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Master vs. Eiji

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Master vs. Eiji

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Thu Aug 10, 2006 1:00 pm

Well fought match by Eiji.
#GWing wrote:<Master> -= Sliding his body casually into his standing position, his arms would fall to rest at his sides. Arranging his feet slightly sideways, his left side would be angled a bit towards his opponent, with his weight distributed equally across his rock solid legs. The heels of his feet were touching, holding his steel body like a pinnacle upon one solid pillar of muscle and bone. =-
<Eiji> -::Eiji's right arm came back, his body sinking to the ground, as if an eerie mist had fallen over the battlefield, his muscles tensed. Like a cat ready to pounce, he opened his left hand, two fingers outstretched, the rest curled lazily. His eyes fell to his opponent, and he winked.::-
<Master> Who d'you want to go first?
<Eiji> Please do me the honors.
<Master> Alright.
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<Rock_Lee> Ok I'm here.
<Eiji> ((Adam?))
<Master> -= Bringing his body to lean forward, letting it become slightly off balance, listing dangerously to the point of falling, Master would pin his vision upon his foe. His piercing red eyes would slam into Eiji's, penetrating him with his gaze. He suddenly snapped forth with such blistering speed, developing this motion with the mere flick of his feet, that his form would blur, leaving firm image of his form fading in his wake. His body was
<Master> deftly maneuvered into position to raise his right arm up as if pumping it in the runner's stride, with his left palm drifted similiarly behind him, open palmed. His eyes continued to maintain there hold upon his foe as he rushed in upon him to close the distance to him. =-
<Eiji> -::As if a great shift in gravity had taken place, all of the weight in Eiji's body fell to his feet, each muscle, save for those in his legs relaxed, while everything below his upper torso tensed. His foe was quick, incredibly so, Eiji could see this. Choosing to meet him head on would be unwise indeed, so while the Master rushed head on, Eiji would take the high road. In an explosion that left dirt and dust in his wake, Eiji was on
<Eiji> the air. His form would twist, his body becoming malleable, the air guiding his movements, he would guide his gaze back down to his foe, who would be closing the gap between them, no doubt.::-
<Master> -= Bringing forward his body as it too drifted through the air, slightly above the ground, his eyes noted that his foe was no longer within his line of sight. He instinctively reached upwards, grasping for his foe's left leg as he would pass underneath his form, drifting a bit to allow the drag from the potential grip to carry him into a spin. =-
<Eiji> -::Eiji grunted as the grab caught him unawares. Soon after, he found himself caught in the spin, at his opponent's mercy in that point in time. The sudden motion had expelled large amounts of Kinetic energy, something that Eiji could draw upon. Opening his eyes, the wind whipping around him as he was spun, Eiji attempted to redirect that Kinetic force, manipulating it to give his opponent a "push" -- nothing deadly, but hopefully, t
<Eiji> (continued) would be enough to break his grab and distance them both from one another. And more importantly, it would show his opponent that he too, could be crafy in the heat of battle.::-
<Eiji> ((crafty*, damn typos.))
<Master> -= Releasing his opponent as the appropriate counter push was applied, Master's body came out from the motion towards the ground. He took the moment to invert his body into a backlip, catching onto the ground to slow his momentum with his arms, flexing them to absorb enough to bring him about to his feet and use a circular motion of his now equally flexing legs to redirect the motion into dash in for his foe, again closing the distance to hi
<Master> m. =-
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<Eiji> -::Letting cool air rise from his lips, Eiji became malleable yet again as he fast approached Terra Firma, released from Master's grip, he opened his palms, bending his body ever so slightly so that those open hands could touch ground first. With a grunt, he pushed, throwing his body backwards, he would become like a Crescent moon in that moment, feet touching the ground, gaze coming up to spot his foe, who's advancement was once aga
<Eiji> (continued) to say the least. Eiji pushed himself forward, with equal speed, however, he would not go as far as his foe. He would stop, redirecting the vast amounts of Kinetic energy being given off to solidify his position, making him like a Statue of Granite. He would slide to the left, bringing one hand out to meet Master's advancement in a clothesline before the process of solidification would be completed.::-
<Master> -= Having little time to react from his own speed, he braced for impact, motioning to grasp the arm and come in to hug it to his chest, absorbing what impact he could as he leaned back to pass underneath it. Feeling the solidity of the appendature of his foe, he brought his body about to grip firmly upon the arm as he carried forward beyond it. His muscles tensed with a burst of energy as his feet came to touch the ground, aiming to rip har
<Master> d upon the rigid structure. =-
<Eiji> -::Understanding the grave mistake he had made, Eiji released that stored Kinetic energy instantly, relaxing his body as his foe prepared to pull hard on his arm, Eiji would spin with that action, flowing like water with the current that Master had cunningly created, Eiji's freed arm would lash out, the attempt would be made in the hopes that Master's movement would speed Eiji's advancement, thus bringing that freed arm into close pr
<Eiji> (continued) with his head.::-
