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Lumaire Nights Remixed

LSP Off Duty (IC.)

a part of “Lumaire Nights Remixed”, a fictional universe by VindicatedPurpose.

Cyberpunk roleplay. The year is 2075. What stories will you tell? [Open/Reboot of the original Lumaire Nights.]

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Lumaire Nights Remixed”.
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LSP Off Duty (IC.)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby VindicatedPurpose on Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:51 pm

(I completely forgot about this place. With this roleplay format comes this section of the game. This is where you'll get to do the traditional real time RPing as it'll be a place for having your characters interact with each other when they're off duty in between missions. This will be more of a "go at your own pace" type deal, and you're not required to participate.

Posts here will take place in a "perpetual now" state where the latest mission posted in the main IC tab will (to your characters) have just occurred. Differences in timelines will happen, but we'll sort that chronology out when the time comes.

It's important to note that plot development will take place in the main IC as this is just for you guys to play with. The posts in here will definitely be shorter.

The setting for these is up to you guys and can be anywhere, whether it's a gym, a bar, or the LSP headquarters' break room. NPCs will be welcome here, obviously.)
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Re: LSP Off Duty (IC.)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby VindicatedPurpose on Fri Sep 08, 2017 6:58 pm

After The Events Of Omega41 187

After the capture of the serial killer that had murdered Damien Legrand and Abikiwe Nansoko, a large crew of LSP officers and detectives swarmed A.O. Bar. The place was a well-known cop-bar owned by a retired LSP Sergeant Preet Sharma. On this particular night, there were more officers and a fewer ranking officers partaking in a celebration. Sharma tended the counter as she watched her fellow blues enjoying their off time.

“Alright folks! This round’s on me,” O’Malley called out.

“You sure your wife is okay with that O’Malley?” Preet cracked from the bar counter.

Everyone laughed, a reaction brought out by the drinks.

Barry Mangle sat with Wayne in a booth, “I mean, you didn’t have to come.”

“Oh, I find these gatherings to be fascinating,” Wayne’s eyes darted from person to person throughout the crowd while smiling.

“Fascinating?” Mangle took a swig from his mug, “Interesting word choice.”

Wayne turned to look at Mangle with the smile, the coroner was both disarmed and disconcerted by the smile, even after months of working with him. The coroner had to clear his throat.

“Hey! Remember, we are here to celebrate that kid,” O’Malley clinked his mug and pointed his finger at Emmett Tigron, “Good job kid on cracking that case. There was some fancy shit pulled off today what with that bomb threat and the woman.”

“What woman? Your wife?” one of the officers jabbed.

O’Malley smirked, “Alright ya lil’ punk, stop pickin’ on the missus O’Malley. You can pick on me, but don’t pick on her.”

In another corner, Nikos sat next to sergeant Tomson, they both took a swig of beer. Neither of them seemed to know what a smile was despite the jollity that pervaded the establishment.

“Good work today catching the assassin.”

“Thank you, ma’am. It wasn’t just-”

“Just take the compliment, sergeant.”

Tomson blinked, smiled, nodded, and then stopped smiling.

Nikos continued, “I heard about Carnigan and McKenzie, how are they?”

“McKenzie’s arm got hacked off. Thankfully it was a nice clean cut. Nothing too difficult for the techs to handle. They’ve got it soldered. She’ll probably get another one pretty soon. Will be back in a few days. Best give her time to recover mentally.”

Nikos nodded, her eyes still on the crowd, “And Carnigan?”

Tomson inhaled, “She took a few hits, but doctor says she’s no longer in critical,” he took a long sip of his beer.

Nikos nodded, both were silent for a bit, “Don’t beat yourself up about it. There’s nothing more you could have done than what’s already been done. You understand?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“They knew the risks. We all do.”

Tomson nodded, “Yeah.”

At that point, Soren Farwell was pushed onto the stage, “No no, I don’t do karaoke.”

“Sing, monkey!” one cop cried out.

Soren laughed, “No fuck you guys.”

“Sing Soren sing,” the chant began, and once it did, “Sing Soren sing, Sing Soren sing.”

“Alright,” Soren smiled, he lifted a finger at everyone to stop the chant, “For the record, fuck all of you.”

Everyone laughed as the pilot began to belt out the lyrics to the song. Mountbatten and Alexandra sat at the bar watching.

“Let me know if you guys need anything,” Sharma told them.

“We’re good, thanks Preet,” Alexandra nodded.

The retired sergeant nodded and disappeared into the back.

The lieutenant took a sip of her red-orange cock-tail drink, “Any word on CK?”

“He says he’s up and about now. Hospital food isn’t too bad,” Mountbatten paused, “I decided to let him stay for as long as he needed.”

“Knowing him, it won’t be very long.”

“Mmm, yes,” Mounbatten nodded, “I was beginning to think that I would have had to force him to take sick leave. Though, I must say the circumstances have been favorable.”

Alexandra nodded, she took another sip, “So, Captain, I…distinctly remember you propositioning me.”

Mountbatten spun around, “I did nothing of the kind!”

Alexandra tittered, “I didn’t mean like that. I was referring to the date.”

