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Revolution of the Heretical


a part of “Revolution of the Heretical”, a fictional universe by That One Guy.

A high fantasy, literate rp set in the world of Baekoth

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Revolution of the Heretical”.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby That One Guy on Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:50 pm


*click the map for a full view of map

This map is of Baekoth, the continent in which our roleplay takes place. This continent is certainly not the only one in the world but it is the only territory we will be working with and restricting ourselves to. The outlay geographically is very green and lush, with beautiful coastal beaches around the coast. Think of the scenery in The Lord of The Rings and Game of Thrones' Westeros. Baekoth experiences all four seasons but a very light winter that is not that difficult to survive if you know how, in most places in fact it does not even snow. The grey triangles are mountains, meaning where there are grey triangles there is a mountainous region. The blue lines that look like rivers are in fact rivers. The very thin green lines are indicative of forest area. I have plotted on the map some major areas that are noteworthy and have explained what they are like. These are not the only places and/or cities in Baekoth, you are free to name a few places yourself, make something up. Just makes sure it stays in line with what we have already. Please do not post in this thread.

The region of Dorelith is where the majority of humans reside, though other races certainly make it their home and do business there. Much of Dorelith is grand cities and civilized territories, only about a third of the region, the southernmost parts, is there wide open greenery and scattered villages. In the northern isles of Dorelith is where pirates make their home. They stay in structures they build themselves or in the ruins of old kingdoms past. Not much is known about their territories to outsiders other than that. Dorelith is constructed visually with a mixture of Roman and European architecture in mind. Irrigation and bath houses are present.

    [A]Citha is where the Messiah Queen resides, where fell the D'ivore royal family and where began the the conquering of Dorelith. Citha's city has grown since that time and is now the largest city in Dorelith. The castle itself sits elevated in the middle of it all, tall enough to be seen for miles and miles, gargantuan and grand. There are countless rooms inside the castle and it is easy for one to get lost if you do not know where you are going. It houses visiting nobles and entertains many guests, but the north wing is of course reserved for the Messiah Queen and her close adviser.
    Citha is a place where you are either filthy rich or dirt poor, with the majority being dirt poor of course. Constant political battles are fought day in and day out, silent wars masked with smiles and curtsies, bows and polite words. Citha is not often where one lives but where one does business. For the commoner is is where thousands come to pray and meet their Messiah, where they beg for her miracles and blessing. Citha is as a holy place.

Image[F]Nydoecia, or the city of pleasure, as it is better known. This great city is the Dorelith equivalent of Las Vegas. Parties held every night, drinking, gambling, whores, you name it this city has it. You can watch slaves fight each other and all manner of beasts, bet on the outcome, and then afterwards even purchase time with the slave for a different kind of pleasure. Nydoecia isn't the only place this is allowed in the south but it is the only place where you can do it with such style. There arenas are not made of wood, a simple put, but embellished and polished, glorified and treated like a theater stage. Only in Taomar is there a greater arena than the ones in Nydoecia. Nobles come to this city when they require a vacation.

ImageDarkwood, the biggest forest in Dorelith, is a place where few can venture. They say it is a cursed place. The trees are black and block out the light, you can not tell if it is night or day in there, a place where time means nothing. The creatures in Darkwood are vicious, spiders as big as a man, rabbits with fangs, not even the deer there are friendly. Attempts have been made to cut down its trees or burn it to the ground but some sort of enchantment must be placed on the wood, for it will not yield. Nearer the coast the forest turns from forest to marsh, housing giant crocodiles and snakes that can eat a horse. There is no trail through this forest that is man made, you'd have to rely on luck to get through it.

Image Silibard Forest, the smaller forest of Dorelith, is entirely as harmless as a forest can be. In contrast to Darkwood its trees are mostly tall and thin, and sadly this forest used to be bigger, but its wood is so good for construction that it has been cut down to size. Instead of decimating this forest however officials are actively looking for other resources. Near the forest is a village named Silibard.

Taomar is a smaller coastal region that has been claimed by a trailblazing Emp(eror)ress as a home where all Daemons may find themselves welcome. It is a fairly new place in comparison to the other regions, only about twenty years old. Daemons who are brave enough to ask for it have been given titles and land to build their homes and reign over, others settling into makeshift villages. It is a region in progress, but a proud region none the less. Technologically is has all the newest forms of irrigation and architectural design, which is leaning more towards Roman design than European. The main economy of Taomar thus far is slave trade. Humans and other races may visit but they do not make their home in Taomar as they can in Dorelith unless they are married to a Daemon and looking to start a family, for it is forbidden by the ruler.
Image[list][ B ]Hohak, the Daemon capitol, is where the lonely castle lies. There are encampment verging on the making of a city there. Slowly it builds itself outwards.

