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Map Making Resources

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Map Making Resources

Tips: 11.25 INK Postby lostamongtrees on Sat Aug 26, 2023 1:04 pm

Don't you just love a good map?
Here is a collection of map making resources for your Universe(s)!

This guide will focus only on resources which are free to use, meaning you don't have to pay any money to use them. Some of the resources do require an account to be created before you can utilize the service. It is at your discretion if you choose to create an account on the reveiwed sites and trade your data for access.

This guide will be updated as I explore more map generating & making resources.
Happy map making!

Map Generators

Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator

This is a super-immersive tool and a lot of fun to play around with, if you like larger scale maps.

  • Many styles to choose from for the aesthetic of your map
  • You can also upload your own .map or .gz file to edit
  • Generate landmasses, cultures, towns, kingdoms, regions, routes, and more
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE - you'll have to import and manually edit your own names for things, as well as emblems etc, however there's even a population and rainfall counter that you can play around with.
  • Works best flat in my opinion, but does offer a 3D view and a globe view
  • Also has cell generation for people looking for precise TTRPG tiles
10/10 Fun to Play With

Donjon Fractal World Generator

Very simple, a fractal world (planet) generator.

  • Customizable aesthetic
  • Generates in 3D
  • One view only - world is not rotatable
  • You can customize the export size, which makes it useful for fitting the 100x100 pixel limit on location icons for RolePlayGateway

3/10 Fun to Play With

Donjon Fantasy World Generator

Very simple, a fantasy world (planet) generator.

  • Customizable aesthetic
  • Generates in 3D
  • One view only - world is not rotatable
  • Sometimes takes a while to load
  • You can customize the export size, which makes it useful for fitting the 100x100 pixel limit on location icons for RolePlayGateway

3/10 Fun to Play With

Donjon Random Dungeon Generator

Very simple, a grid based dungeon generator. Ideal for those running traditional dungeon campaigns or who want to make use of space in grids.

  • Customizable level for the dungeon (difficulty)
  • Generates in a grid & you have options as to which
  • One view only
  • Labyrinth mode for mazes and the ability to remove dead ends
  • Black and white
  • Looks ideal for dice / ttrpg style campaigns

5/10 Fun to Play With

Donjon Fantasy Town Generator

Very simple, a haphazard-at-first-glance town generator.

  • Customizable size
  • Customizable terrain type
  • One view only - flat / top down
  • Race & Culture determine the names of places, which auto-generate
  • Also generates a list of cultures points, NPCs, important characters, and landmarks
  • Generates a government style as well
  • You can choose to have rivers & bodies of water, but the types are limited

7/10 Fun to Play With

Watabao Cave / Glade Generator

A procedural generator for caves. Ideal for caves. Not much else to say about that, it works the way intended!

  • Procedural generator - you have to work to get specific
  • Supports different grid views
  • Generate complex caves
  • Customizable settings for color and type of walls
  • Toggle entrances and other obstacles
  • Designates entrances
  • Free to use whatever you make however you see fit

7/10 Fun to Play With

Map Makers

Inkarnate Map Maker

A favorite map maker in the RPG space, Inkarnate has a variety of tools for account holders to make all sorts of customizable fantasy maps. They've added a lot of aesthetic options over the years.

  • Grid view optional
  • Various map creation modes for either a zoom-out view of your city/region, or a zoom-in view of a room
  • Resources for building maps for your cities, towns, and regions
  • Add text to maps
  • Lower level resource packs are unlocked, but if it has a star you're going to get the pay-to-play popup
  • Nitty-gritty precision for objects, trees, and other pieces of environment
  • Scale options for all objects are fun to play with - you can make a giant's chair in a farmer's field
  • Pay-to-play features seem to make up the majority of the content
  • Annoying pop up whenever you accidentally click something pay-to-play

8/10 Fun to Play With (points deducted for the constant "BUY A SUBSCRIPTION" pop up & the majority of items and assets being behind a paywall)

Deepnight Games RPG Map Builder

Simply and a little fickle, a light learning curve but good for basic maps and dungeons.

  • You can customize the color of anything - floors and objects
  • Option to designat mobs
  • Works best with room structures + trees, has a cave option
  • Tutorial on load up - recommend utilizing it
  • Has 3 different quality options for building + exports highest quality
  • "Retro" aesthetic
  • For smaller maps - not recommended for larger structures or regions
  • Limited (bare bones) object resource pool & styling
  • Ability to add text to the map
4/10 Fun to Play With

DungeonFog Map Maker

A resource-rich map maker with a learning curve, DungeonFog made a great mapmaker with a stamp tool doing most of the heavy lifting. Rooms are made by drawing the shape and then they fill in.

You can see in the example provided that there is a learning curve - it took me a bit to figure out how to resize objects to get somewhere close to what I wanted.

  • Customizable terrains
  • Resources to decorate rooms
  • Can be used to create complex interiors
  • Tokens - for mob placement
  • Grid optional
  • Fantasy realism aesthetic - everything looks drawn
  • Ability to add text to the map
6/10 Fun to Play With


"Can't believe it's free" map maker - with a surprising amount of assets although they don't always match, and welcoming aesthetic. They seem to celebrate creators which is nice!

  • Ability to upload your own assets
  • Supports isometric maps
  • Create complex interiors - lots of resources
  • Ability to upload your own assets
  • Fantasy realism aesthetic - everything looks drawn in the base packs
  • Ability to add text to the map

9/10 Fun to Play With

Map To Globe

Upload your map, and see it as a globe! This is an automatic tool with lots of customizable options for what it is. I'm really in love with it for taking flat maps and working them onto the planet

  • Upload your own flat map
  • Generates in 3D
  • Rotate in either direction
  • Many export options
  • Night mode + height textures supported
  • Multiple layer options
  • Custom sun position
  • Upload your own background for the planet
  • Fully rotatable to any angle

10/10 Fun to Play With

Building Generators

Watabao 3D Building Procedural Generator

A procedural generator for buildings, great for if you have a general idea for something in mind but want the specific details of the floorplan mapped out for you. Can help conceptualize buildings as well.

  • Procedural generator - you have to work to get specific
  • Supports Orthographic View
  • Generate complex floorplans
  • Few aesthetic choices
  • Good for buildings - of the human variety
  • Free to use whatever you make however you see fit

7/10 Fun to Play With

Building Creators

Roll For Fantasy Castle Creator

Throwback to dollmaker, this webpage based click and drag tool allows you to build a castle. Perfect for medieval stuff.

  • Click and drag
  • Lots of architectural assets - roofs, doors, etc
  • Layer them to your hearts content
  • 1 building material
  • Snap to grid option available
  • Customizable colors

8/10 Fun to Play With

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