many Lancers. So many didn't have good weaponry or decent armor.

The girl suppressed a groan at his stupidity and then hurried past him, making sure avoid eye contact. Along the way she'd heard about tales of how the Lancers were going to attack this planet next in search of it's resources. The Lancers around this sector of space outnumbered the inhabitants here at least seven to one, so things would probably get quiet messy here if such an attack was made. Would she got caught in the middle of the fighting that she had wanted to avoid?

Reaching an abandoned warehouse sometime after dark, she carefully and silently entered the building. Making use of a broken ground floor window, she searched for anything of use. But it only took five minutes till she realized that was nothing left to salvage.

Growling softly, she retraced her steps and left through the same window she entered. 'Outside the settlement.' she thought as the decision sprang up suddenly. Taking no to argue with her gut, she raced toward the outer edge of the settlement. Keeping to alleys and side streets for cover and concealment, she knew that she was on timer. Sleep, the second most precedent predator after death, would soon catch her in it's clutches. The Lancer hoped to be well hidden and decently secured before that happened. Reaching another abandoned warehouse she leapt inside of a hanging cargo container and curled into a ball.

Coming to hours later she slowly sat up and instinctively checked her surroundings. "Got to move and transportation off this planet." she murmured. Shaking off the remnants of sleep, she quickly vacated the area. Silently racing through the woods that reminded her of her former home, and the primary source of her emotional pain, she instinctively scanned about her. Her training and wariness showing up. 'Where do I go from here? Do I try to stick it out here or do I say screw it and ghost?' she wondered.

Sometime later the Lancer came upon an abandoned space fighter. 'The hell?' she mused questionably. Taking the time to quickly inspect it, she found that it was completely serviceable. "Must've left here just recently.?" she states while hopping in the cockpit. Once she had familiarized herself with the controls, she launched the fighter. Pulling it into a steep power climb the Lancer spared a moment to watch the ground expand behind her. 'Would be a beautiful sight, if it wasn't for my emotional baggage.' she thought as gravity releases it hold on her. Setting course for the Yamani Sector she dropped into a combat nap.

Coming to the proximity alert blaring through the cockpit, she quickly realized why. "Damn frelling defense satellite!" she cursed while pushing the fighter into a dive. But the move proved to be futile as the fighter bucked under the brutal missile impact. 'Didn't survive for gods know how long in the enemy's rear just to die so close to relative safety.' she thought firmly, as her eyes narrowed. Fighting to keep it somewhat level she never saw the five other missiles closing in. "DAM......." she started to scream. But the force of the capsule ejection knocked her out.

Gradually hearing the humming sound of drones, the Lancer opened her eyes to see swarming drones and a fully loaded Yamani trooper glaring down at her through a blacked mask. 'I'm so frelled.' she mused. Standing slowly, after the trooper motioned for her to rise, she held her hands above her head and hoped the person didn't just kill her where she stood. 'Will my life end here? Alone and at blaster point?'


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