[C]Ruhar, or the city that reeks of sweat and blood, is where it is, the grandest arena known to Baekoth. The Daemon ruler had the idea to build this as an attraction to generate money for the territory, and it has worked well. This is the final resting place for even the strongest of fighting slaves. And it isn't just slaves that compete, any warrior can challenge a slave, beast, or one another for the sport and money of it. If you're looking to make quick money this is the place to do it, so long as you don't die first.

ImageThe Freelands are lush green plains and tall shrubbery, with rolling hills and plentiful sunshine. There are ruins scattered around, evidence of kingdoms ruled by kings and queens whose time has come and gone, leaving their structures for any to take refuge in. Do not let these beautiful conditions fool you however, Orc tribes ride these green hills. This is where they make their home, a suitable name for such a spirited race. You ride through these plains at your own peril. If you can just make it to the Aecien mountains you'll be safe. Orcs do not go there, they have various superstitions about mountains, that you'll lose your soul in them for one. If you're smart you could take the coastline route, so longas you can resist the voices of the Mermaids you'll be safe. I hear they have a taste for man flesh.

Image[D]Creid, where the Halflings make their home. It is a sizable valley hidden in the Aecien mountains, protected by Rangers. Most Haflings have grown so accustomed to this silent protection that they've forgotten entirely that the Rangers are even there, they've become rumor. Not that the valley is really worth any conqueror's salt, it is but a humble place with no currency and a simple, peaceable group of people. The Orcs don't even venture there because of their superstitions, which the Rangers might have had a hand in spreading to the Orcs in the first place. They make their homes in the side of hills, with charming and comfortable interiors. They pass these homes on from generation to generation, carefully maintaining them with pride. Anyone with eyes can see that Halflings love to grow things, as they have very decorative floral gardens around their homes as well.

Image[G]Queihar is as close to an Orc city as there can get. Tribes come and go from this place as the ruins are largely in tact. They use it as a place to gather for council, a meeting place if you will. It is often that the head Cheiftess makes their stay there permanent. The place is very big, whatever it was in the past must have been grand. If you are not Orc or escorted by Orcs going into this place is suicide, they can be very protective about Queihar.

Image The Aecian mountains is the largest mountain range in Baekoth. Maps for this area are difficult to acquire and without one navigating the mountains can be hazardous and frustrating.

ImageAcacia is largely a lush green forest. Animals of all kinds thrive there in great numbers, the trees are wild and untamed, and so are the Elves that live there. The beauty of this forest is unlike any other, secret brooks hidden behind trees, magical little pieces of heaven that nature created, there is scarcely an ugly structure in it. Thanks to the way the Elves live this forest has not lost any of its liveliness.

Image[E]Soveif is the Elven capitol, where the council of Elders make their home. The Elves build with the flow of the forest, the trees grown to take a shape that offers them shelter, homes built in the treetops where needed. Beautiful artistry goes into this, the Elves spend precious time perfecting all they craft. Humans and other races are not very welcome in Acacia, doubly so if they do not have a good reason. Elves are respectful however, and won't kill you outright if you agree to leave their territory. Mostly the Elves keep to themselves in Acacia, having no need for trade with the other races, as they are entirely self sufficient.
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Re: [ROTH]Map

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Dorelithian Cities


[1]Red Harbor. It might not be Dorelith's most culturally important city, but Red Harbor is a vital political and economical hub in the Queen's lands. Surpassed only by Citha in size, its access to the sea has made it the center of trade for the humans, a link to lands far away and difficult to reach by road. Naturally, Red Harbor swelled in size and importance over the years, its towering central castle surrounded by a dense urban landscape. Historically, the city held out against the Queen for quite some time after the coup in Citha, but the Queen's supporters eventually overwhelmed the loyalists, resulting in a day of chaos known as the Riot of Red Harbor.


[2]Dorchaidhe. A location just barely south of the Darkwood is not what anyone would call ideal real estate, and though in times long past, Dorchaidhe was actually the capital of of Idris, one of the many fragmented countries that became Dorelith, its glory days are far behind it. It exists now as an impressive fortress-city, reduced in size compared to many of the others the region boasts, but notable for being surrounded on two sides by sheer, seemingly insurmountable cliff faces. The third side includes a harbor, if a small one, and confronts the wrath of an often-tumultuous Kraken Ocean. The last side, of course, faces the Darkwood, and the walls on that side are especially heavily-patrolled at night.

While not known for anything in particular, the city has an impressive array of siege weaponry which, combined with the tiered wall structure protecting the local lord’s Keep, makes the place well-nigh impenetrable. The woman currently in charge, Mirka Landry, is an ally of the Messiah-Queen and a worshipper of Aule. Perhaps, had she not been, the Queen’s forces would have found it very hard to take the city. Lady Landry rules the place with a temperate hand, generally valuing good sense and practicality over lofty idealism, even in her religious practice.

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