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For your reference:


So this isn't a story or anything like that, just some bits of information I want to get out on paper for my reference, and the reference of those interested. I've sort of decided I'd like to "categorize" a new "punk genre" aesthetic that in some ways already exists, but I feel is also distinct and unique in its own right, and therefore warrants an additional "category". Perhaps that's a bit pretentious, but on the other hand this does create some more well defined aesthetic genres for us as writers and readers to sample from.

Machinepunk (in my mind) is a lot like steampunk and dieselpunk, but rather than being one of these two, it falls in between them. Steampunk is about gears, brass, and steam, a somewhat optimistic (albeit polluted) look at a fantasy world. Dieselpunk is more about streamlined shapes, airplanes, art deco, WW2, and the black smoke of a petrol engine. Machinepunk differs from both of these as it isn't bright and shiny like steampunk (with it's sometimes arbitrary use of pipes and gears), and it isn't as streamlined and sleek as dieselpunk.

Machinepunk is brutal, crude, necessary, and oppressive. Where steampunk represents a techonolgically advanced Victorian Era, and Dieselpunk an advanced 1920's-1950's, Machinepunk falls into the brutal industrialism of the late 1800's and early 1900's, specifically WW1. Some examples of this (for reference sake) is obviously WW1 itself, but also some of the styles in Warhammer 40K. Machinepunk can take some of the other aesthetic styles from both Steampunk and Dieselpunk as well (largely in fashion and such), but when it comes to technology (specifically military technology), it's not frilly or fancy, it's imposing and intimidating.

Will try to write more on this later, this is just an intro for now, but hopefully it provides a little insight and entertainment for any who are reading!

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