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Master vs. Takezo`Shinmen and Katana_Ashigaru

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Master vs. Takezo`Shinmen and Katana_Ashigaru

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Sun Sep 17, 2006 2:02 am

<Master> -= Master shifted his weight, bringing his body back into the casual stance he held when relaxing. His arms held at his sides, and his feet were slightly apart beneath him, with his right set slightly aback. =-
<Master> Done.
<Master> Next, please.
* Katana_Ashigaru he looked over at master, he would revert his hand outwards, placing his back towards Takezo`Shinmen. He'd extend his right hand outwards his left hand unsheathing sodom and pointing it forwards. Katana's stancing widened as he placed himself into the gatotsu stance.
* Takezo`Shinmen allowed himself to rise from the earth, his blade jutted down into the melanoid earth. Set upon an angle it was juxtapose to his slender frame, yet muscular upper body. Those raven tresses were now tied onto the back of his cranium with two elongated metal rods. His right hand now grasped the newly fitted hilt-wrap of Jigoku, pulling the atramentous blade upward setting it so that the kissaki was ...
<Takezo> -- pointed to master. His back to Katana, his left hand out front as he entered the Gatotsu stance.
<Master> -= Master reached back over his shoulder for the hilt of his Rune Sword, a massive blade of five and a half feet in length. His left hand sunk in beside him, beginning to center its strength around his fist. His hand gripped the firm leather of his blade, and he tilted it ever so slightly, releasing the snaps that held it upon said location. He merely maintained his stance, awaiting his opponents, with his blade rested upon his back.
<Master> =-
<Katana_Ashigaru> ACTION the large gourd on his back nearly touched the back of Takezo`Shinmen. It was about the size of katana's entire torso, on top of his head was his sunhat, which presently shadowed his brilliant yellow eyes. His slender frame stood there for a moment, a breeze catching his haori allowing it to blow gently in the wind for a moment until he took off for master. He was to the left of master then his blade immediately s
<Katana_Ashigaru> .:cut:. ing outwards, switching from the gatotsu stance to the kaiten kenbu attack. The kaiten kenbu provided three slashes that were near simultaneous across the torso waist and abdomenal area of master. Katana was sure to spread them evenly, to draw him out a bit.
* Takezo`Shinmen swept his left leg back against the earth, sturring the dust and debris up from the gaia beneath. His right hand, whipped his blade around, allowing the nearly 5 foot hilt-wrap to swirl around his wrist. He now brough the onyx blade down into its achromic saya. His zori working upon the terrain, as he moved his psyicallity into the area of Master. Suddenly hisleft thumb flicked against the tsuba of ...
<Takezo> -- his blade, Jigoku, his right hand catching it before long. Bringing the blade upward, in a diagonal fashion from Master's right hand side. His right knee, protruding further than the rest of his body.
<Master> -= Master waited - he timed his movement to the point of convergence. His right foot stepped forward and slightly to the left, across his centerline, increasing the distance between him and Takezo. As he did this, he turned his body to face the right hand side, bringing his right shoulder further back towards Katana and away from Takezo. He torqued upon his sword, allowing it to absorb the impact of the three slashes from Katana along
<Master> its flat surface. His left foot lifted from the ground to follow suit, only to be swept across towards Katana's feet. In combined motion with the torque upon his blade during the point of impact, he aimed to send Katana tumbling forward into the slash from his counterpart, Takezo. =-
<Katana_Ashigaru> ACTION he watched the movement of master, he raised his left leg just a little bit. He brought the bottom of his zori into the attempted sweep sent by master. The metal plates on the bottom of his zori connecting to the leg, thus allowing him more propulsion upwards in the same path he was going. Causing his body to gain more altitude he whirled around in the air, tucking his other knee in and threw the katana sodom, str
<Katana_Ashigaru> .:cut:. t for the back of master. As he had used master's leg to jump off of he would be safe from the battou jutsu slash that was sent by Takezo. His middle finger seeming to flick with the sword as he tossed it right for the spinal cord of master.
