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If you would like to make your own roleplay based in a fantasy realm (dragons, elves, magic), use this forum. You will be in charge of all things related to your roleplay, so you're on your own here.


Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lordess on Tue Oct 02, 2007 5:36 pm


Lucids, as they are titled in general numbers, are those that can enter the subconscious “awake”, rather than actually sleeping. Those who can step back from a nightmare and clearly state “I am Dreaming”. And those who can shape a dream to their will.

Anyone can become a Lucid. Some, though, do not have the natural ability to identify when they are in a dream or a nightmare often, or can bend their dreams at will. But, a Lucid must also have a creative and open mind, an imagination with no bounds, a longing for adventure, and a desire to create fairy tales and fantasies.

But for those who delve deeper, who pursue the gift, there are new realms. At some point, if a Lucid gains enough power and experience, an image begins appearing in all of their dreams. A silver door, bearing the symbol of an open eye…

Opening to a whole new world.

The Nature of the Subconscious Realm

Most normal dreams -- the kind where you're naked in public, or falling off a skyscraper, or flying over beautiful landscapes, you know what I'm talking about -- occur within a Personal Subconscious Scape, or the P.S.S. for short. Everyone has one. They change with every dream. A single P.S.S., in the course of a few nights, can go from the brightest of places to the darkest depths of nightmare. Every Lucid instinctively understands their own P.S.S., at least while asleep; ever wonder about those times when you spontaneously jump through time or space, or something else entirely irrational happens, but while you're dreaming it makes sense? This characteristic makes it an ideal spot for beginning Lucid to practice, until they're ready for the door.

The silver door appears when a Lucid has reached a certain level in which they can enter the Subconscious Scape, where Lucids can meet. They are also called the Territories, defined by their two types of environment: Dream Territories, Nightmare Territories, and Neutral Territories. Dream Territories lean to happy or contented environments or plots, while Nightmare Territories are normally wanton and evil. The Neutral Territories are rather bland and unexciting, but a place where every Lucid can be comfortable. The Subconscious Scape is always changing, never the same. One day, you may stand in a territory where it is a vast desert, and the next in a thriving city.

Some say that the Subconscious Scape was created by the very first Lucids, who broke from their won dreams, created the amazing world they found beyond, the subliminal creatures and characters, too, for their own entertainment. Then, they found others with the necessary qualities of a Lucid, and taught them the Art of Lucidity.

Territories can even have plots, a story or sequence of events that those in the Territory abide in. In a Dream Territory, the inhabitants may have a universal desire of creating a peaceful utopia, while in a Nightmare Territory; the inhabitants may want to destroy the nearest Dream Territory. But there are always conflicts, even in the Dream Territories, although more minor than those in the Nightmare Territories.

Of course, the Territories are not entirely without some semblance of order; otherwise they would be impossible to navigate. As a general rule, the more Lucids frequent an area, the more stable it is. Large settlements, Lucid cities of a sort, can become virtually permanent, while in fringe areas at times the change is fast enough to be observed.

Nightmare Territories are filled with hostile areas infested with nightmares and lurking, subconscious phobias. Often their environments are terrible and disfigured. Some Nightmare Territories’ plots and environments are based on those who enter the Territory, making them the most dangerous of all, as most Lucids find it harder to defend themselves from fears they are familiar with. Most lucid dreamers will learn to defend themselves fairly quickly. But even if one does fall into unfortunate regions, you can't die in the Subconscious Realm. The worst that can happen is you sustain an injury fatal to your dream-self, and you either awaken or are knocked back to your P.S.S., and cannot re-enter the Territories until you are mentally recovered, which could take form a couple of hours, a few days, or even several months, depending on how maimed you are.

The Neutral Territories tend to have the basic necessities in place. Although food, water, and shelter are not needed, they are available. To keep from complications, Lucids do not and can not sleep. Their environments are normally not terrible or frightening, nor appearing to be a paradise.

The Dream Territories are the complete opposite of the Nightmares. The characters and creatures within them are most always very friendly to Lucids. Their lands are almost the very picture of beauty and of paradise. Just as the Nightmare territories stated above, the Dreams can copy Lucids’ passions, wishes, and desires. But, this, too, can have a deadly outcome. Those Lucids new to the Subconscious Scape are normally not as controlled as those used to this land. If one of their first stops is in a Dream Territory in which copies their wants, they will often not leave for a very long time and become so entrapped within the paradise that they never awake again.


It is rumored that there are "layers" to the Territories… Certainly, more experienced Lucids seem capable of accessing areas that those who have just opened the door cannot. It is further rumored that the entirety of the Territories is in fact the eternal Subconscious of something vast and powerful, and that one who travels deep enough can find that power… But all who tried have vanished, and their real-world selves awaken, bewildered and trembling, unable to remember, unable to sleep, unable to dream or manipulate those dreams ever again. Or worse, they do not wake at all.

The rate of these incidents is increasing lately. There are less and less dreamers who can access the Territories, and even those who keep to the supposed safe zones occasionally vanish. Bustling cities lie abandoned until at last they are swept into ruin by the incessant ravages of time and dream. What lurks beneath the surface of the Territories? A paradise that draws Lucids like moths to a flame? Or a nightmare that consumes them?

But no one suspects it is a great and terrible evil, wanting to guzzle the Subconscious Realm entirely, desiring to cease the world of its dreams completely. Then take over the Waking World, where no one can stop it.


Like the realms, There are three main categories of Lucids: Dreamers, Neutralers, and Nightmars. (End is pronounced like Mars, the planet) Each is welcomed in different realms, and at the same time banished in the opposite realm type.

Dreamer: Is classified by first having more pleasant dreams in their Personal Subconscious Scape. They are welcomed in Dream Territories, but treated for more worse in Nightmare Territories. Their Subconscious appearance is rather kind-looking, like a benevolent deity.
Neutralers: Classified by having a close or equal number of Dreams and Nightmares in their Personal Subconscious Scape. Neutralers are welcomed equally and normally in all Territories; Kindly, but not overly, in the Dream Territories, and cruelly, but not overly, in the Nightmare Territories. But, they can wish for the Neutral Territory they enter to be either more like a Dream Territory or more like a Nightmare.
Nightmars: Classified by having more Nightmares in their P.S.S. Dream Territories normally try to bar Nightmars from entering their Territories. If Nightmars do enter, they are restricted from most pleasures within, but not harmed nor treated badly. In Nightmare Territories, they are not frightened or unfairly treated within as most are, but the Nightmares are still cruel and malicious to this kind of Lucid.

There are also four main levels of Lucids: Personal Subconscious Roamer, New Door Entry, Lucid Knight, Lucid Lord, Lucid King, and Lucid God. For the sake of reality, no character in this role play will be at the level of Lucid God ever. Lucid King will also be banned, but your character can grow to that level.
Personal Subconscious Roamer: Recently figured out how to manipulate their dreams and does so frequently. Does not enter the Silver Door if it is seen.
New Door Entry: Has entered the Silver Door.
Lucid Knight: The Most common Level. Has explored one of each type of territory and has survived each without befalling any injury to knock them awake or back into their Personal Subconscious Scape at least once.
Lucid Lord: Has defeated 10 Lucid Knights in Subliminal Duel. (More will be explained later on that.)
Lucid King: Has helped solve the plot of any type of Territory and obtained the power to be able to enter other’s P.S.S.’s.
Lucid God: No known Lucid has ever reached this level, but it is known. This kind of Lucid would have to discovered the secret of changing the alignment of a Territory, and does so at least once. Also has the ability to manipulate the entire territory, such as making it rain or storm.

