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[Multiverse] Lyssin

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[Multiverse] Lyssin

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Darksabre on Mon Sep 17, 2007 9:50 pm

Name: Lyssin Anne Claire Nicholi Telgarth
Alias/Preferred Name/Nickname: Phantom
Other Aliases: Ghost, Kat-Kat, Lye
Age: 19
Gender: Female

[Random Statistics:

Five foot ten and a half, IQ of 214, ex-exotic dancer, has a grand total of nine tattoos on her body, eight on her fingers and one on her throat, has the ability to astrally project herself out of her body, and is the best Internet Chess player she knows.

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Animalia Chordata Mammalia Primate Hominidae Homo superior
(genetically enhanced human)
Home Planet/Current Place of Residence: Earth/Wherever there is space
Country Of Origin: Russia
Heritage: Russian Father, Italian Mother
Occupation of Choice: Street/Underground Racer
Latest Place of Employment and Title: Operator In Charge of Technological Advances at Chosen Industries
Previous Jobs Held: Acrobat, exotic dancer, mechanic, Teacher’s aid, model, Street racer, thief
Theme Song: Disturbed’s Meaning of Life (Get Psycho)

Character Type: Critical

Physical Appearance

Height: Five foot ten and one-half Inches
Weight: One hundred and forty-three pounds

Iris Color: Neon Green
Pupils: Slitted
Additional colors within Iris: Emerald green and black flecks

Hair Color: Blonde-Brown
Hair Length: Four Inches
Hair Style: Layered, and either spiked or straightened, depending on her mood
Noticeable Highlights: None

Observable Facial Features: Slight indentation on either side of nose from wearing glasses, high, arched eyebrows, long eyelashes, high cheekbones, angular eye shape, overall oval-shaped face, freckles from prolonged sun exposure

Glasses: Yes, tinted prescription rectangular-framed glasses, colored silver and light green
Makeup: No eye shadow, no lipstick/lip-gloss, black eyeliner and mascara
Jewelry: Multiple bracelets on each wrist, piercings and a black choker around her neck with a silver emblem in its center
Piercings: 1 silver round stud in tongue
5 black hoops and 1 gold post earring in right ear 6 black hoops in left ear
Tattoos/Body Art: Japanese Kanji for the numerals 1-8 in black, starting on her left pinkie and skipping both thumbs before ending on her right pinkie, ‘Duality’ in black Gothic lettering across her throat, hidden by her choker

Physical Blemishes/Scars: None immediately visible, nor very noticeable
Body Type: Lithe/Acrobatic

Clothing: Collared, black, slightly see-through button-up, long-sleeve blouse with sleeves rolled up just past the elbows, top four buttons of blouse undone to reveal red camisole shirt underneath. Loose-fitting black denim jeans, white socks, black shoes of the walking variety with nice arch support, double-knotted black shoelaces

Linguistic Mannerisms: Speaks quickly in, strangely enough, an “American” accent (even though everyone knows that Americans don’t have an accent…unless they’re from The South, New York or Wisconsin). Very attached to the American Slang, and can curse until she’s blue in the face without ever repeating herself. Fluent in both Russian and Italian as well as English. Can also curse in German, Japanese and Spanish.

Psychological/Mental Description

IQ: 214

Anti-Social?: Mildly
Schizophrenic?: No
Bi-Polar?: No
Paranoid?: Mildly
Insomniac?: Yes
Homophobic?: No
Arachneaphobic?: No
Claustrophobic?: Yes
Hydrophobic?: No
Demophobic?: As long as none of them touch her, No.

Attitude: Loyal, loud, sly, coy, clever, daring, adventurous, street-smart, rude, feisty, quick-tempered, relaxed, ice-cold, brilliant, demagogue, anti-harangue, rambunctious
Motivation: Motivated by nothing more than a seemingly insatiable lust for knowledge and adventure, Phantom isn’t one to be moved by stirring soliloquies on “Truth, Justice, and Righteousness”. She’s more moved by something along the lines of “We’re here to blow shit up” and then an offering of some sort of explosive for her usage. However, she is known to jump into any fight/brawl/brouhaha that she deems unfair or one-sided and fight for whatever underdog is present. Unless, of course, she doesn’t like said underdog and instead chooses to aid in their pounding.
Enjoys: Mechanical work, racing with either her Lotus Elise or her Raptor motorcycle, Internet Chess, Sudoku puzzles, Shoji, gymnastics, playing the piano, violin or the bass guitar, creating new technological items that usually result in the destruction of the something else, any loud music as long as it has a good beat, anything that makes other things go BOOM.
Dislikes: Stupid people, celebrities, obnoxious/annoying people, people who can’t play chess, the colors pink, rose, maroon, purple and lavender, stupid people, the French people as a whole, with very few exceptions, stupid people
Habits: Picking at the dead skin on her fingertips; staring off into space when something bores her.

Skills, Powers, and other Abilities

Skills: Intelligence: Lyssin is a genius when it comes to figuring things out. Her intellect far exceeds her age, though many people wouldn‘t immediately peg her as the super-genius she is. Though she is at the tender age of nineteen, her knowledge in most areas is far greater than most people’s. She gained most of her knowledge through simply being very bored, and having a library at her disposal. Her knowledge stems not only from boredom, but also from the genetic enhancements that she underwent by her own violation, endowing upon her the ability to hear and see something only once and then perfectly recall it two, three, or 30 days afterwards. She never forgets. Besides, having a photographic memory is fuuuuuun.

