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Master vs. Opponent

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Master vs. Opponent

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Wed Jul 12, 2006 12:17 pm

Style: Speed
Connections: Open
Wordcount: 10+

This is an example of the style known as freeform, freestyle, etc.

<Master> Three.
<Opponent> Four.
<Opponent> Three.
<Master> Two.
<Opponent> Two.
<Master> One.
<Opponent> One.
<Master> Go.
<Opponent> Go.
<Master> -= Sliding back from a quick step to move his body off to the right hand side of his previous position. =-
<Master> -= His eyes looked up to see the man before him that he now knew as his enemy. =-
<Opponent> -=With his knees bent slightly, he launched himself from his current position, arching his body towards the left. As he cut past multiple strands of grass, he kept his enemy in view.=-
<Opponent> -=Stops himself along a ridge of rocks, climbing up onto the stone.=-
<Opponent> -=Looks around the for the man atop this rock, his palm upon the sheath of his blade.=-
<Master> -= Driving his body into another step off to the right hand side, he brought his body around to pad about the area. =-
<Master> -= Already strafing, he brought his hand out into the air, causing a slight tear in the dimensions, particularly the ethereal. =-
<Opponent> " Hm .. " -=His eyes narrowed slightly, in order to scan the area more accurately for the opposition.=-
<Master> -= Then grasping his own blade, a massive four handed sword of about five feet in length, he smirked slightly as he continued to pad about. =-
<Master> -= Whipping the blade out from the plane on which it was secured, he brought it into physicality as he stopped his arcing movement in favor of a backstep. =-
<Opponent> -=A grin formed upon his countenance as he detected the man's presence via energy, jumping off from the rock within a series of flips, landing heavily upon the grassy terrain.=-
<Master> -= Drifting upwards over his head with the sword, he allowed it to descend neatly in front of him in a defensive stance as he waited. =-
<Opponent> -=His heels were spread shoulder width apart, knees bent slightly. =-
<Master> (( Phone. ))
<Opponent> ( Alright. )
<Master> (( Back. You'll have to excuse these intermittances, I'm at work. =) ))
<Opponent> [ No problem. ]
<Opponent> [ Whenever you are ready. ]
<Master> (( Continue. ))
<Opponent> [ Alright. ]
<Opponent> -= Bending his knees slightly, he launches himself from his current position, striding quickly along the grass toward his opponent. =-
<Opponent> -=Once reaching his front, about 10 feet away, makes a quick right, stopping himself at the man's blindside.=-
<Master> -= Lifting the tip of his blade enough to angle it into a strike for the oncoming opponent, he awaited his foe as he slid his right foot back a bit into a more ready posiition. =-
<Master> -= Bringing his body about with a step of his left foot to again face his opponent this time, he brought on his bearings on the man. =-
<Opponent> -=Cuts left, avoiding the man all together, leaving no trace of himself but thin air.=-
<Master> -= Sliding off to the left with a bit of a sidestep as he came about, he looked in on the form of him to smile a bit, nodding for combat. =-
<Master> -= Ducking on down low to the ground this time, he extended the tip of the blade into the air above him, trailing the form that was his foe. =-
<Opponent> -=Appears standing upon the same rock where he once stood, glaring down at the battle field from above.=-
<Master> -= Then sliding on back up into a rushing dash for his foe this time, he kicked off his prepared back leg in a rushing movement. =-
<Master> -= COming in with blistering speed for his foe, he extended the blade for the chest of the man as he moved. =-
<Opponent> -=Jumps off from the ground with a shout in a series of flips, with just enough velocity and momentum to land beside the enemy.=-
<Master> -= Driving in with the blade , he came about to slash at his shoudler yet again, coming to face him this time.
<Master> =-
<Master> -= Then stepping on back with his blade up to defend from any oncoming attack, he moved left slightly looking at him. =-
<Opponent> [ Hm. So the attack did not count? ]
<Master> (( Yours, or mine? ))
<Opponent> [ I didn't have one. ]
<Master> (( Ah. Right. ))
<Master> (( That's what I thought, so... what about mine? ))
<Opponent> [ I moved, but I did not state dodging your attack. ]
<Opponent> [ So let's continue from the part where you stab my shoulder blade. ]
<Opponent> [ Ready? ]
<Master> (( You should be fine after that... yeah. 1-0. Ready. ))
<Opponent> [ Yep. ]
<Master> -= Driving in with his blade from the right side of his body in a sweeping motion.... =-
<Master> Phone.
<Opponent> [ Alright. ]
<Master> (( Continue... ))