Other Lucids can enter other Personal Subconscious Scapes only when they are a Lucid King. A Lucid can enter anyone’s P.S.S., unless they are a Lucid that has hidden their Scape, by either creating a landscape about it

Subliminal Duels were created for the entertainment of the Lucids. Normally is used to solve arguments or large disputes. A normal Duel is between two Lucids, but sometimes between up to three in the same Light Ring, or the arena created. The basic rules are simple: only two weapons per Lucid, including all things relating to potions or magic; and that the opponent can not strike the enemy in their Concentration, or where their Subconscious Power is concentrated. If a Lucid is struck there more than 5 times, they will be unable to enter the Subconscious Scape ever again. This rule can be defied if the Lucids are in a Death Duel, where the Duel is not ended until one hits their opponent in their Concentration.
The Basic Steps to a Subliminal Duel are these:
-All participating Lucids state their wish to Duel and their reason. No formal duel can be begun until the Ring of Light has appeared. If a participating Lucid steps out of the ring, they are sapped of energy until they re-enter the ring.
-The Lucids create their weapons. If any Lucid takes longer than 10 minutes to create their weapons, they are knocked back into their P.S.S. with a timed restriction on accessing the Subconscious Scape.
-When the Ring of Light turns from gold to silver, the Lucids may attack. A duel may last as long as needed.
-To finish a Duel, one Lucid must be transported back to their P.S.S. or must surrender.
Entire wars between two Territories over disputes can happen. Duels can only be waged between Lucids. Subliminal characters and creatures can simply fight a Lucid or each other.
Informal Fights can happen between Lucids, but their weapon’s power is cancelled out and does nothing to the opponent.

Lucids can also be classified by their strengths. Any Lucid can use these powers stated below, but those given this title are just more powerful with it. These can also be the weaknesses of the Lucids.

Alter Ego: These Lucids do not like something about their waking-world form, and thus have chosen to be something else while within the dream. Most Lucids, by default, look like themselves when they appear in the Subconscious Realm. Alter egos look like someone or something else. They may have wings, or appear as elves or demons; some even take on the forms of animals, mythical or real. They always appear as this form, and while they take on any natural abilities of their chosen form (flight, heightened senses, etc.) they do not gain any form of "supernatural" ability. (Note: let's be reasonable here. No fifty-foot-long dragons or anything; even in the Territories that's not exactly practical for Lucids. Also, those without this cannot use the powers of their transformed self. Someone who is not an Alter Ego cannot be an angel that can fly. Sure, you can have wings, but they will be useless.)
Muse: Some people are naturally imaginative. Some can suspend their disbelief in a heartbeat, and these are the ones who strengthen and invigorate the Territories simply by existing. And the Territories, in their own way, love them. Muses have what generally manifests itself as a mildly unusual good luck -- if they want something, the Territories will do their best to provide. A Subconscious Desert may suddenly sprout a convenient oasis, or a friendly subliminal beast may show up to provide transportation, or the like. The exception to this rule is Nightmare regions, which are innately unfriendly to dreamers, even muses.
Navigation: The Territories are a tricky place. Navigators have a natural sense for direction even in these unusual circumstances, and can easily find their way to places they've been before even if the path has changed. They are also better than normal Lucids at finding their way to a specific Personal Subconscious Scape, but if that person does not want to be found, even a navigator may find themselves lost. (More about finding P.S.S.s’ later.)
Skeptics: Lots of things in dreams make very little sense. Skeptics, perpetually logical and dubious, can distract dream-creatures by pointing out that, you know, giant pandas with little butterfly wings can't actually fly, and furthermore pandas are herbivores, so it would make no sense for one to want to eat you… Such statements may confuse Subliminal characters and Creatures long enough for the skeptic to either attack or make their escape unharmed. If necessary, skeptics can also use this ability to make sense of landscapes that flagrantly defy the laws of physics, or otherwise alter the Subconscious Realm to be a little more like reality. Note that this ability does not work on other Lucids, merely the contents of the Scapes.
Summoners: When you're dreaming, do you carry a compass? A pen and paper? Duct tape? These dreamers do. Or rather, they have the ability to create them. A summoner can simply assume that they have a minor item necessary to their situation, reach into a pocket, and it's there. Note that there are restrictions on what they can make in this fashion: as a general rule, pocket-sized is the only size. Also, summoners have the ability to create any object with more speed and accuracy then other Lucids.
Keens: They are more alert to the shadows in which an enemy may hide, better at evading the frequent traps and treacherous terrain, and less likely to succumb to panic. Their senses are naturally more acute, they have the ability to jump over 10 feet into the air, and have heightened muscle mass and speed; but only when danger or threats are near.

There is only one item that can be taken back from the Territories. It is called the Subliminal Gem. Their are about 50 hidden all over the gigantic Subconscious Scape. This Gem appears to be a diamond-crystal to fit in one’s palm. The Subliminal Gem can be given to anyone in the Waking World and, if they hold it in their palm when they sleep, they can enter the Subconscious Realm with the powers of any Lucid. Also, this gem has the powers to give an experience Lucid all the powers of any type of Lucid.

Items and Weapons

If a Lucid frequently creates an item or weapon when they enter the Subconscious Realm, It will become easier and faster to create the more they do so. Soon enough, they will be given that object immediately when they enter their P.S.S.

Weapons can only have up to four mechanisms. From the three categories, you can choose for attacking, defensive, and trapping. This must be explained in your bio.

Even weapons and items have levels. From one to one hundred, the highest weapon ever recorded was a level 106. When a Lucid creates a weapon, a number will be inscribed on it, which is its level. The level depends on if the weapon is magical, gives the user abilities, (Like heightened senses, nothing like control of an element or anything.) or how original it is. No character in this role play may have their first weapon over level 80. If a weaker weapon is pitted against a stronger one, often the weaker will break. If a weapon is only a few levels off, it will not often break, but may become scratched or the like. Items may be recorded on how powerful they are, such as a telescope will have a stronger magnifying level than a pair of binoculars.
To simplify weapons, here is an example:
Basically, if your weapon has several uses, such as defensive, attacking, and trapping, then you can expect a high-level weapon. Also, creativity gives weapons an amazing boost. Here's an example.
-Your character creates a basic sword. This would probably be around level 5-10.
-Your character adds an attacking mechanism: When the blade is touched by an enemy, they are burned badly. This would probably raise the level to 15-20
-Your character adds jewels and designs to the hilt, along with inscriptions upon the blade, then the level will be boosted to 25-30.
Pretty much, if you take more time to design basic weapons, they can be as powerful as weapons who have all sorts of mechanisms.