* Takezo`Shinmen flexed his right knee to the fullest extent, ending the outward slash of his blade, he spun his body around; Into an erect position. His left hand swept across his cranium, and foreward as his hair fell over his face, as a whistle was produced from the man. Swirling his blade around, it made a near five foot fan of sorts creating a maelstrom that sent Katana's blade at a more rapid place for the spine ...
<Takezo> -- of Master. Something odd glinting in a diagonal, the whistle grew louder to a shriek.
<Master> -= Collapsing his own knee, Master disallowed the full bounce of Katana's motion to be carried from him. Instead, it swept straight back to his casual stance, avoiding this altogether. His sword, already defending his back, merely twisted with his hand as he turned it, causing the slash to glance from the base of the blade. He had completed his turn to face Takezo, and with this - the angled sword upon his back had already deflected t
<Master> he sword thrown at his back towards a position front right, bringing it to stab into the ground upon the axis of the three of them. As Katana had faltered in the air with his attack, he angled the tip of the blade slightly upwards to intercept him upon his descent. Turning his left fist slightly about, he still held it at his hip, focusing his power upon his hand. He watched the space before him as the spinning maelstrom was held seve
<Master> ral feet in front of him, well aware of the possible shadow technique. He leaned back enough to allow such to pass, changing his position into one clearly offbalance. His back was angled, closing the line of fire from above to anything but a sickening display of the verb 'impale'. =-
<Katana_Ashigaru> ACTION his blade passed by Master, stabbing into the ground behind him. Katana's left hand then unsheathed his wakizashi on his decent, named Gomorrah. The smaller blade then slammed against the side of Master's blade, pushing it to the side. As he did this katana kept Gomorrah against the side of Master's Rune Sword, so that the blade would be to the left of his body. Katana then turned the blade just slightly so that i
<Katana_Ashigaru> .:cut:. uld aim to slice into the shoulder of master as he came in contact with the solid ground. His right hand hung down by his side, clenching into a balled fist, trailing behind ever so slightly. Katana was on the outside of master's sword hand. Sodom was stabbed into the ground to the opposite side that katana had landed on..
* Takezo`Shinmen gave a curt tug upon the hilt-wrap that was in his palm. Bringing his sword back into his own grasp; Sheathing the blade into the seemingly etheral saya. The maelstrom servered another purpose that Master himself had not realized, as the speed of his dual elongated rods was increased, they broke apart into various elongated needles, their edges glinting bright against the moonlight as they came in at ...
<Takezo> -- a diagonal into the legs of Master. Their length was long enough to pierce all the way through his leg. The main concentration of needles were aimed to the back of Master's ankle. and there they were connected. he unsheathed both of his blades now as he slid his right foot foreward, the ball of his foot barely resting along the gaia. Jigoku his katana was resting along the ground in his right hand, while Joukai was erected
* Takezo`Shinmen Jigoku his katana was resting along the ground in his right hand, while Joukai was erected toward the sky.* (incase it cut again)
* Kouketsu is now known as Kou|Gone
<Master> -= Directing his motion into the intended position, his offbalance reverse-feint had served its purpose. He tucked his feet up to his body, bringing his form into a full backflip. Twisting his body midflip to parallel the downward slash from Takezo, it turned into more of a beautiful aerial maneuver as the needles passed beneath him into the space where his legs had been. He extended his left fist in a snapping motion for the non-swor
<Master> d weilding arm of Katana, aiming merely to whip the arm back after impact in a sort of tapping motion. His sword followed suit, and was placed below his position, trailing for Katana's chest as he completed the motion. The Rune Sword was now in the position to be the one-or-the-other factor, relating to the sword and his fist. His feet came around, closing in behind the form of Katana, to come down into the space behind him as he land
<Master> ed. The placement of his feet sealed the deal as Master's left hand would come back to defend his body after the attack - leaving Katana between him and Takezo, and with a difficult decision. =-
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Wed Sep 20, 2006 5:07 pm