“Oh,” Mountbatten looked away, “Yes. Right. Goodness, that slipped my mind. Things have been so busy lately, and our schedules, you and I both know how busy we both are and-“

Alexandra’s brows raised, her eyes staring at Mountbatten.

“Right,” Mountbatten cleared his throat, “How’s tomorrow night?”

“Sounds good.”

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Re: LSP Off Duty (IC.)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Quakernuts on Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:26 pm

The atmosphere was happy, joyful, maybe a bit too inebriated for Emmett’s tastes.

Everyone around him was taking large gulps of beer or shots from whatever happened to be behind the counter on this particular night. They were celebrating his takedown of a the cyborg serial killer, but ultimately most of them were here because it was a party. They couldn’t care less why it was happening, only that it was. He didn’t resent them for it, but he couldn’t get into the same mood as them. He had never been one for huge social gatherings, and even now he was only here out of professional courtesy than anything else. He sat at a table with a few other officers as they laughed, swung their mugs around and generally enjoyed each other’s company. Every so often another officer would wander by and slap him on the back, saying words of praise in between stumbles and attempts to right themselves.

Emmett always smiled politely, thanking them for their words and let them get on with the evening. He had talked a little with Barry, enjoyed a couple drinks with him then let him be. After all, they had spent the better part of 72 hours enjoying each other’s company, best to put some space between the two of them. As his general presence faded into the background, overcome by the necessity to party, karaoke, drink and basically forget the problems of yesterday, Emmett found himself slipping away towards the door of the bar. Exiting the bar and walking far enough away from the smokers hanging around outside so as to not be overheard, he hit a number on his speed dial, absentmindedly tapping his earpiece as he leaned against the wall of the building.

The ringing continued, and after the fifth ring there was a click as the answering machine picked up on it. “This is Quinn and Maria Tigron. Leave a message.” A gruff voice that sounded all too pissed at the world filled Emmett’s ears. A voice he hadn’t actually heard come from the man in some time. Emmett paused for a second, waiting for the beep before speaking.

“Hey’s Emmett.” Emmett started, his usual greeting to his own parents. “Just giving you guys a call to see how things are going.” Emmett paused, his ritual of calling his parents after a case solved being so ingrained into him at this point that sometimes he felt like he was just going through the motions. Still, he felt like it was a necessary action, to let them know how he was doing, and that he was still kicking. “Not sure if you guys have been watching the news, but I made it onto the screen. Kinda arrested an Assembly Member on national television. So that was a thing. Caught a serial killer while I was at it, and before you ask, no they weren’t one in the same. I can’t reveal the details of it, was pretty messed up.” Emmett continued. “Everyone’s throwing a celebration for me, but honestly it’s just an excuse to get liquored and party it up for a most of these guys need any excuses.” Emmett gave a small smile, looking down at the dirt.

“I’m still kicking.” Emmett stated, his voice dropping a bit. “I’m still here...I just wanted you guys to know that. Another case down and I’m still riding the ‘alive’ train. I’m not sure if you guys worry about me anymore, but in case you do, I hope these messages put your minds at ease.” Emmett paused for a second, staring off into the street as cars passed by at ludicrous speeds. “Say hi to Lincoln for me...and please let Nami know that I’ll do everything I can to be there for her graduation. I...don’t know what my schedule is, but it just cleared up know.” Emmett paused once more, wondering how to end his call, and ultimately ended up shrugged his shoulders.

“I guess that’s all I got. I’ll give you guys a call once I solve another case...or see you when Nami graduates...Take care of yourselves.” Emmett ended the call there, placing his hands in his pockets as he stared out into the streets. His family life was complicated, his work and personal life was not. It made for a strange contrast, one that he didn’t particularly enjoy. His parents didn’t hate him, at least he didn’t think they did, but they felt betrayed when he moved away from New Edo. His older brother was moved into their care, and honestly was so deep into his own emotional trauma that he never fully got out of it. He required constant care, and was barely coherent most of the time, putting an awful strain on his parents.

Nami seemed to be the only normal one out of all of them, but she was undoubtedly influenced by the home life. Emmett tried to keep in contact with her too, but so far there was nothing from her. He didn’t know if she was trying and nothing was getting through...or if she simply wasn’t. Regardless, he had kept up with her academic career, a solid A student. He was proud of her, even if he didn’t say it, and she had the whole world ahead of her if she kept at it.

He had gotten into the habit of sending them messages every time something big happened. When he was first accepted into University, when he first got the job with LSPD, his promotions, the Bamako incident, and every single case he solved.

He had yet to get a single response.

Emmett had been wanting to go back and see them for awhile, but it seemed like work never slowed down long enough for him to do anything, and he refused to take time off when there was a killer on the loose. For now, this was all he could do, and he hoped that they at least took the time to listen to his messages if nothing else. Hopefully some day down the road he could mend the bridge that seems to have burned behind him. At the very least, he could try to be there for his little sister’s graduation ceremony.

In the meantime, it would be rude to leave right now, while everything was in full swing. So long as he could manage to get free drinks as rewards from his fellow officers, he would stick around.

With that thought in mind, he wandered back into the bar.
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