The Laws

1. No godmodding, powerplaying, the standard. I shouldn't even have to say this.
2. For the love of all things English, have some concept of grammar. Speech goes in quotation marks, sentences have punctuation, and there is such a thing as a spell-check. Also, literacy is HIGHLY encouraged. Those who can describe their character's appearance and actions thoroughly will get cookies! One-liners will get a rabid weasel. To the FACE.
3. No despies, no cyber. Some romance is allowed, but really, this entire world is a dream. Would you go beyond PG-13 with someone you\'d never met in real life?
4. Don't be horrifyingly clichéd, please. D= Fifty thousand catgirls make me cry.
5. Your waking-world self is a normal, modern-day human living somewhere on Earth. This does not mean you can't walk around the Territories claiming to be Lauralanthalassa the elven princess; it's your dream, go right ahead. Heck, you can even LOOK like an elven princess if you want. But other Lucids who aren't in severe denial might wonder what is wrong with you.
6. When you ask to join, please post your bio in the format listed below. Also post, somewhere, "I dream of doorways".
7. Don't go overboard with your powers, or I shall spork you. I shall spork you like you have never been sporked before.
8. Use some sort of OOC, or a way to talk out of character that is noticeable. Use parenthesis, or OOC and BIC. Whatever, as long as it is identifiable.
9. Finally, try to keep the genders even. I don’t want to see all girl characters joining. Just to help you out, I will join as a guy.

Forgot some important words? Don’t go hunting through this post, just look here!
If you think I should name something, tell me.
Lucid: Those titled with the power to manipulate their subconscious.
Personal Subconscious Scape (P.S.S.): One’s own subconscious realm
Subconscious Scape: The hugely vast Realm Beyond the silver door, connecting all people’s dream realms. This is also called the Territories.
Subconscious Realm: The name given to all of the subconscious world, both the Personal Subconscious Scape and the Subconscious Scape together.
Waking World: What the conscious world is titled by Lucids when they are within the Subconscious Realm.
Subliminal Dual: A formal battle between two Lucids.
Concentration: The Area one a Lucid’s body where their focus of power is. Often in the chest or head area. If this point is struck, a Lucid is sent back to their Personal Scape. If this point is struck more than five times, then the Lucid can never enter the Subconscious Scape again.

Character Bio Skeleton

Character Name: First and last, please -- if your character goes by a specific nickname in the Territories, you can put that here too.
Gender: Self-explanatory
Age: their Waking World age, please.
Waking World Appearance:
Hair: A Normal Color you see naturally on everyday people.
Eyes: Unless you have wicked awesome contacts, normal colors again
Build: Are you tall? Have brutish muscles? Or are you a midget?
Usual Attire: I hope you don’t wear the same clothes every day…
Other: Jewelry, tattoos?
Subconscious Realm Appearance: If you are an Altar Ego Lucid, then name the form you take as your usual, or the form you come in when you enter your P.S.S. If you do not have an appearance you take usually, simply say, ‘Waking World Appearance’.
Personality: How does your character feel about the Territories? Are they social with other dreamers, or mostly reserved? That sort of thing. Don’t try to skip this or say ‘You will find out later.’ You will get hit with a dead fish. I promise that.
Background: I don't need your life story, but a little info would be nice. Also include a little bit about how long you've been lucid dreaming and where/how you found the door. Was it in a dream or a nightmare? How did you react the first time you left your own personal dreamscape?
Specialty: one of the six above, or describe one of your own design THAT IS REASONABLE. I must approve of it or you will not be able to use it.
Level: Any of the levels that a Lucid can be stated above.
Type: A Dreamer, Neutraler, or a Nightmar?
Concentration: Where is your character’s Concentration, or where they focus their power.
Possessions: anything in particular your character carries around? If you're the type who goes charging into a nightmare full of monsters, a weapon may be in order. If you want to keep in touch with someone… well, you can have a cell phone, but you can only call other Lucids who also have one, and you get universally crappy reception, so you may want to stick with walkie-talkies or something. Summoners must list 10 items they most often create or have on them. Remember, small items.
Goals: Waking World and Subconscious Realm, or one at the least. If you can’t think of anything, you don’t have to write anything.

My Bio

Character Name: Cyrus “Archangel” Neal Jade. He would rather be called Cyrus, and only lets those extremely close to him call him Cy. Some in the Subconscious Scape title him Archangel.
Gender: Male
Age: Around 26 or so
Waking World Appearance:
Hair: Albino bleach blonde, naturally spiked and long
Eyes: A deep red
Build: Cyrus stands at 6’1. His body is thin and his skin is cursed to paleness. His neck is long, but not to the point in which it would be considered an oddity. His build is rather muscular, but not to the point to be considered a thug. His face is thin an angular. Cyrus has a warm and kind smile.
Usual Attire: Cyrus favors the color black, and likes dressy leather jackets with plain deep blue jeans and a white shirt.
Other: Cyrus wears a silver necklace with a richly decorated cross, about two inches tall. He has a back tattoo in simple, elegant black, spiraling from the back of his neck, to the broad of his shoulders, to his left arm, and twisting down to his index finger and thumb. The tattoo has no essential theme, but appears to be the branch of a thorn tree.
Subconscious Realm Appearance: Cyrus has glowing white wings upon his back, and white hair. He is incredibly handsome and his hair matches his wings, pure white. Cyrus’s hair also has several feathers mixed within. His body build is the same as his Waking World self, but he is slightly thinner and more muscular. Cyrus’s eyes have changed to silver, and he is given doubled senses. Cyrus wears a fitting white trench coat when he is affected by cold weather, under which a white tuxedo and slimming white hat, with one of his wings feathers slipping from the ribbon tied around the bulk. A small white rose is in the pocket of the jacket. His dress pants are white with a thin black line running down each side-seam. Despite his fancy appearance, he wears simple, but comfortable black sneakers.
Personality: Cyrus is rather quite and reserved, but has a bright and loud sense of humor around close friends. Cyrus is also very kind and caring, and enjoys listening and helping to solve others problems, although he is annoyed if too many people come to him with their conflicts. He is very comfortable being alone, but likes the company of others when possible. Cyrus is social, but just likes time to himself every once and a while during a day. He confides often in literature outside of the Subconscious Realm, considering paper to be the only place where fantasies can come to life in the Waking World. He has a diary, which he records to the utmost precision, accounting each day clearly with the wonderful ability of a photographic memory. It is very hard to get Cyrus angry, him being a very calm and collected person. If a foe wishes to fight, Cyrus will use words rather than blows, or even riddles to distract his enemies. He is not one to fight, but, if forced, Cyrus will do so. Normally, Cyrus will dodge his enemies’ first blows to frustrate and embarrass his adversary. When his opponent becomes exhausted through throwing so may blows, Cyrus will use amazing speed to try to end the fight with a single, powerful attack Will try to end a fight with a single blow. Through all and all, a single word that can describe Cyrus is a charmer. But, through all this happiness, Cyrus is also very depressed and troubled. He longs to find his loved, Jessel, and feels he will not be truly happy until he sees her again. Also, through a horrible sleeping disorder and a chronic disease that gives him daily migraines has made him addicted to prescribed pain killers and sleep aids.
Background: Cyrus lives in a rich family. After leaving for collage and receiving a degree in architecture and psychology, his older sister passed away through cancer, Cyrus inheriting her grand estate and large fortune. Cyrus created his own architecture company and is known for designing several buildings in Chicago, St. Louis, and, Kansas City. He currently lives in St. Louis alone in the mansion. He recently knocked out some sections of it and got a talented interior decorator to redesign his house as a fantasy. Unbelievable rooms, whimsical in design, like the window to a child’s imagination. Cyrus collects books, and has an extensive hall and library dedicated to his collection.
Specialty: Alter Ego
Level: Lucid Lord
Type: Dreamer
Concentration: The underside of his throat.
Possessions: Cyrus does not carry anything with him except for the one weapon he is using. Take note, that you do not actually carry any weapon with you at all times, but it will appear to your character without them having to create it.
The Guardian-His most current creation. A sleek, modern energy blade gun, at level 78. The two vertical blades are massive, and if Cyrus held this gun at his side, the blades would almost touch the ground. The blades appear to be the wings of an angel, the one on the top two times larger than the sword on the bottom. Cyrus’ hand fits in between it at the handle of the gun. The gun is also between the blades. A metal panel protects the upper palm of his hand. Despite its hulking appearance, the Guardian is incredibly light. It has two attacking systems, one defensive system, and one trapping system.
Attacking systems- An energy burst, coming from the forward top barrel. Its power is unpredictable, from a blast that can “kill” a Lucid, to a drizzle that can do nothing. Normally, though, the attack is of average strength. The energy is stored within a chamber near the handle and normally comes directly from Cyrus or his enemies. By simply inserting one’s hand into the chamber, you can donate energy to the gun.
Secondary attacking system is titled the platinum grenade, simply because the energy used in this burst are highly reflective and often blind an opponent. When the burst is thrown, it will explode once it comes in contact with something. The burst comes normally in a 15 foot radius.
Defensive system- The single plate on the gun actually has layers of plates under it. The gun will actually read Cyrus’ mind to tell if an attack is coming. If so, the plating will temporarily spread up Cyrus’s arm to protect him. Often, though, if the attack is thrown too fast, then Cyrus can only use the blade wings to defend him.
Trapping System- Coming from the grenade barrel is a net with a small steal pack attached. Cyrus only has two so he normally uses them when he knows he can retrieve them later so he does not have to create more. The net comes in a convenient package and retracts in midair. Once the 8 steel hooks latch onto something, ground or person, the steal pack is released, sending down waves of energy that steal the opponents energy, sending it back into the pack. Once the opponent is crippled, Cyrus can take the energy from the pack and store it in his gun.
Goals: His utmost goal is to find a Subliminal Gem so he may give it to Jessel, a girl whom he is in love with. But, after her father forced her to transfer colleges, for apparently he believed his daughter should not fall in love with ‘A spoiled snob’, Cyrus never saw her again. Determined to find her and find a way for the two to communicate if moving is not possible, Cyrus would give her the Subliminal Gem. Then, they could spend forever together in the Subconscious Scape with no one to keep them apart.

