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[Realistic, ESCAPE!!] Marduk Singly

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[Realistic, ESCAPE!!] Marduk Singly

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Fri Apr 06, 2007 12:51 am

Name:Marduk Singly


Job:Book Writer, Fitness Coach


Skin Color:White

Eye Color:Green

Hair Color:Prematurley grey

Hair Style:short

Facial hair:Soul patch

Body build:Slightly muscular

Attitude:Laid back

Interests:Listening to music, Playing games, Reading, his job.



Home Country:U.S.


Fears:Evil spirits, Falling (Not heights, fallling)

He grew up reading books and listening to stories his grandparents told him. He also recieved a computer when he was 3 which interested him even more into lores of all kinds. When he was 5 he learned of search engines and how to spell so he constantly searched lore each day. He tought himself mostly to read from his constant research. When he was 10 he wrote a book, a book based upon all of the lore he knew. The book he wrote got him into college easier and although Harvard would accept him for his intelligance, he wanted something more modest. He declined The Ivy league colleges and instead went to state college. Although he did grow up in Texas, his body didn't adapt to the heat, but instead adapted the qualities of his statse. He always favored colder weather so he would do most of his outside excersice in the cold of winter. After he left College he saw that a Fitness Center was hiring a Fitness coach. He got the job and has happily worked their for 5 years. Playing with the children and helping old people and getting their stories in return.

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