Stealth: Lyssin, through many years of having to fend for herself, has cultivated a very advanced stealth tactic. Whenever she walks, she barely makes any sound. That and her natural avoidance of most types of physical contact allows her to glide through crowded areas without anyone really noticing her, or causing any disturbances by walking into someone. When she actually wants to use all of her stealthy tactics, Lyssin is a nearly unseeable, undefinable, ghost-like wraith that specializes in getting into and out of places she doesn’t belong undetected.

Hacking: As a technological worker, Lyssin picked up the uncanny trait to create password-oriented algorithms that can bust through most every password. When her algorithms fail her, Lyssin is quite clever with her approach. She finds the nearest person who could possibly know the password and interrogates them for pertinent information. Even if they don’t know the password, Lyssin often can get relevant information that could help bust the code she is faced with. When it comes to numerical locks to open doors and such, Lyssin takes a more CSI-y track. A few lighting manipulations to discover which numbers are used, and then Lyssin just…guesses. Educated guesses, but guesses nonetheless.

Teräs Käsi: Teräs Käsi is a system that consists of sikap-sikap or kuda-kuda (positions) and gerak-geri (movements). When Lyssin moves (during a fight) these sikap and gerak-geri change continuously. As soon as she finds an opening in their opponent's defense, they will try to finish the opponent with a fast serangan (attack). Teräs Käsi has a wide variety of defense and attacking techniques. Practitioners may use hands, elbows, arms, legs, knees and feet in attacks. Common techniques include kicking, striking, tripping, sweeps, locks, takedowns, throws, strangles, and joint breaking. Lyssin practices Teräs Käsi with djurus - a series of meta-movements for the upper body used as a guide to learn the applications, or buah , when done with a partner. The use of langkah (steps), or lower body meta movements teach the use of footwork. When combined, it is dasar pasang , or whole body flow. She uses her Teräs Käsi techniques as her hand-to-hand combat style, though she’d often prefer just to blow her opponent up with some handy-dandy C4.

Powers: Astral Projection: Yes, Lyssin can force her soul/inner mentality out of her physical body and consciously traverse dangerous territory unseen and unharmed. The only drawback to using this power, is that her body is left defenseless while she is off cavorting about in spirit.

Silversmith: Her silversmith abilities that she granted to herself through genetic mutations, aren’t all that cool. She can manipulate metal and metallic alloys to the point that she can make it bend, harden, soften, become more or less brittle and make it do a funky lil’ dance if she so pleases. Her powers resonate from her own blood and body-whatever is present in her body, in the way of metals, at least, is what she can control. Iron, gold, silver, titanium, the metals that make up steel, copper, nickel, and on and on, most every metal present in nature is present in the human body. All under her control. She can create giant monoliths of robots from a mere wave of her hand, or she can open a hole in the sturdiest of metal doors, or she could merge two metals together to make super-strong bonds between the two substances.

Speed: As per usual with genetically enhanced humans, Lyssin can indeed run very fast. But she prefers to drive. When prompted by the proper stimuli (danger, threats, explosions coming in her general direction), Lyssin can motor away like no one else. Not fast enough that she’s undetectable, or invisible, but pretty fast nonetheless

((Others will be added in Later, this is long enough as it is))

Character Equipment:
One (1) wooden fan with golden dragon drawn on it [level 2]
Two (2) paired daggers [level 3]
Two (2) Kelabit (claws) that can be attached to fingers if she so wishes [level 3]
MP3 player loaded with music [level 1]
Prescription Glasses [level 1]
Watch [level 1]
Whatever she can get her hands on

Character History:

Nothing especially cool happened to her as a small child, no alien mom and human dad or vice versa. Lyssin gained her “genetically enhanced” title from doing illicit experiments on herself because she was bored and had nothing better to do with her time. And even then, she didn’t go for flight, nor flame, nor any sort of pre-used and overplayed abilities. She simply wanted to manipulate metal by sheer will, and she made it so. She also enhanced her intellect and granted herself a photographic memory for kicks and giggles.

Born on August 5, Lyssin’s mother died while giving birth to her and her father vanished soon thereafter. Shuffled into an orphanage, Lyssin discovered her intellect and sharp wit could save her from some bad punishments. Using said sharp wit and intellect, Lyssin escaped from the orphanage, grew older and wiser and moved-often. She’d lived in many places before the time came for her to leave her home planet, and even then she didn’t stay put long. Before the end of the world as she knew it, Lyssin had done everything and Earth-based life could offer, on both sides of the spectrum. She’d fed the poor, clothed the naked, helped the weak, committed grand theft auto, gone on a killing spree for the hell of it, hacked into the Pentagon’s database and messed with everything imaginable, and sent a virus to the President of the U. S. of A. Because she wanted to. She reacts to whatever happens with an unusually cool demeanor, cultivated from her years of doing borderline legal things and getting the blame laid on someone else.

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