<Master> -= Driving in with his blade from the right side of his body in a sweeping motion.... to slide the blade in for the man's gut this time as he moved in a step for the man, coming forward for him with this attack. =-
<Opponent> -= The blade pierced his skin, seeping halfway into his deltoid. The attack send him shuffling back a few feet, yet he wasn't effected too much overall.=-
<Master> -= Then stepping off to the left again in an attempt to come in behind the foe, he moved slightly back from him. =-
<Opponent> -=Regaining his balance, he slid to the side, attempting to avoid the blade which came in for his gut.=-
<Opponent> -=Or not, the blade now piercing his gut slightly, his body bending over the wound in slight agony.=-
<Master> -= WHipping the blade back to his own left side only to launch it back across the form before him's back this time. =-
<Opponent> [ ? ]
<Opponent> [ I don't understand the action. ]
<Master> -= Sliding around to the left yet agaiin, bringing his form to circle about his enemy. =-
<Opponent> [ Hey, I'm talkin to you. ]
<Master> (( Brought the blade across my body to my left side, then slashed in again. )))
<Opponent> [ I see. I was confused about that. ]
<Master> (( Sorry. =) ))
<Opponent> [ Alright, continue. ]
<Master> (( I'll try to give this stuff more clarity. ))
<Master> (( Indeed. ))
<Opponent> -= The barrage of attacks left him a little dazed, trying to cover up his wounds with pride. =-
<Master> -= Stepping on back with his left foot, he rotated his body to the left as well, completely coming to a halt. =-
<Opponent> -=His ego released enough adrenaline to regain concentration, as he grapped the hilt of his blade with all 5 digits of his left palm.=-
<Master> -= Changing direction into this full left spin, he headed back into the space behind the swordsman before him with the blade trailing behind him. =-
<Opponent> -=Immediately launched himself from his current posityion, coming in to the man's left side.=-
<Opponent> -=Pulls out the blade, the hilt of which striking the man at the side of his head.=-
<Master> -= Lunging in as he came about to face the back of his foe with the broad part of his blade to deflect the enemy this time. =-
<Opponent> -=Ducks down slightly, sweeping both of his legs from below him, watching as he fell to the ground.=-
<Opponent> -=Sends out a free leg, placing a heel upon the man's neck, tight enough to hold him there.=-
<Master> -= Kicking off the ground to launch himself further into the air, he floated horizontally above the heel as he moved. =-
<Master> -= Coming around into a backflip as he trailed the long blade for the chest of the swordsman, coming around with strenght to attack. =-
<Opponent> [ I don't remember Freeform too well, should all attacks be acknowledged? ]
<Opponent> [ Or rather, just counted? ]
<Master> (( It's courtesy to acknowledge. ))
<Master> (( And it depends on the particular VERSION. ))
<Master> (( I don't care either way, pick one. ))
<Master> (( Generally, if I'm affected, I acknowledge. ))
<Opponent> [ Right. ]
<Opponent> [ Let's play it that way. ]
<Master> (( Was that a fair interpretation by me, above? ))
<Opponent> [ I guess, yes. ]
<Master> (( Thought I didn't state the impact, I got hit. ))
<Master> (( I'll acknowledge that soon, continue. ))
<Opponent> [ Alright. ]
<Opponent> -=Places the blade back into its sheath, finding it unnecessary to use this early in battle. =-
<Master> -= Stepping on back from his foe to regain his mental stability as an old man, he waited as blood wept from the open wound in his temple. =-
<Master> -= Watching this, he maintained the grip on his blade for a moment, before turning his head to the side, maintaining his eyes upon his foe. =-
<Opponent> -=Launches himself toward the enemy, stopping at his left side, palm held out infront of him.=-
<Master> -= Discarding the blade with a slight launch to the right, he used the momentum to send him left into a dodge. =-
<Opponent> -=Sends an open palm tot he side of the man's head, as he spun off to his backside to prepare for an elbow.=-
<Opponent> -= Or not. =-
<Master> -= Catching himself upon all fours on the ground as he hung low below the man's line of sight this time, he smirked. =-
<Master> -= Rushing back in for a tackle as he spring off all four limbs in a dash for his foe this time. =-
<Opponent> " Nicely done. "
<Master> -= Coming about to grab him at the waist as he braced for the impact, his from laughed aloud and responded. =- "Thanks."
<Opponent> -=Noticing the man coming in to strike, he visciously sent out both palms, grasping the man's arms as they came in.=-
<Master> -= Then finally arriving into a full pivot to bring both bodie into a flip, he extended his legs for the ground as he maneuvered around the counter. =-
<Opponent> " Hmm .. "
<Master> -= Coming about empty handed to land behind the man as he ended his flipping movement. =-
<Opponent> -=Bends his knees slightly, preparing for attack as the man landing behind him.=-
