Love Among Enemies 1x1

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Love Among Enemies 1x1

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby HalliwellSlytherin on Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:55 pm

Setting New York City, 2019:

This is a story of an arranged marriage, between the last two pure-blooded vampyre families in the world. The first of these families “The Tinsley family” hold sway in the hearts and minds of their people, the lesser Vampire of the world. They are large in number and have controlled the council of Vampires for the last thousand years. Naturally, they have made a group of enemies, the rival von Lunkhofen family, whose control is limited, but whose resources and wealth is far greater than theirs. These two families have been killing each other for centuries upon centuries, since the last von Lunkhofen left the High Council, some claim he was forced out but the Tinsley, others say he too week to proceed over the council. Whatever the reason, it left a tear between the two families.

In their heyday, the Vampyre were vast and numerous, unlike their counterparts they were born into a large close-knit family, and not created from a corpse. It is because of this very distinct fact that Vampyres’ have the ability to reproduce. Within the last two hundred years, this ability has played a dark mark on the Vampyre society, with their numbers dwindling they have resorted to inbreeding to maintain their “pure” Vampyre standings, The Tinsley’s were among this group who splintered apart on this ideal and so their numbers grew.

On the other hand, The von Lunkhofens’ were offended by the whole thought and refused to subdue to the Tinsley’s influence. Few Vampyres followed them and as the centuries passed there remained only one family. Because a Vampyre birth is unpredictable and highly dangerous it is unlikely for a couple to produce many children in their union.

Lady Tinsley – The youngest of Lord Tinsley's children, and the apple of her father’s eye. (name) is said to be a radiant beauty and highly accomplished, by all standards she is a debutant in her own right and many a man has sought her hand. Alas (Girl name) is celebrating her three hundredth birthday and has yet to know a man’s touch. This is because despite her feminine charms she is shrewish and ill-tempered.

Nikolai von Lunkhofen – The last of his family, Nikolai watched his whole family be slaughtered by the Tinsley family, most lately his twin brother. He lacks the power his rivals hold, he possesses influential wealth and formidable charm, he is dubbed an extravagant gentleman. Married multiple times, to human and many vampires.

If your interested, comment below or PM me!

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Re: Love Among Enemies 1x1

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby serotoninlove on Fri Feb 01, 2019 8:53 pm

Hullo fellow Slytherin!
If you're still looking, I'm interested. I'm new to the site, but not to RPing, so if you don't mind dealing with me while I tackle the learning curve and get back into the swing of writing, I would love to work with you!

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