(Sorry I took so long. Just trying to clear up every last detail. I will make my first post short, just so you guys can get going.)

My Intro
Cyrus stepped out of his Personal Scape, examining the environment that he was going to be with for the majority of his sleep. It was a simple, unoriginal pine forest in the middle of spring. In the distance he could spot the mountains, jealous of plain flowers and trying to steal their brilliant violet color. Except for a deer he spotted soon later with several twisted unicorn horns and scales instead of fur, nothing was out of the ordinary today. Cyrus was not in the mood to converse with anyone immediately, for during the day he had inspiration on a new weapon he could sell.
Cyrus moved into a clearing where he could spread his wings comfortably. As he moved to take off, wings spread wide, he surprised a herd of the strange deer-creatures, who fled into the safety of the forest beyond. Cyrus ignored them, jumped up, and, with several massive flaps, was airborne. He wanted to find a quiet place to lay his ideas down and begin construction. Despite the simple design of the non-magical weapon, he felt it would still score high levels.

(There. Nice and incredibly short intro, incredibly long informational post. I hope people join. I have worked on this plot for far too long for it to be rejected. Enjoy!)
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Re: Lucidity

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OOC: I'll tell you now, that I plan to join, and will make a bio. Just not now as I am out of time. Check back on this post later, cause it should have my bio, hopfully some time tommorrow.
The Clerics of Okern - Looking for High Quality Players:

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Re: Lucidity

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Character Name: "Wanderer" Angellina Crowe
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty five
Waking World Appearance:
Hair: Shoulder length, red hair
Eyes: Light green eyes
Build: She has a womanly figure, with some curves… not to fat or not to thin. She is around 5.5 foot tall and weights 142 pounds.
Angellina treats herself well, her garments well taken care, clean and a soft smell of strawberries. She also tends to use makeup on her eyes so they can look deeper than they really are.
Usual attire: For everyday clothes she tends to dress with baggy jeans and lose shirts or tang tops. On professional occasions however she uses deep black suits, executive like, with metallic shade shirt underneath.
Subconscious Real Appearance: On a first glance she seems to be the same, yet on a closer look that is not quite the case. Her hair as a more vivid color, and she as long canines, similar to a vampire. She's usually dressed in black leather, with a red corset and a long black jacket. On her right hand wearing a thick leathery glove, binded close to the fist with one strap. This particular item looked more sturdy then the rest of her garments.
Personality: Angellina is quite unpredictable, and her personality can be unstable. Usually she tends to be nice and ironic to other Lucids, yet being an attentive listener. Still there are times when she doesn't want to be bothered and will wander the Nightmar or Neutral realm.
Background: By profession she is a criminal lawyer newly formed, under the patronage of a conceited man. She is quite often swamped with work, which made her let go of one of her long life dreams: Arts.
The first time she got aware of the Dream World, as she calls it.. was during one of her nightmares. The typical thing, when something or someone tries to kill her over and over again.
Specialty: Skeptic
Level: Lucid Knight
Type: Nightmar
Concentration: Right Hand
Possessions: Her weapon of choice were the twin blades: Death and Decay.
Based upon a sketch she had once seen, the blades started to take shape as she entered the subconscious world. The only visual difference being the color schemes: the first blade deep black with golden inscriptions; while the second was crimson red with silver inscriptions. The handles were thick, with a snake skin texture, ending with a small ring from where two black leather straps fell. About the blades itself, they had a straight edge being slightly curved to the end.
The black dagger was covered with poison, that would weaken the target's psychic defenses bringing forth his subconscious fears into the world. They would stay until he had the strength to face them, or send them away. The red dagger was less special then the first, doubling the amount of any damage taken by it's attacks.
She can be often seen with a notebook, and a white quill.
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Re: Lucidity

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Dovey on Thu Oct 04, 2007 2:44 am

Character Name: Ellie Langston; "Elysia Lazuline"
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Waking World Appearance:
Hair: Platinum blonde, cropped short.
Eyes: Light blue
Build: Statuesque, unusually tall for her age; around 6'
Usual Attire: A light blue hospital gown.
Subconscious Realm Appearance: Elysia looks the same as her waking world appearance, except her hair falls to her waist in loose waves and long bangs instead of being cropped short. She normally wears drapey sundresses in pastel colors or marine blues or warm grays that complement her complexion, although with her powers as a Muse she likes to mix things up with outrageous luxuries like a mink boa or Jimmy Choo's. She also has bracelets and anklets of tiny delicate bells. She has tattoos of brightly-colored butterflies on the left side of her torso from the top of her hip and onto her breast; most of the tattoos can't be seen of course, but an iridescent blue butterfly often peeks out if she happens to wear something lowcut.
Personality: Elysia appears capricious, innocent, and charming to hide her fears of what she will find when she wakes up in the real world. She also hides her conceited, vain, attention-seeking, and manipulative sides. She attracts and pleases others with her impish charisma and by using her powers as a Muse to summon what they desire and giving it to them--for a price. She has never ventured into Nightmare Territory and did not dwell long in Neutral Territory. As for Dream Territory, she is fascinated with how it responds to her desires to the point that she has chosen to stay entrapped by its nature.
Background: In her waking life as Ellie Langston, Elysia was on the verge of a successful modeling and acting career until she got into a car accident from a drunk joyride with some party-goers. She has been left in a vegetative comatose state with sleep and wake cycles. Unbeknownst to her, half of her face and body were left scarred and disfigured. Although in this dreamworld she suspects something is wrong, she continues to retain a mental image of her former self. Being in control and having things go her way had been ingrained in her personality since she started her career as a child model and this aspect also caused her to become a lucid dreamer. Never had she used this skill to escape into a fantasy world, but since her accident she has finally opened the silver door.
Specialty: Muse
Level: New Door Entry
Type: Neutraler
Concentration: The lips of her mouth.
Possessions: Two long sharp hairpins in her hair. Can summon a variety of nets like butterfly or fishing nets to capture what she creates as a Muse.
Silk Shroud:
Attacking system: Creates a fine, strong net, that becomes so fine it is like silk. It begins as a whip. Once it touches the opponent, it expands into a cloth and develops an intricate design of red "thread" that is actually the "blood" and "tissues." Initially the thread is a deep red color, then turns pink to white while it absorbs the energy, "tissues", and "fluids" from her opponent eventually leaving him or her a dessicated mummy. Then she will wrap it around him or her like a black widow spider. Outside of Dream Territory where she cannot use her powers as a Muse to summon things, she will have to initially use her own energy, blood, and tissues.
Trapping System: The net will bind itself around the opponent. Depends on if the opponent is too weak to hold it down.



