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Lyn's Awesome Skill Requesting Center

Postby Renssaerene on Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:28 pm

Okay! So Lyn is generally bored and wants to make stuff, but has no reason to do it for herself. This leads Lyn to make this thread so other people can exploit her epicness for their own gain- Legally. ^__^

What Lyn Can Do
  • Code existing character profiles with the Forum BBCodes.
  • Create profiles (with or without coding) from scratch, given the character's information (see below).
  • Find character images using image search engines, and user-based photos.
  • Create outfits for characters, using the gallery from Polyvore, and creating original and more variable collages using Pixlr.

What You Gotta Do
  • Coding Existing Character Profiles
- Provide a link to the character you would like to be coded.
- Provide a basic description of the style you want to have in the profile. (Elegant, messy, goth, etc.)
- Give basic details on the layout you are looking for. (Simple, intricate, photo focus, etc.)
- Give a deadline for the finishing of the project. (At least a week. I just need something to keep me focused.)
  • Create New Profiles (With or Without Coding)
- Provide a basic description of the character. (Name, Age, Height, etc.)
- (With Coding) Give a basic description of the layout and style, (see above).
- (Without Coding) Give any notes you have on the character, including things to leave out of the profile and such.
  • Character Image Search
- Provide a basic idea of what you are looking for. (Male, Female, Cat etc.)
- Give details that you need in the picture. (Brown eyes, white hair, etc.)
- Explain what style you are looking for. (Anime, Photo, Sketch, etc.)
- Give any notes on what you are looking for in the image. (What you don't want, what you do want, size, etc.)
  • Outfit Creation (Manual or with Polyvore)
- Provide a link to an image of, or one that resembles, the character.
- Provide the characters profile or their basic information. (Height, Weight, Body Shape, etc.)
- Provide a basic idea of the style you are looking for. (Indie, Goth, Skater, Trendy, etc.)
- Provide an idea of the color scheme you would like to see.
- Give other deatils to help with the process. (Colors you don't want to see, styles that are good for the character, etc.)

If you would like any of these things, PM me with the info requested above, or post a reply here with the same.

Looking forward to many busy days!

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So, most of these outfits had been requested while I was in chat. Mostly posting to keep track of who wanted what.

Security Guards Outfit - XavierDantius32, BBClock, LynIsMe (Polyvore)
Coriander's Outfit - Jehanne (Polyvore)
Agent Outfit - Kabnit (Polyvore)
Alice's Working Outfit - MisterMars (Polyvore)
Finch's Outfit - MisterMars (Polyvore)
Kvan's Outfit - Ikiros (Polyvore)
Mariella's Outfit - LynIsMe (Polyvore)
Alice's Other Outfit - MisterMars (Polyvore)
Violet's Barista Outfit - LynIsMe (Polyvore)
Sarah's Outfit - Jehanne, Moonscar (Polyvore)

If you'd like some of your own, you can follow the directions in the previous post and I will hop on making whatever it is you need. You can also check out all of the outfits I've made, official and not, on my Polyvore Page.
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