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mapping in progress

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mapping in progress

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Úlfhéðnar on Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:26 am

The following message is an attempt to organize my thoughts and put them into simple words, for my own verbal visualization and imagination. Here I will be describing a fantasy map in the making, step by step as it is still currently being explored. I may add updates to this post in the future. The following topography exists in order to document a story map that is balanced and based on a very particular medieval fantasy that is currently being developed in written format. It contains a magical setting with surrealistic landscapes. It goes as follows:

Humans live on middle earth, a vast island continent that is mostly green fields and grassy plains. This human civilization is divided into several provincial kingdoms that compete for empirical status, being rather greedy or power hungry. Not all humans are this way though, some are fair and righteous. Middle earth is one of 3 giant islands in the large ocean filled with many living monsters and mermaids. It takes a long time to cross the ocean in either direction.

Eventually the ocean leads to 1 of the other 2 following continents

A.) A sandy beach which leads into the sand dunes which turns into green hills. Hobbits and other hillfolk call these hills home. The hills lead into a green forest inhabited by faeries, elves and other creatures. In the center of the forest is a giant world tree which reaches the sky, leading to the leafy utopian stronghold at the top. The lower side of a rainbow bridge rests here at the top, stretching out over the sky just below the clouds. At the bottom of the tree is a hollow entrance to the watery root system. Many spirits and creatures live here in the darker region of the forest. The roots lead deep underground into the watery abyss, existing below the ocean floor. This abyss is a purgatory of sorts, very foggy and gloomy afterlife where ghosts roam about with lost souls. One root system is a hot spring which leads to another more firey netherworld where its very hot (see option B below).

B.) A muddy black beach into a mucky swamp which leads into a dead dark black and brown forest with almost no greenery or appeal. The dead forest leads to many rocks and caves. Venturing past the rocks and highlands, there is a mountain of stone with a supercave having a large open mouth. This giant cave entrance is the gateway to the dwarvish stronghold. This cave has many chambers. One particularly large chamber tunnel leads deep underground into hot territory where there's fire. The scenery in that firey hellhole is bright red with rivers of burning lava where living beings can not venture unmagically. Going back up the mountain outside the caveface, there are cliffs of stone. Dangerous bridges lead clear up the mountain into the clouds. These clouds form the heavenly kingdom, home of angelic beings and those who died as heroes. It is here in the clouds that the higher end of a giant rainbow rests, before descending across the sky down towards the giant world tree mentioned earlier (see option A above). Continuing up the peak of the mountain above the clouds, the final destination and highest point on the whole map is the frozen mountain top. This is the icey stronghold of many a frost type monster or giant.

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Re: mapping in progress

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Úlfhéðnar on Sat Aug 05, 2017 3:48 am

The aforementioned map includes many species, half-species or races that exist within particular places on the map. The layout of the concentration of these lifeforms is as follows:

Middle earth is the center of the map and main focus of the story. There are 9 human kingdoms in middle earth. Only humans exist there. The kingdoms are divided by animal skin flags, banners, clan symbols and clothing. The 9 kingdoms are the boar-skins, goat-skins, wolf-skins, bear-skins, wildcat-skins, rabbit-skins, fox-skins, mammoth-hides and raven-feathers. All 9 kingdoms share a similar culture, theology and technology tree. They only differ in kings and loyalty. Middle earth is also home to many wild animals, mostly horses, sheep, pigs, coyotes, pheasants and cattle. There are no natural disasters here, but war between clans over territory has led some humans to venture elsewhere on their quests for treasure and fortune.

The ocean is full of sea dragons, mermaids and frog-like people. There are tentacled monsters and multi-headed creatures in the ocean, including many water spirits who sometimes walk right up on to the beach. There are also giant whales, octopus, megladon sharks and plesiosaurs. Natural disasters include mansoons, tidal waves, hurricanes and rainstorms.

The sand dunes are desert hills inhabited by were-hyenas, rhino-folk and sand dragons, among other things. The desert is also inhabited by mummified zombie skeleton warriors and sand ogres. The green hills on the other side are home to many hobbits, where the sand worms don't venture too often due to the protection afforded to them by the isolated shires. The desert is also infested with man-eating scorpions, vultures and centipedes. Disasters include sand storms, dust devils and tornados.

The green forest is home to many races. Elves, half-elves, faeries, beetle-folk, shroom-folk, and many other creatures live in the green forest. This is one of the most diverse and inhabited regions of the map. It is also home to werewolves, were-foxes and the like. Unicorns, centaurs, wizards and wood elves live in the green luscious forest. Enormous eagles, hawks and other birds have nests in the branches, while flightless man-eating terror birds roam the forest floor. There are no natural disasters.

The giant world tree is home to many species as well. The world tree in the center of the forest is home to the bird-folk, tree dragons, elves, faeries, were-cats, gnomes, and other forest spirits. The leafy treetop is the stronghold of the faerie kingdom. It's a long way up to get there. There are no natural disasters.

The hollow tree face leads into the dark inner realm of half-elves, gnomes, vampires or were-bats, were-foxes and other strange creatures. The root system splits 2 ways. One goes to the cold foggy abyss, land of ghosts and lost souls or those stuck inbetween. The abyss is just black water and white foggy haze. The other root system leads to the misty hotsprings into the firey realm of hell. There are no disasters in this lake of forgotfulness and silent shade.

