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Loyalty and Betrayal (OOC)

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Loyalty and Betrayal (OOC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby DoubleEdgeSword on Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:11 pm

The following Official thread will be a PRIVATE rp just to clear things up. The rp will be between DoubleEdgeSword and True Grave

Character Name: Shingi

Nick Names: (or rather insult-titles) Muderous Beast, Wretched Half-Breed, mongrel, mutt, bitch. (actual more fitting title: The Nightingale Dog)

Gender: Female

Age: 5 years

Birthday/year: Unknown

Physical Appearance: Shingi has a black-steel blue base coat, which is riddled with scars from numerous battles for territory. Her coat is like a wolf's very dense and thick and she looks more like a wolf than her dog-breed counterpart.

Eyes: Yellowish-gold

Origin: Shingi originated from the mountains of the Northern Alps, otherwise known as Kamui.

Language: Shingi speaks only the native language she was born into. Japanese. (However, in the story, it’s translated into English for the reader.)

Height: 55–60 centimetres (22–24 in)

Weight: Female 22–32 kilograms (49–71 lb)

Race/Species: Wolfdog (with a bit of German Shepherd)

Friends/Allies: Uknown

Enemies: Unknown

Career/Past Careers: Imperial Dog

Hobbies: Hunting, Guarding the Imperial Palace of Sei-An, Fighting, traveling Nippon, howling, running, anything that a wild animal like her enjoys pretty much.

Likes: Action, Coming in first, Challenges, Championing Causes, Spontaneity, Truth, Hidden Causes,
Being involved,
Work That is Meaningful,
Being Persuasive,

Loves: Her Master, the Emperor of Sei-An (just like any Dog would love its owner of course)

Dislikes: Being Given Only Surface data,
Taken Advantage of,
Demeaning Jobs,
Shallow Relationships,
Flattery and Flattering,

Loathes: Injustice, weak-willed people, self-pitying people, unnecessary bloodshed, disobedience.

Fears: Failure

Strengths: Shingi is an experienced fighter, especially when fighting in the right environment. Shingi tends to use the arena to her advantage, whether its using a quick rush of snow to confuse enemies, or something as simple as jumping off a high rock during a strong wind. As long as the environment is favorable, her chances of winning a fight is almost second to none.

Shingi has exceptional eyesight and hearing, which is often used to navigate through dark areas. She can be a deadly opponent when it comes to the shadows of the night.

Weakness: Because of the heavy reliance on the conditions of a fighting arena, Shingi is prone to miscalculate a move and either end up missing the target, or being pinned. And her light weight makes it easy for opponents to throw her around like a ragdoll if she is caught. She relies more on speed and condition rather than actual strength, and that will give her a huge disadvantage if the opponent is heavier than her.

Good and Bad Qualities: Shingi has extremely high standards and expects a lot of herself and of others. She is loyal and holds a strong outlook about the direction she wants her life to take. Shingi chooses her friends and causes with care, as she does not plan to ever not support these people and things again. Once she has committed herself, there is little to no turning back. Shingi is bold, unafraid to disagree out loud about anything she feels is unjust or unfair. Shingi gets easily stressed if a plan does not go accordingly. She often finds it difficult to relax when there are things to be done.

Bad Habits: Tends to snap at people who rush into battle without a second thought. Can be very harsh and quite the literal bitch.

Turn Offs: Disobedience, bloodshed without reason, impulsiveness, idiocy.

Normal Talents: A superb fighter, with speed and wit as sharp as her fangs. She uses a sword known as the Nightingale Blade which sings with every swing. It was a gift entrusted to Shingi by the Emperor himself. Also, Shingi often uses the "slash and turn" technique, wich involves lowering an enemy's stamina by slashing one with her fangs, turning on a dime, and slashing again.

Supernatural Powers & Abilities: Sensitivity Shingi is a character gifted with one thing: She is a Nature Sensitive. Nature Mediums (or sensitives) are able to sense on coming natural phenomenon, such as storms, sudden weather changes, and natural disasters like floods. They are typically gifted with keener senses that allow them to pick up on these things and almost seem to be able to communicate with the world around them, listening to the trees and whispers on the wind. Shingi uses this ability to sense things around the battlefield, since she relies so heavily on the environment she fights in.

