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[Multiverse] Manson Dhamer

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[Multiverse] Manson Dhamer

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Gideon on Fri Sep 22, 2006 5:16 pm

Name: She never speaks her real name, so has styled herself as Manson Dhamer, after her two favorite killers of the twentieth century.
Nickname: Gideon
---Age: 2450
---Gender: Female
---Eyes: One grey, one blue
---Hair: Dark brown
---Height: 5’5”
---Race: Lycan
---Weight: 67kgs. This may seem heavy for a girl of her size, but most of it is muscle. She’s got curves, but there is obvious muscle in her arms, legs and stomach.
Human Form ... _alone.jpg
Lycan Form ... 3_main.jpg
-Personality: A little dangerous, cold, cruel, but loyal to people she likes. She doesn’t get along with people well, as she doesn’t trust them, and finds it much easier to relate to assholes and other criminals then she does with your average Joe.

-Character Background and History:
Every serial killer needs to have a fucked up past, and Manson’s is definitely fucked up. Kicked out of home at age 11 after being found by her parents engaged in enthusiastic sex with several men and women, all ranging from 19 – 32. She has spent her entire life on the streets and in various institutions. At 13, she accidentally killed a man, and found she liked the feeling of power it gave her, so she began, with the help of others, kidnapping and torturing individuals and then killing them. She spent most of her time killing people, or engaged in wild orgies and other strange sexual and cultist activity. She quickly moved through the ranks of one particular Satanist/Voodoun cult and became high priestess, and was convinced the devil visited her, speaking with her and sleeping with her, and that she was his favorite. She terrorized her home town for four years before she was finally caught.

She was sent up to the newly opened prison in Ivory City, Amaran. It is what is called a ‘Supermax’ prison, one step up from maximum security. The prisoners have no contact of any kind with anyone, except minimal contact with their guards. They are kept in solitary confinement for around 22 to 23 hours a day, with an hour for exercising in a private concrete room. Everything is concrete. The only comfort is a thin mattress on the bed and a toilet. The plumbing is all external, so if anything goes wrong a plumber doesn’t have to enter the cell. Everything is done to prevent possible hostage situations and escape attempts. (Just so you know guys, this is a real place. It’s called ADX in Florence USA.)

She stayed there until she was 17, and then, by some astounding feat, she escaped. She made it back to her home town, and found her cult worshipping a new High Priestess. She wasn’t happy naturally, and one night, slaughtered them all while their orgy was in full flight. She left America after that and made it to England, where she retired from killing for a while and went back to her second favorite activity: sex.

She joined a BDSM brothel in one of the upper class sections of Varrion, though it didn’t take long for her nature to creep out, and she began to kill again. The first was the brothels Mistress, Miss Mona. What followed was a bloody path, cut right through Varrion. She never discriminated. She killed all races, all ages and both genders.

She was caught once again, and sent back to the Supermax in Ivory City, where she succeeded in escaping again, taking with her another inmate, by the name of Skyler. They traveled together for some time, killing and have sex, but then one night they entered the wrong house.

The house they entered appeared to be deserted, but when they broke into the cellar, the house belonged to a family of Lycans. They tore Skyler to shreds, but Manson escaped with only a bite. It took her a month to turn completely.

In recent years, amateur experiments on her, due to her ability to heal well, were carried out. They enlarged her brain mass, making her able to use almost 100% of her brain and unlocking mild forms of telepathy and telekinesis. In some way, this process has allowed her to control her transformations, and now she can transform at will, yet she is still forced to transform at the time of the full moon.

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