I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead...

She was not awake, she could not move, but behind her eyelids, her eyes moved fitfully.

...lift my lids and all is born again...

The darkness seemed to paralyze her. Faintly as if from a great reverberating distance was the sound of a deep beating drum. It beat faster and faster, louder and louder making her tingle with panic. She wanted to put her palms to her ears, to get away from it, but she couldn't move her limbs.

Nonsensically, the image of her high school literature class fluttered into her mind as tenuous as a butterfly's flight. Drifting through her consciousness were the words she had recited before the class:

I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;
I lift my lids and all is born again.
(I think I made you up inside by head.)

Open your eyes, she thought. Why was it so hard to open her eyes. Why was it so hard to move at all? Please, move, move, feet. Move.

She ran through a long corridor, her feet pattering against a cold marble floor as she looked for that familiar dream world. Not the world with its stacks of Cosmos and posters of cute guys. Not the world with the racks of enviable clothes one would suspect her of dreaming.

In the distance was an outline of light in the shape of a door. A shaking hand pressed against it. In a flash of silver it opened, and she stepped through it.

It was as if a breeze had sprouted thousands of iridescent feathers. The butterflies swept past her, over her, through her. When she opened her eyes, her skin glimmered with tiny brush strokes of their wings' scales.

The silver door was already starting to shut behind her. She caught sight of the remnants of her Personal Subconscious Space, dark, desolate, a shadow of what it used to be.


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Re: Lucidity

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Cornixpes on Fri Oct 05, 2007 9:26 am

(I'm liking this idea! It took me the best part of an hour an a half to read the posts and come up with my character!)

Character Name: Russell ‘Nebulous’ Grey
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Waking World Appearance:
Hair: Scruffy brown hair that hangs down to just above his shoulders. It is generally unkempt and falls over his face.
Eyes: Piercing steel grey eyes.
Build: 6’0’’ with an athletic physique. Moderately muscular but not too bulky.
Usual Attire: When he’s not wearing various martial arts attire he will be wearing worn jeans, pale trainers and an old T-shirt (usually depicting a motto or slogan).
Other: He does not often shave and therefore has a considerable amount of gruff brown stubble around his chin and cheeks. He has a large gash-like scar over his forehead that is usually covered by his hair.
Subconscious Realm Appearance: His physical appearance is basically the same as it is in the Waking World (although the shadows over his face are generally darker making him appear more sinister). However, his clothes are much different and they change depending on his personality. If he is complementing his dark personality he will wear big black combat boots, baggy black trousers (tucked into the boots), a black leather jacket, a black marital arts belt and black fingerless gloves. He will also have jagged red tattoos creeping over his entire body. If he is complementing his lighter personality he will wear small black martial arts shoes, tight blue athletic trousers, a tight white sleeveless shirt, sweat bands and a black martial arts belt (all of these clothes are designed to be used during martial arts training).
Personality: Russell’s curse is that he has two personalities due to a split-personality disorder. This disorder is a burden in the real world and unfortunately it is carried on into the Subconscious Realm. When he is at his ‘Light side’ he will be wearing the lighter clothes and while he is still quiet and short tempered he is generally very caring and inquisitive of his surroundings. His light side is constantly at a struggle with his darker side, and he favours the good side of his persona. His darker side dons the black clothes and he adopts the characteristics of a typical villain. His ‘Dark side’ craves power and cares about no-one. He desires to inflict pain and suffering on anyone that gets in his way. At this state his temper is increased ten fold. Russell is not particularly sociable and prefers to be on his own. He is very calm and calculating, being a black belt in several martial arts. Combat is his life and he dedicates himself to it around the clock, claiming that it is the only thing that keeps his insanity at bay.
Background: Russell was always a quiet individual and was an obedient child. However, academia was not for him and he left school to become a typical British Army recruit. He was a soldier for a few years before he left and took up martial arts. His remaining family were wiped out in a plane crash and this event sent him into a spiral of depression. He cut everyone out of his life. The only thing he had left was his martial arts, and he trained around the clock. Eventually he was entered into competitions, and on one fateful day was delivered a serious blow to the head. His neck was broken and was in a coma for several days. This head trauma caused his split-personality disorder and it was while he was in a coma that he accidentally stumbled upon the Silver Door.
Speciality: Keen.
Level: Lucid Knight.
Type: Neuraler.
Concentration: His throat area.
Possessions: He generally carries around a small all purpose knife.
The Belt: He always has the martial arts belt with him. This is not just an ordinary garment as it doubles up as a weapon.
Attacking System: When removed the belt suddenly becomes completely straight and hardens up. It takes the form of a fighting stick with two sharpened edges. The stick is unnaturally strong and is very difficult to break as well as being very light and easy to use in combat.
Trapping System: At Russell’s will the belt can become flimsy again and when lashed at an opponent automatically grips onto them and binds them with great strength.

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Re: Lucidity

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lordess on Fri Oct 05, 2007 7:38 pm

(Ha. Yeah. Sorry about the overload of spacific information
Well, now that a decent amount of people have joined, I think I will make a second post!)