<Master> -= He swung to the right and back with his right elbow for the side of the man's now ducking head. =-
<Opponent> -=Spins around, avoiding the man's elbow, as he prepared to strike with an open palm.=-
<Master> -= Then stepping off with his right leg into a back sweep kick for the man behind him.
<Master> Phone.
<Master> Damn, and that was good.
<Opponent> [ Alright. ]
<Master> (( I was having fun with that progression. ))
<Master> (( Ugh, stupid customers. ))
<Opponent> [ As was I. ]
<Master> (( Alright, booked that call. About 30 minutes and I'll dispatch it. Where are we continuing from? ))
<Opponent> [ I dodged the elbow, now you are attempting to sweep me. ]
<Master> (( Awesome. Ready when you are. ))
<Opponent> [ Let's do it. ]
<Opponent> -=Lifts his right leg into a bend knee, allowing the man's leg to pass right through.=-
<Opponent> -=Extends the knee into a side kick, sending the heel into the man's nose.=-
<Master> -= Drifting about with his leg, he followe up as his form rose back up to a standing position, launching into a left round kick for his head. =-
<Opponent> -=Reaches out an open palm, striking him directly at the side of his neck.=-
<Master> -= Then stepping back with his drifting right foot as he took the impact to the face from the heel. =-
<Opponent> [ Wait. ]
<Master> Hrm?
<Opponent> [ Okay I understand. ]
<Opponent> [ Continue. ]
<Master> -= Driving off to the left as he placed his foot back upon the ground, lifting his right knee as well this time. =-
<Opponent> -=Wraps each of his 5 digits around the man's neck, grasping him tightly.=-
<Opponent> -=Raises him into the air above my head, narrowing his eyes with a bit of annoyance.=-
<Master> -= Extending the foot into an inside crescend for the man's attacking face as he stepped off this time. =-
<Opponent> [ I am confused once more. ]
<Master> -= COming back up with his left foot in a round kick for his lower legs as he moved back to the right this time. =-
<Master> (( Hrm. I moved before the grab, from what I saw. ))
<Opponent> [ That's what appeared on your screen? On mine it is the opposite. ]
<Opponent> [ But if that's the case, I guess we can continue and void the grab. ]
<Master> <Master> -= Driving off to the left as he placed his foot back upon the ground, lifting his right knee as well this time. =-
<Master> <Opponent> -=Wraps each of his 5 digits around the man's neck, grasping him tightly.=-
<Master> <Opponent> -=Raises him into the air above my head, narrowing his eyes with a bit of ann
<Master> (( It's up to you, I can work with both. ))
<Opponent> [ I'd rather just void it. ]
<Master> (( Alright, continuing from the right step from me, then? ))
<Opponent> [ Sure. ]
<Master> (( Phone.
<Opponent> [ Guess not. ]
<Master> (( Ugh. Annoying. ))
<Master> (( ~_~ ))
<Master> (( Let's try this again. Continue. ))
<Opponent> [ Sure. ]
<Master> -= Stepping back from his foe with an extended backpeddaling motion, his hands splayed out to his sides in a wide motion. =-
<Opponent> -=Raising his leg from the ground, spins in a full 270 degree rotation, attempting a round house to the man's head.=-
<Master> -= Continuing the backpedal as he brought them up in front of him, allowing the break in conflict to refresh his discipline. =-
<Opponent> -=Leaving his heel on the man's shoulder, he brought all the weight of his leg downward, sending him into the ground.=-
<Master> -= Finally skidding to a stop about ten feet from the man before him, he held his ground as he attack the air between them. =-
<Master> -= Stepping in behind the man's falling attack, his own left leg would rise up in a front snap kick for the man's throat. =-
<Master> -= Coming in to follow as he put his foot down to the ground with a quick right backfist for his face as he moved. =-
<Opponent> -=Arched his head to the left, with a slight nudge, allowing the foot to pass by.=-
<Master> -= Then stepping off to the right to follow up yet again with a left round kick for his right ribs as he went. =-
<Opponent> -=Punches the man in the gut as his body floated past his own, digging deeper into his abdomen.=-
<Master> -= Sliding back with his right foot to change his stance, he lifted his right leg up to block with his knee. =-
<Opponent> -=Spins around, sending an elbow into his rib cage, bending his knees slightly for better balance.=-
<Master> -= Then extending out this leg for the man's oncoming arm, he kicks at it in another block this time. =-
<Opponent> [ brb ]
<Master> -= Finally coming in to close the attack with a ...
<Master> K.
<Opponent> [ This will take a while. ]
<Master> (( No problem.
<Master> ))
<Master> (( I'm running an Exchange installation on the server, so mention before we continue. ))
<Opponent> [ We're gonna have to do this some other time Master, I ran into some problems. ]
<Opponent> [ Thanks for the spar. ]
<Master> (( No problem, likewise. ))
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