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Tale of Veral: The Dark Occult

Magic in Veral

a part of “Tale of Veral: The Dark Occult”, a fictional universe by Siryn.

The dark occult has lingered through dark times and light. They hunger for more war, more destruction and they've finally found a good place to start. Be careful who you befriend

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Tale of Veral: The Dark Occult”.
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Magic in Veral

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Siryn on Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:16 pm

So, as you all have probably guessed, the magic that's in this Roleplay is directly linked to the types of God's there are. So, if you would like to have a power that wasn't specified in the introduction, please feel free to message me first about it and we'll go over it via PM before I decide to put it up on here. I'm pretty open about the powers, so feel free to ask me anything ;)

Also, as you all well know, I'll be keeping a strict eye on the magic that'll be thrown around here. So be sure to play by the rules. We don't want characters that are godly and can do everything and anything!! Be sure to keep your characters toned down, at levels of power that are realistic.

Magic is worked via Energy, so if your character if refreshed and ready to go! Great, they'll be pretty cool and powerful in a fight. If they are tired, or have been hurt or have been fighting for long periods of time, they won't be as powerful and will gradually lose their energy and not be able to sustain their power. Also, (as a side not here...) fights shouldn't be one sided either. So be willing to let your character take a couple hits before dealing some back. It's more interesting and realistic if your characters take on some injury. Bear in mind that the baddies here are going to be really terrible to deal with and the first couple of times your characters meet them, you won't be winning. Don't worry, you'll get in a few hits on my baddies ;), but don't expect to kick their arse the moment you meet them.

Alright! Enough lecturing, onto what this thread is about!! The magic! The power! The..... yeah. Anyway. Here's a list of what we got laid out so far and what each power is capable of :)

Fire: Control over fire. You can create fireballs, walls of fire, tiny flames, start fires... anything that your character's imagination can come up with that manipulates fire.

Water: Control over water. You can do a lot with water, one thing that you can do is heal with it, cleanse wounds and close them up. However, to heal will take a lot of energy, so keep that in mind. Water can be conjured (just like fire) and manipulated to however your character wishes. The limits are only your imagination (well and the energy levels... but I think we've gone over that enough).

Earth: Control over earth. You can create bolders, rock walls, manipulate plant life and vegitation. You can make flowers bloom, or make them wither and die. You can tangle people up in vines... again, the limits are only the imagination of your character.

Air: Control over air. You can create 'wind blades'; high powered, speedy slices of wind that cut through just about anything if it's strong enough. You can take away the air in a room, or put air into someone's lungs to save their life.

Vampirism: (Only Vampires) Vampirism grants Vampires the ability to grow faster, gain more strength and heighten their own unique powers that they may already possess. These powers include, some telekinisis, shifting (teleporting yourself and one other from one place to another, must have been to that place before hand in order to teleport safely), control over the elements (that's for all characters) and Telepathy. Telepathy here is very restricted, we can't have people running around knowing what everyone is thinking all the time. So! Here it is; you can only hear someones thoughts if you are close to them (meaning friends or more than friends). You can only hear their thoughts if they want you to hear them, so in this case, say your character is in danger and needs help, you can wish for someone to read your mind and if there's a telepathic Vampire nearby, there ya go. Finally, you can hear portions of thoughts if a character is in a high state of emotion; i.e saddness, anger, nervous wreck, those kinds of emotions, something that is uncontrollable (happiness is a controlled emotion).

Shapeshifting: (Only Werewolves) Pretty explanatory here. Your character can shift between being a wolf or a human. To add onto that ability, you'll be able to shift parts of your body into your wolf form. So for example, if you wish to just claw at someone, your werewolf character and elongate their nails into that of the wolf's long claws and attack via that. Or you can elongate your teeth to make the fangs that belong to your wolf form.

Destruction Magic: Dark magic that comes directly from the God of War. This magic is very volitale and unpredictable. It's exactly as the name says, it's destruction. You can take apart anything that you wish. For example, your character might be angry and wants to destroy something to release that anger. They can snap their fingers and destroy a bookshelf into nothing but dust. This power doesn't work on living flesh though, only on material things. (Note... L'liya doesn't wield this power yet because she's not strong enough to do so being only a demi-God, hence it is not listed in her abilities. That will change as the RP progresses).

Metacreativity: (Done by Hazezon) Metacreativity powers create objects, creatures, or some form of matter. Creatures a character creates usually, but not always, obey their creator's commands. Created objects, forms or creatures won't last forever and you should put a time limit on how long you can sustain your creation (I think between ten and twenty minutes is a good time frame). Creating simple objects shouldn't take that much energy, but if you wish to create creatures that move and breathe, this should take a lot more energy to do so. Any damage done to your creation stays and is not regenerable without using more energy to rebuild the material. [<---- I added this onto what Hazezon already had :) hope that works Hazezon!]

.... To be honest... I have no idea what to do for the Goddess of Love... no ideas on a power for that have come to mind.

So!!! If anyone could help me out, that would be great ;) Thanks bunches guys! And as always, if anyone has any other ideas for powers/Gods and the like, please feel free to message me ;)
There is Magic all around, you just have to look to see it...

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