Cyrus was almost disturbed by the peace and unoriginality of the scene. Lately it had become lonely in the Subconscious Scape; no real Lucids to interact with. Over the last month, Cyrus had only run into one other Lucid.
On the other hand, now that Cyrus considered it, the quiet would help him concentrate on a new weapon design. Normally, he would use function to gain higher levels. But, now, Cyrus wanted something creative and unique to bless this realm. Cyrus walked leisurly to a nearby stream, humming an old toon from a song from the 70's, unknown to him. The ground was rather level, so the sluggish flow of the water calmed him. Sitting down in the grass, Cyrus hovered his hands in front of him, inside palms upward. Before him, materialized the first of his grand new deisgn.
The blade was simple at first, but became more complex and enchantingly handsome as time progressed. It began to appear as a plain sword, no specilities, but rapidly evolved into a frightening claymore. The blade was thicker at the bottom than at the tip. It rose in steps, appearing to be a building.
The crown center, between the blade and the hilt, appeared to be the rich stone designs of a church. He decided it would be creative for the blade to reflect a dark religious blade by sharing aspects with Gothic cathedrals, which is also why he choose to create it as a claymore.
The blade was a milky white, while the hilt a cool marble.
On the sides of the crown were two vertical pillars, meant to be second handles, for the blade was rather large and heavy. On the top of each was a small knife, made for the quick attacks when two opponents were in a lock position. The grip was designed to be several small pillars linked together, ripening the gothic feel.
Cyrus stared at his creation. But a name could not yet be given. Cyrus closed his eyes. Because of the grand design, Cyrus decided only an attacking mechanism was needed, outside of simply slicing at the foe.
"When your blade touches an enemy, You impail the target with all four step sections of the blade, you will steal energy from the opponent, amount depending on how long you hold the touch, and reverse the energy through your two side colums."
Cyrus opened his eyes. "Finished." The blade hovered for a moment, before dropping to this hands, becoming physical, or at least as physical that you can become in a dream.
A flash of light appeared on the side of the blade, enscribing the number 68. Cyrus smiled.
"Not as high as the Guardian, but close." Cyrus took the blade by the handle and raise it, to measure its weight. For three hours he had hovered over his imagination, until it became what he wished.
"Your name shall be Redemption."

In a way, Cyrus felt silly. All this wisdom crap. It's like I am in a drama film. Cyrus cursed himself for acting like a Dungeons & Dragons nerd. (Please, no offense to those who play it. This is Cyrus' opinion.)

It was a fitting name for such a royal blade. Cyrus laid Redemption on his lap, examining for flaws. Seeing nothing major, Cyrus was pleased.
Now, what to do for the rest of his time in the Subconscious Scape?

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Re: Lucidity

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Dovey on Sat Oct 06, 2007 3:51 am

When the butterflies left her, Elysia Lazuline found that she was naked. Her body was bare except for a series of tattoos that trailed up the side of her body from her hip onto her chest. The tiny scales the butterfly wings left on her skin seeped into it and created images of the butterflies themselves. She was familiar with them by now--from the orange and black Monarch butterfly that was tattooed at the curve of her waist to her favorite, the blue and black wings of the Queen Alexandra's Birdwing that skimmed her collarbone.

As she stepped deeper into the Subconscious Scape, delicate strands of silver bells wreathed themselves around her wrists and ankles. Soon each of her steps jingled softly. Her bare skin welcomed the light feel of the finest cotton as the cloth materialized from the air around her. Holding her palms outward before her as if receiving a gift from the Dream Territory, she connected with the Realm itself, mentally stroking and coaxing it to grant her her wish. Soon she was clothed in an airy crepe dress with braided straps and a hem that ended at her knees. Laughing her thanks, she twirled on her toes. She felt like a nymph.

Still troubled by the image of her desolate and dark Personal Subconscious, she glanced over her shoulder as if expecting to see the silver door again. But of course it wasn't there. But soon she pushed away her worries. The air was seamless, showcasing a vast azure eternity of transparent bubbles that each housed a small ecosystem.

This was what she saw as a Muse.

These bubbles held the things and environments created within the Dream Territory. They were random things, frivolous, strange, wonderful. And as long as she coaxed the Realm the right way, she could summon what she wanted. It was like blowing a soap bubble. All she had to do was take a breath, purse her lips, and from her mouth would expand a bubble with the object of her desire within and with a pop it would fall into her hands.

At this moment, what she wanted was a wide grassy plain. Simple, nothing too strange. No fountains of chocolate or anything childish like that.

All I want is to feel the grass between by toes, she thought. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips as if she were awaiting a kiss. Please?

The powers of a Muse gathered at her lips, a tingling, pleasant feeling. She exhaled a glowing bubble. It expanded and gradually the light dissipated, revealing a lush green forest scene. Before she popped it to enter it, she startled and smiled because within this bubble she saw a deer with scales and unicorn horns for antlers.

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Re: Lucidity

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Cornixpes on Sat Oct 06, 2007 6:16 am

(Hehe, don't apologise for the amount of information - I think it's great because already the RP is really immersive and exciting. Also, when you've put that much effort in you know it's going to last for a while. Time for my first post!)

All Russell could hear was the gut-wrenching wailing behind him and the slow thumping of his worn shoes on the hard mud. The darkness ahead mocked him almost as much as the flapping monstrosity that was chasing him down the winding forest path. Dark branches thrust themselves out from all sides trying to trip him and to tangle him as he desperately struggled to escape. He looked down to see his body clothed by his normal garments; jeans and an old T-shirt, but they were covered in mud and blood. There was a feeling of utter impending doom.

As he craned his neck to take another look at the bat-like demon creature that was chasing him his left foot found a root and he came crashing to the floor. Rolling over he found the demon above him, its dark jaws ready to chew him up into a bloody mess. Suddenly something flashed into Russell’s head. P.S.S, he thought. Just then everything became crystal clear. His clothes had suddenly changed – he found himself wearing his usual Subconscious Scape clothing; tight martial arts gear and his black belt. He smiled.

Flipping himself up, he found himself in control. The giant demon began flapping wildly and dived at him, but Russell’s experienced and trained reactions led him to dodge easily and plant a perfect punch in its deformed face. It squealed and hit the ground where Russell broke its neck with a swift chop to the back of the head. Leaving the motionless beast where it was, Russell took a look around. He saw what he knew would be there – just through the dark trees was a glint of a silver door. He pushed his way though the tangled branches and reached the glowing door, the exquisitely carved eye glinting at him. He smiled again and opened it up.

Russell was greeted, as usual, by the Neutral Territory. His foot hit something warm and soft and he realised it was sand. The moment he stepped into the desert the silver door behind him exploded into a cool breeze. Russell felt like he was on another planet; on all sides all he could see for miles was the rolling sand-dunes of a vast desert. The heat was pumping down from a golden sun in a clear blue sky. The only blip on the horizon was what looked like a sand-coloured village far off into the distance. Using his arm to shield himself from both the sun and the bursts of sand that regularly hit him in the face; he began to pick his way towards the village on the bleak horizon.

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Re: Lucidity

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lordess on Sat Oct 06, 2007 12:51 pm

Cyrus sat for a time, Redemption beside him. The enviroment was slowly changing. Cyrus helped feebly, but he was not very good at bending the enviroment. His memory flashed back to several years ago, when he was fighting against a highly talanted Lucid King. Cyrus and he had dualed for days straight, neither wiilling to give in. But, the experienced old one and Cyrus were vevenly matched. Cyrus, with his glorious weapons, and the King, with the ability to bend the enviroment. The old one did not even use any weapons! He simply continued to change the world around them, Keeping Cyrus from getting a clear shot. Cyrus remembered clearly how he ran into trees and boulders, the King laughing at him. Finally, in an effort to redeem his dignity, Cyrus ran head-on at the man, which was a mistake. The King morphed the territory into a cliff, and him upon a boulder, safely moving aside, as Cyrus fan off the edge of the cliff. Below, he saw his Personal Subconscious Scape door appear and open, Cyrus plummeting into it, and waking up right after.

After that Subliminal Dual, Cyrus promised to find to master changing the enviroment, and perhaps evolve into a Lucid King. It would be quite a feat, considering that he would have to solve a plot in a territory. Nowadays, with few lucids, new Subliminal Creatures died and were not created again. Plots were now few, unless the Lucid created their own. but, of course, that was impossible. Only Subliminal people and beasts could do so.

