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Lunging Monk

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Lunging Monk

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lance.Ryan.Williams on Mon May 21, 2007 3:50 am

Name: Lance Ryan Williams

Species: Humanoid creation.

Weight: lbs. 135.

Height: 5'2

Age: Depends.

Clothes: Black Sensei Uniform with a Purple Star behind it.

Weapons: His body.

Style: Fistogan Technique.

Alignment: Good.

Likes: None arrogant people. (Humble ones?)

Dislikes: Arrogant people.

Personality: Happy.

- Main Personality Happy.

- Alternative Personality

Biography: Born form a test tube, he has no soul, and Lance369 of Unlimited Lance was the weakest, but luckiest of the 4000 clones made from Unlimited Lance. These clones were made for reinforcing the dying populace and make Unlimited Lance the ruler of Kashin Capital. Lance369 ran into a guard one day that nearly killed him, when a boy named Bluelight grabbed Lance and took him from the place and took him into his home. Leaning how to read and write, Lance became a lot smarter and well founded them the other clones, and one day was recruited for the invasion of Yu. During the invasion, he met a man named Urikaine Kuda, and they fused. Their destiny's combined and became Morganblood. Morganblood after the war came back to Yu islands and started the Yu World War 2, which ended with the universe falling apart as Morganblood slayed the Foci, who destroyed the world and teleported him and 400 others to Hodstock.

In Hodstock, Morganblood learned the 'Romantic Last Stand' techniques, which were ways to fend off a larger force with a smaller force. When Sphinx learned how to destroy the universe, he called upon all that was left of the Yu population, ( About 14 ) into a portal and sent them to North and South. ( This is where Mountain Monk came into the story, but I am not giving much detail on how that happen. )

North And South, were two rival nations on the brink of collapse. Sphinx split the army in two, leaving only Morganblood and Mountain Monk to fend for himself on the South nation. In the south nation he resumed a high general tactition, defeating several of the armies led by the others. From North and South, they were led into Charmander31.

In Parachat, Morganblood rested, changing his name to Lance Ryan Williams. Resting for awhile, he knew that the world was not going to remain easy. So he began training.

One day, he was surveying a chat, and a friend of his dropped dead in front of him from wounds far to powerfully inflicted upon his body from a normal or mere human. So he stepped to see who it was. A man named the One Eyed Lord was in front of him. They rushed each other, brutal damage on both sides. At their last breaths, they fused together, becoming Unlimited Lance.

As Unlimited Lance grew more wise in his times, he studied many martial arts and retired to the forests and mountains. Becoming very powerful in the art of lunging styles and brute strength and witty combo attacks. Look not to close at his attacks, he is always deceptive in his ways of fighting, be prepared for anything...

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