<Master> -= Seeing too late the fist that was coiled in for his face, his head snapped back from the impact, leaving Master with the only option of sucking it up. He clenched his teeth as his feet were lifted from the ground as Eiji's body collided with his own, but did not release his grip up the arm. Shifting his rotation to the left, his right leg came up over the head of his foe, causing Master to now drift through the air, face down and paralle
<Master> l to the ground. His body was beginning to slide upward upon the arm he had so tightly clenched, pushing his hips up to the shoulder as his foe's wrist would come neatly up to his chest. He focused primarily upon maintaining his grip, knowing impact with the ground was eminant, while allowing his right leg to come softly to rest across the neck of Eiji, aiming only to stabilize his movements. =-
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<Eiji> -::Again, Eiji had underestimated his opponent, the sudden movement had caught him off guard, leaving him with only one real option. Shifting the Kinetic energy around him yet again, Eiji's body began to solidify, his weight increasing. Eiji acted fast before the process could complete, throwing all of his weight back, with Master's body so close to him, the attempt would hopefully see them both brought to the ground, Master's body d
<Eiji> (continued) the sudden impact, and the weight of his opponent.::-
<Master> -= Unexpectedly and abrubtly coming to the ground before he had completed his rotation, Master's body landed hard upon it's right shoulder, putting a massive stress upon the collarbone held within. He felt the change in momentum partway through the motion, and immediately hastened his intention - he pulled back upon the throat of Eiji with his right leg, pressing his hips and abdomen upward into the elbow of his foe, all the while pulling ha
<Master> rd back upon his wrist with both hands now. Equally causing stress upon the solid limb, he knew that there would be a point where this full armbar would cause the elbow to break, and he felt it would be soon as the impact upon his own body and the weight of his foe would fully amplify the pressure on the joint. He felt his face scrape the ground, mixing the dust and dirt from his landing pad with the blood that was now pouring from his nose
<Master> , creating a line of rich crimson mud as he skidded a bit, maneuvering into the lock for more pressure. =-
<Eiji> -::Eiji grunted, feeling the bone snap, moisture gathering in his eyes, Eiji again released his stored Kinetic power, once again returning to his original mass. There was only one thing for him to do now. Using a technique enacted only during the most desperate of times, Eiji caused a tear in his bone to take place. That action, "Bone-Shredding", caused him to scream out in pain. His arm immediately going limp in his foe's grasp::-
<Master> -= Immediately shifting back as he assumed the arm he held had just snapped, his left hand moves to the small of his foe's back as he had come to a stop upon his stomach, pulling his head back with the back of his knee. Pinning his body to the ground as he mounted up in a one handed freestyle stall upon his lumbar, driving his palm firmly to press against his foe's kidney. His body arched back, nearly into a fully inverted position as his r
<Master> ight hand extended for his own right ankle, locking in the knee across Eiji's throat. =-
<Eiji> -::Sensing that the cleverly placed lock would soon drive air from his system, Eiji cried out again, the shredded bone in his arm breaking skin, causing blood to spurt from that area. However, the action had fused the most critical points that connected the bone together, giving him control of his arm, regardless of the pain that it caused him. He shifted the last of his stored Kinetic energy into that arm. He would bring an open pal
<Eiji> (continued) Master's knee, at the most crucial point, where breaking it would surely help to break the grab he was locked into. That palm, with it's stored kinetic energy, was now solid like Granite, weighing much more than even Eiji himself.::-
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<Master> -= Feeling his opponent continue to resist, he braced his left leg against the ground and yanked back with his full force across the neck of his foe. He was then visciously interrupted by the sudden pain of his knee, being struck with the granite fist of Eiji. Barely holding the position for an instant, he knew this was all he needed to complete the blood choke upon the arteries on either side of Eiji's trachea. With some luck, he would ha
<Master> ve already cut the flow of precious blood to the brain of his opponent, and released the now useless leg, causing it to whip back around to his front side. His left arm buckled from the pain that now wracked his body, causing his left leg, by instinct, to extend to the left as he rolled to the right, bringing his damaged leg away from his foe. =-
<Eiji> -::Eiji had done what he could, but the hold had indeed succeeded, and rather than fight it, prolonging the fight and causing more damage to himself, Eiji closed his eyes, letting the warmth of unconsciousness become a blanket for him. Death would not greet him on this day, but the battle had indeed gone to Master.::-
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<Master> -= Falling back a bit from his now defeated opponent, his weight shifted to his left leg, gingerly avoiding his destroyed right knee. Blood seeped from his nostrils unto his lips, and his breath lay heavy through them. This battle had been worthy - his opponent crafty and stubborn. =-
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Eiji` on Thu Aug 10, 2006 1:02 pm

You honor me with battle, Master. Thank you. I would happily duel you again.

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