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Re: Lucidity

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Shalynn on Sat Oct 06, 2007 3:44 pm

~ Seriously… why can’t I have just for once a pleasant dream? ~
The silvery door had leaded to a long dark tunnel, illuminated only by the small gleam of the door itself... Angellina’s eyes glanced from one side to the other as she materialized her Twin blades, but she couldn’t see far ahead. The walls around seemed old and decaying, man made for certain… but for long not used. Roots were holding the collapsing ceiling from falling, as the water slowly was filling that place with the passing of time.
~ Oh… this will be fun indeed. ~ She almost laughed to herself as she walked through the silvery door leaving her Personal Scape.

On her back the door slowly closed, and the darkness was again pure, a pitch black.
Her left hand touched the wall and she started to slowly walk, her feet moving on the slippery surface as she tried to keep her balance.
The sound of the water dripping was only thing she could ear clearly, as the minutes passed. Until suddenly she heard the echo, first feint… but as she drew closer the sound got clearer. The slow sobbing of a little boy, pleading to God for help…
Her eyes kept moving on the darkness, not knowing what to do. Feeling utterly useless compared to all the other senses. But finally she caught the glimpse of light, the layout of a door on the end of the path, and… what seemed to be a body lying against the wall.

“Are you okay?” her voice sounded strange in that place, the echo turning it to something that would make chills pass on the less experienced spine.
“Hmm…? Who are thee?” two red orbs appeared as the boy got up.
“Just a passerby who will cause you no harm” in her right hand the red dagger took shape “unless of course… you’re intentions are foul”

The crying came once again, the red orbs looking at her straight… not even blinking once, as she moved closer to the being. The footsteps echoed on the water, softly, steadily and on her lips a smirk took shape.
“You know… humans have a bad tendency, their eyes get clouded when they cry and they tend to blink and hide their tears to strangers… you do neither… demon” as she ended the sentence, Angellina run against the creature daggers sparkling against the cold stone and faintly giving light to the darkness that surrounded them.
In front of her eyes was a Cherub (demon who has resemblances to an angel), standing and still trying to absorb the recently given information… but soon the demon was no more, as the red Twin Blade pierced its chest spilling blood over the rock wall. The screams could be heard on the vicinity, but nothing came… and soon she opened the door leaving the old passage and going up a hill.

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Re: Lucidity

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Cornixpes on Sun Oct 07, 2007 7:55 am

Clambering up and down the huge rolling sand dunes reminded Russell of navigating a violent sea that was frozen in time. The heat was particularly unbearable and it was easily half an hour before he approached the desolate little sand village that was positioned in the middle of this featureless desert. Russell could already hear the bustling noises of a busy market place as he slipped in between two orange buildings and into the central square of the little cluster of houses.

Russell was always prepared to see a little subliminal village like this one; they were dotted about all over the neutral territories. They served as a place for the Neutralers to meet and to enter both Dream and Nightmare zones – you could also find plenty of refreshments here, not that he ever needed them though. The Subliminal people largely ignored him as he strode past various food stalls and little store-fronts. As he turned a corner he heard a high pitched wailing. A small child, mostly covered in sand, was lying in the sun screaming her head off. Sighing, Russell knew that he would probably have to serve his morals.

He bent down to the child.
“What’s wrong, little one?” His voice sounded deep and cold.
“I’ve lost my mummy!” She wailed. Hesitant because he was unsure how to act, Russell scooped the little girl into his arms and began to walk back through the village. People were now noticing him; perhaps they thought he was kidnapping the child. He didn’t really care. Eventually, due to a gleeful wave from the child, Russell found the woman who quickly grabbed the child and hugged it tightly.
“Thank you! Thank you! How can I repay you for finding my little girl?” The woman exclaimed. Russell shrugged and turned away.
“Just don’t lose her again,” he said.

Suddenly Russell’s heart flickered. It wasn’t because he had seen anything. It was because there was a familiar growl in his head.
KILL HER, it said. Russell clasped his head and shook it. He was aware the woman was now staring at him wondering what was wrong.
“Not now! Go away!” Russell shouted. People began to stop what they were doing to stare at him.
IT’S MY TURN, LET ME IN, it screamed inside his skull.
“Go away, Nebulous, I hate you! Leave me alone!” He was now on his knees. His head was about to burst from the pain. He knew if he let go his split personality would beat him, but the pain was so great he exhaled and his head hit the sand.

Just then his clothes went completely black. He was wearing big boots, a leather jacket, combat trousers and fingerless gloves. Red jagged tattoos were crawling across his body.
“Nebulous is here,” he growled and cackled maniacally. He sprang to his feet with keen agility and strength. The woman, who was still clutching her child, looked pale and frightened. With no remorse, Russell dropped her to the floor with a powerful elbow to the face and slammed his way through a few more subliminal people.

He found a door to his left and kicked it open. He was in a cold, dark hallway.

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Re: Lucidity

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Dovey on Mon Oct 08, 2007 4:24 am

With a gentle pop, a foresty world expanded around Elysia Lazuline. Lush green foliage curled near as if they wanted to embrace her. Her feet stepped delicately like a cat, but she gave in and found herself stretched luxuriously on the grass.

"Ow," she started. Her eyes snapped open and she removed a small pebble from the small of her back. She got to her knees to find that the environment was slowly changing. The grass was giving way, revealing the pebbles and hard ground that lay beneath.

She pouted, "Aw, don't go." At her words, the grass sprang up again around her feet and the foliage brushed her hair, but suddenly she gasped. She scrambled to her feet to get a better view.

In the distance was the retreating shape of a figure, clothed in white and easy to pick out among the green. What amazed her even more was that it had wings.

But the landscape was already melting away. She wondered if she should follow him. He was probably the only Lucid for miles--well, no, miles were inaccurate here--well, the only Lucid she would have met for a long, long time.

The last time she met a Lucid was the one who called him or herself Umina Pangari. It was unclear whether Umina was male or female, but this time Umina was manifest as a stocky woman, dark skin like mahogany, silky black hair that trailed down her back and covered her breasts, and wrapped in nothing but a long sarong in bright tribal patterns. From her broad, smiling face emanated the wiseness of a sage. Her wide flat nostrils flared gently with each breath, each breath that seemed to flow with the ebb and flow of the Subconscious. Stars seemed to shine from the depths of her eyes. Elysia thought that she would have drowned in them had she not been pulled back by Umina's laughter. Umina was quick to laugh at Elysia's bumblings as a new Lucid. Umina was powerful; Elysia could sense it the playful, carefree manner she carried herself, as if she were completely at ease with this world--or as if she knew nothing could possibly hurt her. And she favored Elysia for some reason.

"Why?" asked Elysia, warily, slightly hurt from this strange woman laughing at her.

Umina replied, Because you do not seek to defeat me or manipulate me or steal from me.

Then Umina told her a story. It was simple yet cryptic. It was called the Dreaming Story. She said:

The whole world was asleep. Everything was quiet and nothing moved and nothing grew. All the animals slept under the earth. One day the rainbow snake woke up and crawled to the surface of the earth. She was hungry and she thought the stars in the sky looked good. So the rainbow snake sang the stars to sleep. Soon the stars slept so soundly that they fell from the sky. They looked like diamonds that could fit in the palm of your hand. The rainbow snake ate one. Looking for more, she thrashed around blindly making deep trenches in the earth and inadvertently burying the rest of the fallen stars. Saddened, the rainbow snake cried filling up the trenches with her tears. These became the rivers and oceans. Then grass and trees began to grow and the world filled with life.

