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MadCat's Treasure Trove of Characters

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MadCat's Treasure Trove of Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby unluckymadcat on Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:56 pm

UnluckyMadCat's Treasure Trove of Characters
Hey guys, UnluckyMadCat here!

Feel free to peruse my thread dedicated to any and all characters that are born from my imagination.
I may have some characters up for adoption if you feel like you could do him/her justice in a roleplay :)
I can also create a hand drawn image of any character of your choosing, whether it be one of mine that you may be adopting/have adopted, or something entirely different. I'll have a sample of my work at the bottom of this message.
Just hit me up with a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Character Adoption Form
Send this form to my PM

Adoptive Parent Information
Full Screen Name:
Name You Go By:
Level of RP Skills (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced):
Number of Characters (approx.) You RP Already:
Most Recent Thread Joined (link):
Roleplay Sample (3-5 sentences):

Adoptee Information
Character Interested In Adopting:
How do you plan on using this character?

Any Threads To Recommend? (Link them)
Any other information you think I should know/have?


Yes this form may seem extensive, but I am very proud of my work when it comes to creating characters.
If you want a character bad enough, what's one simple form?
Warrior Demoness.jpg
Warrior Demoness
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Re: MadCat's Treasure Trove of Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby unluckymadcat on Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:10 pm

Asylum Patient

Katherine Chevelle
Kitten, Kat

October 13, 1997

Physical Appearance:
Katherine has been described as doll-like,
what with her large blue-grey eyes, plump
lips with a perfect Cupid’s bow, and pale,
porcelain quality skin. She has loose wavy
curls the color of burnished copper that
falls to her hips, with bangs that frame her
pretty heart shaped face and high, sharp

She has a very petite frame with narrow
shoulders and a tiny waist, with gentle
curves and lithe, graceful limbs. Don't let
her delicate build fool you though, she is
far from angelic. The only blemish on her
pale skin is a long, deep scar running from
the top of her left pelvic bone, up and
around his waist, and ends just below her
ribs at the middle of her back.

Katherine is...eccentric at times. Her moods
swing so violently that she could be chill and
relaxed one second, having fun, and the next
second she could be at your throat with a
blade you never knew she had.

She walks that line with a dangerously nonchalant
attitude, convinced the relationship is perfectly
normal for her. She has her depressive days, and
then she has her manic days...the trick is figuring
out which she is having before she acts on them.

(WIP or up to the adoptive "parent")


Additional Info:
She "suffers" from schizophrenia,
manic-depression, and insomnia.

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Re: MadCat's Treasure Trove of Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby unluckymadcat on Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:20 pm

Fae Creature: Pixie

Name: Rysa
Appearance: Rysa stands at 4'11, with graceful limbs and lithe muscles; her already small waist made even tinier by the lush curve of her hips. Her skin is porcelain pale and just as smooth, free of any blemishes and marked only by the runic tattoos that are inked down her arms and spine in a pale silver-grey. She has a sweet face, made impish by her wide blue-grey eyes and cute, tweaked nose with plump lips that curve up higher on one side when she smiles. Long, untamed copper hair falls in wild, fiery curls to her hips, her Audrey Hepburn style eyebrows in the same fierce copper.

Pixie Appearance:
In her pixie form, Rysa's skin goes from porcelain pale, to a dark charcoal grey, mottled with darker and lighter greys. Her eyes are completely engulfed in a burning orange (no irises, no pupils) that matches her hair which, in turn, gets more intense in color. The runic tattoos stay the same, but appear more silver on her darkened skin, also appearing down a long charcoal tail that is thick at the base, but thins down to a barbed tip, much like that of the stereotypical devil's tail. Bright, luminescent wings protrude from her back and are identical to a dragonfly's wings in shape and appearance.

She looks to be in her 20’s, actually in her late 1520's
Fae, more accurately, pixie
Glamour, some generic magic, enhanced strength, and shadow/twilight manipulation

In her glamoured form her magic is somewhat repressed, causing her to be more shy and less brash, though she is still quick to anger. In her pixie form, she is super playful and naughty; a bit bold and brash, she loves to have a good time. When angered, she is quite fierce and unrelenting, quick to punish and slow to calm down, which explains her readiness and eagerness to fight. She likes to fight, even if she loses; it's her greatest weakness, she cannot turn down a fight. She is somewhat mercurial.

Mainly hetero, but she turns bi when drunk

Rysa comes from a long line of pixies who deal in the craft of shadow and/or twilight manipulation, in which they can bend the inky darkness into practically anything. The only thing they cannot do with their shadows, is create or reanimate life. As a species, the pixie is known worldwide to be a naughty trickster and Rysa certainly lives up to the expectation, when in her true form.
Throughout her long life span, she has seen eras come to pass and empires fall, and because of how long she had lived she had lost her sense of time. She could be lost in thought for hours upon days, sleeping and eating very little.
She generally will not cause harm to someone with her magic. She only ever hurts someone if it's hand-to-hand combat, which she delights in tremendously. She does not know why she craves a good fight, but challenge her and she cannot refuse you.
Her true name is Ryseaha Roiben Rath, and if any one were to find this out and use it, they could command her to do anything within the natural laws.

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