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Love of Prey

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Esca Styles on Fri Apr 06, 2007 8:39 am

A few hours after tired riding. She had reached her destination.

A castle which stood tall, but seeming had been swallowed up by a huge stone wall. This was the place Raya had grown up. The castle was old, but it was in much better shape then anyone could remember. Constant repairs will do that to a 234 year old castle. The first to have lived in this castle... Vampires.
Now it is occupied by none other then Vampire Hunters. Some which are more known then Raya.

"She back! Open the gates!" A voice shouted from beyond the wall. This brought a small upon her face as she looked at her younger sister in her arms.

The gates opened. A loud creeking and screeching sounded through the entire area. Shortly, Raya trudged through the gates upon Zephyr. She looked around at everyone who was staring at her.

"Lady Raya! You finally returned. Roran was getting upset. He thought that maybe you had died in the process of saving the actual-" the boy was cut off as Raya raised her hand up to shush the boy.

"No more talking. Please. I am so tired... I just want to rest." Raya said as she handed her sister down to the boy. He just nodded to her. She climbed off her horse, and for a moment there she had almost lost her balance. However, Zephyr tilted the tip of his nose down to catch her, making the most goofy sound ever. But she was able to regain her balance.

"Thanks friend." Raya said patting him on the nose then turning to walk.

"I want her placed in my room." Raya said to the man.

"The dungeon?" The boy said to her.
"No, did I not make myselc lear? I said I want her placed in my room.... And I will take care of Roran. My sister is not sleeping in a filthy dungeon. My room is guarded by protection spells, and soon... She will be to. " Raya turned and the boy followed after her.

Just as she began to walk up the stone steps she began to think about Inconsce. SThat brought a big smile to her face. But was clearly wiped off none other then by Roran's face which had greeted them as they walked up the stair case.

"Do whatever you. But if she starts acting funny Raya... You know what I will do." Roran said as he turned his back to her.

"Oh well.. Lets just solve all our problems by killing those who actually matter. If she starts acting funny. You won't do anything. Do you hear me? I will take care of her. So... Stop worrying your balding little head off... Ok?" Raya said as she walked past him now the boy still following behind with Adrian in his arms.

He nearly choked at the words that had come out of her mouth towards him. He quickly grabbed her and turned her around.

"Now you listen here. I was worried sick about you, and-" He paused for a moment,"How are you suppose to take over this group if you do not understand how to communicate properly with others Raya? This is ridiculous. Your acting like a child. Your mother and father put everything in to keeping you out of danger. But they knew that your soul purpose in life was to protect your sister until dangers have passed. Stop being so selfish and stubborn. Start paying attention to whats around you."

Raya jerked her arm away and turned to the boy.

"Go and take her to my room. Don't just stand there with your mouth gaping open. This doesn't concern you." Raya then turned back towards Roran. The boy quietly taking his leave. "Look, I don't want to take over this little operation you have going on here. I want to actually save Adrian. and then leave. Do you understand me? I don't care anymore. I have found her finally, and I am NOT letting her out of my sight again. That man will have to kill me first to get to my sister. Other wise..." Raya turned and looked away.

"Look. There was this guy who helped me out. His name is Inconsce. Do you remember the inn?" Raya said as she turned around and took out two small pouches.

"Have one of the men run this to the inn. Please? Its for him. Its compensation for helping me and Adrian out."
Roran took the bag from her and she turned making her way down the corridor passing the boy. She looked at him and smiled.

"I am so tired."

She turned a corner and walked up two flights of stairs. Then walked a few more paces opening a door. Walking inside, there was Adrian on the bed. Raya just stood there and stared at her younger sister.

"I'm glad your back... Though I fear it may only be for a little... While." Raya said as she collapsed upon the floor. Reaching over to the chair next to her she pulled a blanket off the chair and wrapped it around her.

(Inside that pouch Insonsce is the powder I used to help us vanish.... The other... some gold coins as compensation.)

Raya drifted off to sleep. Knowing her room was protected and guarded well. Nothing to get in or out. The beauty of protection spells. Only invited guests.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Sun Apr 22, 2007 9:55 pm

A man dressed in what appeared to be homemade armor. It was mainly decorated with wood and stone. The man was carrying a shovel.
"There's the wolf!" He shouted as he lunged at Zen who was laying next to Inconsce.

Zen started growling as the man as he came close.
"I've got this Zen." Inconsce said as he stood up, gripping his shield.

As the man got closer to Zen Inconsce stuck his shield in front of the man who slammed into the shield. "What a wimp." Inconsce said to Zen as people started entering the inn.

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