Elysia knew that it was meaningful story, but she could not grasp it. She could not have grasped what it was about. Or who Umina was. What Umina was. All she did was cross her arms across her chest and mutter, "So?"

And all Umina did was laugh and laugh and laugh. She began to fade away. Her sarong unfurled itself and lay in Elysia's hands only to disappear into her fingers, temporarily staining them with the same colors as the cloth. You will find out soon, Muse. The time will come when your Personal Subconscious space becomes a dark corridor. When the time comes, you will sleep and dream forevermore, you will find out.

When Elysia woke up, she wondered how she could have dreamed up such a bizarre little woman. She never suspected that it was another Lucid and not the least a Lucid King. And just as Umina had predicted, the next time she entered the Subliminal Realm was the night of her car accident.

As Elysia watched the winged figure become smaller and smaller, pondering whether or not to contact the other Lucid, her decision was made up when something rustled behind her. A rainbow serpent, not unlike the one from Umina's story, burst from the trees, circled her head once, then followed the direction of her pointed finger toward the white, winged figure in the distance to deliver Elysia's message, a greeting.

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Re: Lucidity

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Shalynn on Tue Oct 09, 2007 4:37 pm

Angellina’s eyes wandered across the scenery as she walked out of the tunnel. In front of her, the ground was covered in aches and dotted all over by blackened lifeless trees. They stood there as a testament of what they once were, refusing to crumble into the earth, yet barely standing… in the limbo of nothingness. Step by step, she walked up the hill, aches rising weightless and scattering on the wind as she moved… aches from the animals, from the grass, from of the beings that were. And now were no more.

Deep within she could recall this forest, the creepy atmosphere that had once surrounded it… the sounds of the night as the howls looked for preys. Or even the demons that dwelt in there, were those gone?

The Subconscious Scape was a mystery, a place with no apparent rules… yet those had to exist somewhere. Perhaps that was the reason that brought her back to that place again and again. It intrigued her, the mystery that surrounded every little detail, the mere physics behind it.
Why some things fell up, why the wind could blow from a simple mountain or the echoes could happen on a desert. Yes Angellina rationalized it, analyzed it, and tried to make sense of it all.
That was her gift, and perhaps her curse.

Time flew by, and she found herself standing on the top of the hill, just gazing into the distance. Reflected on her eyes, flames danced happily, unbound, as they licked buildings apart on a nearby settlement.
“Is this really just a dream?” she chuckled about her own words, of course it was just a dream… or nightmare, or something just not real. There was no way things like those could happen on a real world. And if it wasn’t real, if it had no real people, why even bother with it? No one would never know, or care… or so she thought.
Angellina had never met another Lucid she didn’t knew that they even existed… of course it wasn’t unlikely that some could have crossed her way, but she couldn’t tell them apart from the natural inhabitants from the Subliminal Realm.

She shrugged as her eyes passed one last time over the burning settlement, and then she turned away. Was about time to move on and find a quiet spot to resume her work, indeed the time was scarce, and one could never know what kind of disturbances could be seen on the way.

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Re: Lucidity

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lordess on Tue Oct 09, 2007 6:43 pm

Cyrus was aware the Subliminal creatures around him cowared at his blade. Cyrus smiled, and, to premote peace, let the blade disappear. As the setting changed around him, he felt insecure. It was changing quickly. For a moment, it tried to turn into a pebbled beach, but turned back quickly. As if to please a Muse...

Cyrus was suprised to find a colored snake slither towards him, circlling Cyrus to stop him. The snake rose up, fanning its colors in the sunlight. What a beautiful creature. Cyrus bent down to it, and the creature whispered to him, a snake-like hiss from between parted lips. A Lucid waits. As soon as it had delivered its feeble message, the creature looked back behind Cyrus to the sender, and moved away from Cyrus. He turned, to see in the distance another figure. By the nimble, thin body Cyrus identified it quickly as a female, obviously a Lucid. Cyrus smirked. Contact from others was comforting. He waved lightly, before heading towards the figure in the distance.

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Re: Lucidity

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lithitemir on Tue Oct 09, 2007 11:54 pm

Character Name: Stephen Fallon. Called Thorox in the territories.
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Waking World Appearance:
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Build: Stephen is 6'1", and weighs roughly 170 pounds. Because of his rather lightweight for his height, he is not very muscular, but the muscles he does have are toned, and well trained.
Usual Attire: Stephen generally wears baggy blue jeans, and black hoodies over band t-shirts. The T-shirts that Stephen wears the most are usually Ac/Dc Or Led-Zeppelin.
Other: Stephen generally wears a small, silver hoop earring on the top of his left ear. On his right bicep is tattooed a black European dragon.
Subconscious Realm Appearance: While Thorox, Stephen is much different than his real appearance. He is roughly eight feet tall, and his skin is black as a shadow, not brown like Humans, but actual darkness, like the night. His muscles bulge gruesomely, and his barrel chest is intimidating to say the least. His eyes are completely empty, they are the same colour has his skin. He has no nose, only slits for nostrils. He mouth is rather thin, but inside it there are several razor-sharp teeth. He has three black spikes, jutting out of his back. The top is the longest, at one foot, the second one is about 10" and the third is around 6". Thorox's feet are arched, and his toes are claws. His hands are relatively normal, except for being quite larger than average. Thorox wears only loose black rags around his waist, kept there by a brown leather belt, which has a small pouch strapped onto it.
Personality: Stephen loves the Territories. While in them, he has the power he is denied in the real world. In the Territories he can kill those that anger him, and there is no one to stand up to him. In the territories he can control or manipulate his very surroundings. There is no place Stephen would rather be, than in the territories. When it comes to other dreamers, Stephen is less than friendly. The only other Lucids he has met, were the ones he disposed of in duels. He never saw them again.
Background: Besides his parents splitting up while Stephen was young; he has had a generally normal life. Too normal for his liking. He working his ass off as a shitty job to scrape his way through University, and gets no respect from anyone, no matter how good he does in his classes, or how hard he works at his job. Stephen could control his dreams for as long as he can remember. That’s why he loved sleeping. It wasn't that he was lazy; it was that when he was asleep, he was God. He owned the realm. At least until he found the silver door. Or it found him rather. In this new world, it was a challenge to get things his way, but it was much more satisfying when he did. Now, after about nine years of being a Lucid, Stephen is quite proficient on getting the world to react his way. When Stephen enters the territories, he is always placed in the nightmare areas, which can be expected seeing as Thorox is the kind of things nightmares, are made of.
Specialty: Alter Ego.
Level: Lucid Lord.
Type: Nightmar
Concentration: Thorox's concentration id at the base of his middle spike.
Possessions: While in combat, Thorox always wields Silencer. Silencer is a double bladed weapon, one blade reaching out from either end of the hilt. Both blades curve slightly backwards; give the weapon an almost crescent moon shape. The black is silver, which contrasts Thorox's skin, and makes him and the weapon look even more terrifying. Inside the pouch Thorox carries on his belt at all times, is a small diamond, one that is quite rare, as there are only 50 of them in existence... Oh and, I dream of doorways.
Goals: Thorox's goal is to master the Territories. If he has it his way, he will be the first, and only God ever to grace the realm.

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Re: Lucidity

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lordess on Sat Oct 13, 2007 1:05 pm

(I like your character. You can go ahead and post your first reply.)

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