Partial log, edit later.
<Master> Katana's post.
<Katana_Ashigaru> ACTION had fallen to the ground, his momentum causing his body to move forwards. Master had neglected the fact that katana had dragged his blade all the way down his blade arm. Katana had shifted his blade just slightly so that it would be similar to skinning his blade arm. He watched the needles from takezo delve into the ground thus creating a sort of spike trap. The entire fight katana had been circling around master
<Katana_Ashigaru> .:cut:. a reason, a thin wire was connected to katana's right hand, the wire had been slacked the entire time so that every revolution katana had passed around Master, he would become more entangled. Surprisingly, katana's plan had failed and succeeded at the same time, he watched master out of the corner of his eye perform a perfect backflip, a part of a perfected backflip would be extending your feet out to absorb the i
<Takezo> Absord the
<Master> (( Yeah, your post kinda - cut. ))
* Katana_Ashigaru absorb the impact of landing. Katana knew this stunt all too well, and thrusted his right arm similar to a hook punch whilest running forwards. This cut the slack out of the wire and caught onto masters feet, causing him to turn an extra rotation so that he would land on his back on takezo's needles that were embedded in the ground.
<Katana_Ashigaru> <End>
<Katana_Ashigaru> (1 hit for us)
<Chris_Phoenix> What are the teams?
<Master> (( None, it's a two on one. ))
<Chris_Phoenix> ((Confident as always I see Master.))
* Takezo`Shinmen shifted his body, his right foot taking the first step as he moved along the earth in a Double Battou Jutsu stance, his blade juxtapose to his hip. Flicking his left thumb against the tanaka of Jigoku, though there was no Tsuba. He allowed his right hand to grasp the speeding katana's hilt. Whirling the blade around in a fan of sorts, he worked his fingers dexteriously, Extending his right arm ...
<Takezo> -- adjacent to his body, he kicked his foot into the edge of Master's blade, misjudging the side he had thrust his foot into. There was a loud ping, and a stream of red dense liquid coating the blade and master in a spray. Takezo fell to the ground, as he rolled past master, his blade thrust into the earth stopping his movement. He screamed in pain, as the liquid continued to leak out onto the ground from the bottom of his
<Master> (( Sorry, I'm at work - I'll begin my response in a minute. ))
<Katana_Ashigaru> (...)
* Dearth ( has joined #battle_arena
<Katana_Ashigaru> (*continues waiting*)
<Master> (( Before I post, I'd like to say to no effect that I'd have disputed the existance of the wires under any other circumstance. :D But I'm posting anyways, this seems interesting and original enough. ))
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<Master> (( Can I see the last parts of your post, Takezo`Shinmen ? It cut. ))
<Master> (( I was mostly through my post when I noticed. ))
<Takezo> What was the last word you got
<Katana_Ashigaru> He screamed in pain, as the liquid continued to leak out onto the ground from the bottom of his
* Takezo`Shinmen He screamed in pain, as the liquid continued to leak out onto the ground from the bottom of his foot. Something odd glinting on the bottom of his foot though the crimson liquid flowed, a grotesue wound it was..
<Takezo> grotesque*
<Master> (( You're dictating what I'm doing, or what you're doing? ))
* Galbatorix|Chambers has quit (Ping timeout)
<Takezo> ((Apparently, I cut my foot on your sword))
<Katana_Ashigaru> (Master do you recal when you sent your blade for me.)
* The_DARK_1 ( has joined #battle_arena
<Master> (( Yes, I do, Katana. So Takezo, that's not an attack on me? ))
<Katana_Ashigaru> (No he blocked for me)
<The_DARK_1> i got metalic and shiny and dark pocemon up for trade go look
<Master> (( Ah, alright. I'll post in about three minutes. For the last time. Read the topic, The_DARK_1 ))
<The_DARK_1> what
* The_DARK_1 ( has left #battle_arena
<Master> -= Master had extended his feet, and immediately felt the response from his mistake. He tilted his blade once more, this time both avoiding the attack from Takezo and intercepting the wires that closed in around him. He adjusted his position to account for the sudden over rotation, and continued with his original insinct. Since the over rotation had launched him further through the flip to end up falling horizontally towards t
<Master> he needles, he waited until the last second to snap the hilt of his blade down over his shoulder, launching the loop of threads he had intercepted above his body in direct relation to his position. Duly, this path was towards the figure of Katana, and he used the mass of the enourmous blade as leverage against his rotation, further pushing his body into the over turn, bringing his feet safely upon the ground as his body came aro
<Master> und. Master's sword came around and down to his side, sliding across his body to fold against his forearm as he changed grips on the blade. He had just impacted with the ground, and was in a crouching position, so he was in no place to launch a coherent attack upon two foes, so he held his position, preparing to defend. =-
<Master> (( Work closes in ten minutes. ))
<Katana_Ashigaru> (If you impacted the ground wouldn't you land on the needles)
<Master> (( I landed on my feet, so if they're just laying there, most certainly not, if they're sticking tip first out of the ground over a large area, I'd have the chance at stepping on one, most certainly. ))
<Katana_Ashigaru> (I described them as a spike trap, meaning that they were sticking up)
<Takezo> ((Master it seems you should have read over the fight a bit, they are sticking straight up from the ground))
<Master> (( Yurp. Then likely, I probably stepped on one. T'isn't my back though, that's what I'm worried about. ))
<Master> (( He's wearing boots, so it'd be like a nail through the foot, and if there was poison, it'd be gone. ))
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<Katana_Ashigaru> ACTION he grinned a little looking over his shoulder at master. The long needles had most definately immobilized the figure now. He then reached into the confines of his kimono, pulling out a small flask of liquid he drew the flask to his lips. He poured the liquid into his mouth, allowing it to settle before he drew the wakizashi, Gomorrah. Pulling on his right hand on the wire he pulled Sodom back to his right hand int
<Katana_Ashigaru> .:cut:. s grasp, he delayed no more taking off towards master he caught sodom on his way towards the figure. Once nearing into the melee range of master he slashed his blades so that one came to the left the other to the right of Master, still keeping at least an arms length distance between him, he raised his right knee somewhat, the metal plated bottom of his zori coming in contact with some of the spikes.
<Master> (( Work's over. I need to go now, I'll be at my apartment tonight, though. You guys sticking around for RP hour? ))

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