Temperament: Shingi is loyal. She is the one who people are most likely to turn to when they need help. The wolfdog will come through every time. That is because she is sensitive to others and empathizes with them, particularly if someone has suffered an injustice; she reacts quickly with the same feeling as though she had been personally offended. Friends know that they can rely upon Shingi to keep a promise or remain cool in a crisis. However, Shingi is somewhat selfish, terribly stubborn, and eccentric. She can find fault with many things and is noted for her sharp tongue.

Background: Once a feared wild animal, Shingi was captured by soldiers of Sei-An to be sold to the Emperor to earn his favor. After learning of Shingi's "crimes" after she had killed the two soldiers, the Emperor decided to have her trained to become a guard Dog, much to Shingi's distaste. Her new owner developed a way to earn the beast's trust without breaking her spirit, and after many months of vigorous training, Shingi began to accept her new fate and let her Dog counterpart become awakened. She developed a bond with her new master just like any ordinary Dog and now affectionately addresses him as "Pops."

Shingi is free to come and go whenever she pleases, but her tight bond with her owner prevents her from wandering too far. But her wild spirit often causes her to yearn for the freedom she "sacrificed" One can often hear the mourning howl echoing from the Imperial Gardens and will often stop and listen to the hidden notes in the wolfdog's song. It is said that the Nightingale Dog's song can chase away Death and soothe the most wounded of souls. But it has not been proven to be true yet.

Picture: Image

"Leap before you think!" -Issun

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Re: Loyalty and Betrayal (OOC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby True_Grave on Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:20 pm

Name: Kenji

Nicknames: Scar

Gender: Male

Age: 6 years

Birthday/ year: unknown

Origin: Unknown

Language: Speaks many, including Japanese, English, Chinese, and Ainu.

Height: 80 cm

Weight: 100 lbs. of muscle with less than 1% body fat.

Race/Species: Wolf

Friends/Allies: None

Enemies: Mostly Imps, as they tend to get in his way while he's hunting. Anything that stands in his way is an enemy, though he loathes Imps the most.

Career/past careers: None

Hobbies: Hunting, training.

Likes: Good food, good battle, freedom.

Loves: No one.

Dislikes: People who chase him away from their towns, prey getting away, people getting in his way.

Loathes: Imps, hunters.

Fears: nothing.

Strengths: As an avid hunter and accomplished fighter, Kenji can hold his own against just about anyone. He is a brilliant tactician who can outsmart his enemies if brute strength fails him.

Weakness: Because he can only see out of one eye, his opponents can use his blind spot to their advantage. Since he keeps no company, he is on his own if he gets injured.

Good and Bad Qualities= Good: Strong heart, strong hatred of evil, compassionate, courageous. Bad: Ruthless in battle, prideful, somewhat bitter toward the gods.

Bad Habits: None.

Turn Offs: Idiocy, lack of common sense.

Normal Talents: As a warrior who has had to use hunting to survive, his skills are well-honed and very deadly. His teeth and claws are razor-sharp, and he has even perfected kicking using his legs. He can also use parts of the environment to his advantage. He can hang his enemies with vines, trap them in pits, or impale them on sharpened sticks, The tactician in him allows him to formulate strategies for each foe, and his ruthlessness allows him to execute them to their fullest.

Supernatural Powers & Abilities: During a fight with a samurai, Kenji was blinded in his left eye. However, he has gained what he calls the Spirit Eye, which allows him to see the weaknesses of his enemy and judge their heart. He wields no weapons and has no abilities.

Temperament: A strong heart characterizes Kenji. He is brave and compassionate toward the innocent, and ruthless to his enemies. He comes off a bit gruff, but those who get to know him see the goodness shining through. His battles skills are deadly, and he has no notion of holding back, as he has always fought to kill. Kenji also suffers from a strong sense of pride, which prevents him from accepting help from others and sometimes keeps him emotionally distant. Their is a deep sense of bitterness in Kenji toward the gods for forcing him to walk this path, and he distrusts all those who act as emissaries of the gods.

Background: Kenji was born to a litter of seven, but he was left behind somehow. Wandering, he survived on whatever he could find, and grew up with survival as his focus. Traveling from place to place, he is often hated and feared for his red eyes and formidable battle skills. While out hunting, he was attacked by a samurai who wished to have him for dinner. Kenji ripped the man's throat out, but was blinded by a cut of the man's sword. This left a deep scar running up his left eye, and this allowed him to use the Spirit Eye. While his right eye sees the regular world, his left sees the spirit world, as well as the vulnerabilties and heart of those he encounters. He continues to wander, seeking his next meal and enjoying the freedom he was granted.

Theme song: "I Wanna Live" by Tesla.

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