Massive Explosion in United States

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Massive Explosion in United States

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zach_Rendar on Wed Sep 07, 2005 1:14 pm

The standard news header crops up and the camera switches to a young, botox-stuck woman in her fourties smiling dumbly at the camera.

"Hello! I'm Lisa Rental and welcome to the six o' clock news"

"An alarming explosion at a munitions factory in Anaheim, Texas tops the news today. For more coverage on this story, we go to Bert N. Erny who's in the field."

The camera switches to a harassed looking man talking to a man in a military uniform.

"Thank you Lisa. I'm standing here with Pvt. Public, who witnessed the explosion. Can you tell us what happened?"

"Well, ya see, dere's a big ol' truck dat comes runnin' through the main entrance an' me 'n' my bud Ted go ' 'da hell? ' when all 'a sudden, dat truck blows up. I was blown righ' out da door."

"Thank you, Pvt. Public. We now go to General Nuisance, who's ready to make a statement."

The camera cuts to a rather large man who speaks as though trying to rally troops.

"This filthy, terrorist attack on our soil shant go unopposed! We shall hunt, track down, and find those evil people who decided to explode, blow up, and detonate a truck in our own armament grounds!"

The camera cuts back to Lisa Rental who takes a moment to recover her poise. "When we come back; is your kitten a potential mass murderer? We'll talk to one man who claims his is. Find out more, after the break."

The camera zooms out and cuts to a commercial.

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