The black muddy beach is desolate and covered with the bones of mammoths and sea dragons. The black swamp is home to orcs, half-orcs, beetle-folk, vampires, dark elves, werewolves, witches, warlocks, lizard-folk, frog-folk, snakes and wraiths or evil spirits. The swamp is also home to the last remaining gigantic tortoises. The dead forest is even more densely populated by these races, along with giant spiders, sprites and bird-folk. This region is riddled with quicksand or sinkholes, brush fires caused by lightning, occassional swamp flooding into the dead forest and of course, thorny poisonous vines.

The rocky highlands are rich with precious metals. These rocky crevices are home to many were-rats, gnolls, goblins and rock dragons, rock giants, half-giants, or golems and half-orcs. Satyrs and sorcerors, griffons, dark dwarves and trolls live in these rocks. Dark hobbits live here too, along with giant tarantulas and minotaurs. Occasional earth trembles are really the only natural disaster this place offers.

The largest mountain is home of many species, with a high concentration of trolls near the dangerous bridges along the rockface. Earthquakes and avalanches or strong wind gusts do happen here occassionally.

The frozen snowcapped mountaintop is inhabited by mammoths, smilodons, cave bears, wholly rhinos, wholly camels or llamas, snow hares, white foxes and dire wolves. But is also home to the frost dragon, ice giants and yetis, as well as some dark winter elves, vampires, werewolves, half-werewolves and half-vampires. Some chilling spirits roam the iceshelves trying to find their way back home. Blizzards and avalanches are inevitable sometimes.

The clouds above the rainbow are misty and bright white, very hazey and blue. This is the sky kingdom or heavens, where heroes live on after they die. The clouds are home of the angels and righteous ones, gods and demi-gods. The living cannot enter the cloud kingdom except by climbing up the mountain.

The caves inside the mountain are home of dwarves, goblins, vampires, shroom-folk, and many other strange beings. The dwarves are gem masters and craftsmen of the highest forge. There are no natural disasters inside the caves, unless a rockshelf falls or there's an open toxic gas chamber venting in.

The cave tunnel which leads into the lava chamber is guarded. The lava chamber or netherworld is inhabited by lava beasts and fire giants, flaming dragons, demons, half-demons and half-dragons among other things. Wraiths or reapers from the lava chamber are known to drag people to hell from the foggy abyss. Phoenixes are said to nest here. This entire molten hot fire netherworld is really just a subterranean active volcano disaster zone.

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Re: mapping in progress

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Úlfhéðnar on Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:04 am

73 Races/Creatures of Nordic Mythology:

Skogvaettir - woodland faeries
Eldvaettir - fire faeries ; pixies
Vatnavaettir - river faeries; sprites
Irrblossir - river ghosts; wisps
Rissir - goblins
Smafolkir - hobbits
Dvergir - wicked dwarves
Svartalfir - helpful dwarves
Ljosalfir - light elves; high elves
Skogalfir - forest spirits; wood elves
Myrkalfir - grey elves; swamp elves
Dokkalfir - dark elves; drow
Skogrisir - tree giants; ents
Bergrisir - rock giants; mountain kings
Eldjotnir - fire giants; lava monsters
Hrimthir - frost giants
Sjothir - ocean giants; sea kings
Trollir - trolls; ogres
Nissir - friendly gnomes; red-caps
Tomtir - evil gnomes ; blue-caps
Menskir - humans
Nordir - northmen; nords; caucazoids
Blaumir - blue men; moors; negroids
Skraelingir - indians; asiatics; natives
Valkyrir - angels; female spirits
Einherjir - angels; male warrior spirits
Drekkir - dragons; fire serpents
Lindvyrmir - wingless dragon; serpent
Gammir - griffins; giant birds
Naffir - unicorns
Narvatir - water horse; sea unicorn
Draudir - ghost; shade; spectre
Nair - dishonorable spirits; poltergeists
Vendir - demons; incubi spirits
Marair - demonesses; nightmares
Ilvaettir - wraiths; ruling ghosts
Vanir - fertility gods; nature
Aesir - war gods; civilization
Draugir - vampires; revenants; corpses
Verulfir - werewolves
Volvair - witches; sorceresses
Godir - wizards; sorcerors
Nixir - mermaidens; sea nymphs
Nakkir - mermen; male mermaids
Lorelir - evil merfolk; female water spirits
Disir - female guardian spirits
Krakkir - giant squid; sea monsters
Jormungir - world serpent ; sea dragon
Hvitalfir - white elves; syn. light elves
Lyngbakir - giant whales; leviathans
Hamingjir - leprechauns; spirits of luck
Fylgjir - spirit animals; companions
Hreysir - werecats; wild catfolk
Vifillir - bug spirits; beetlefolk
Ornir - avians; eagles; birdfolk
Heidir - avians; hawks; birdfolk
Heidinnir - heathens; not of nordic race
Hrossir - wild horse spirits
Melrakkir - snow fox spirits; kitsunes
Hrafnir - avians; crow spirits
Galtir - wild boar spirits
Hreinnir - reindeer spirits
Nornsir - fates; seers; prophetesses
Orcenir - orcs; urukai; maneaters
Sjodrekkir - sea dragons
Bergdrekkir - rock dragons
Dokkdrekkir - black dragons
Vindormir- wind dragons; sky serpents
Eldormir - fire serpents; lava dragons
Landormir - land worms; green dragons
Guttir - satyrs; wild goat spirits
Mosfolkir - mushroom folk; myconids
Fenrir - famed wolf spirits; hellhounds

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