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Master verse Tal-ilk

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Master verse Tal-ilk

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Midnight on Sat Aug 18, 2007 11:21 am

The surface creaked and groaned as the shuttle lifted off, leaving its former passenger to fend for himself on the face of this desolate giant. He swayed with the motion of the plate on which they had set down upon, which gave the most interesting sensation as it lifted a few inches from the depressed position it had held under the weight of the spacecraft. Master's eyes lifted to watch the shuttle depart, knowing that soon it would dock with the cruiser that held in orbit. They fell back to the horizon, to return to the task at hand.

A strange being suddenly faded into view out of midair. The being looked like it had no mouth or nose. It looked at Master with with its set of glowing yellow eyes. Its skin was a kind of a blueish green hue that was only covered by its gold futuristic looking armor. It stood on three toe like appendages.

Its eyes flashed green as Master heard a voice in his head, "Your late. I've been waiting here for over an hour."

Then he swung his arms a bit and out of his gauntlets came two arched thick blades (think the blades of chaos from gow for the size and shape) that looked like they were chained to the gauntlet by the same energy they were made out of.

He crossed his arms over his chest as his eyes started flashing green agian, "I am Tal-ilk. Choose how you wish to die."

He was in no mood for light banter. Master stood his ground, moving not a single sinew of his fleshy bulk. Nary a quiver of an adjusting muscle could be seen on his imposing form, but this was a misnomer, as he bristled with the unseen aire of martial engagement. The fiery red cores of his eyes flickered, and gave the only hint of motion from his frame as his pupils dilated to focus upon this 'Tal-ilk'.

It was at this point that his chin dipped, letting his head come into a slight nod. This was Master's acknowledgment that he wished to begin the fight. With a snap of his muscles, he sent his right arm across his body, gripping nearly for his own left hip. His hand wavered in the light - as if it had been heated - and then it became enveloped completely with this distortion of light. Gripping some unseen object, he entered this battle with the usual nonchalant manner, fully prepared to lay his law.

Tal-ilk turned to the side pointing one blade up and towards his opponet while holding the other on above his head. He stood there watching his opponet waiting for the first move.

He didn't use his races natural cloaking ability since this was just an terrain. If he had a mouth he would be smiling as he thought about his victory here.

Master took that step forward, holding his hand across his body. He drew not his weapon, but instead continued forth with his steps. This carried him first into a jog, a run - and finally a dash towards the opponent that waited before him. Nothing was unusual about his approach, a swift yet steady slam of each of his legs against the ground drove him in a straight sprint in the direction of his destination.

When Master was about in range, Tal-ilk took a quick swing with his right arm swinging it back around him and infront of him. His blade seemed to stretch around the whole motion almost like a whip till it slashed at Master five feet away. Then with a quick whip back and forward of his left hand Tal-ilk sent his left blade under his right one.

He had forseen this, and he was ready.

Master's right leg crossed over his left, deviating him from his direct course. He began to lean forward, anticipating the swing of his foe's weapon... this deviation had presented him with the well timed precision necessary to let the blade pass over his back as he closed to the three foot mark. This cross-over step and lean led him flawlessly into a perfect back kick as his body continued through the rotation. His left foot shot straight into Tal-ilk's chest, with Master's torso pivoting to extend the force of his momentum into the impact.

His eyes were wary of the blade that was now idle from his foe's swing, as it hovered in the space in front of him. His right arm coiled, yet still held fast at his hip, while his left came up in a supporting role in the kick, allowing him to clench his abdominal muscles in tight for optimal damage.

Tal-ilk saw the dodge and immidately pulled both blades in with his left arm swinging wide so the energy beam, that stood between the and and the blade, would catch on his opponet. The kick just landed on Tal-ilks golden armor the blow being absorbed by it as the beam hit the opponets right arm and swung around the back burning through his clothing or armor. (You didn't say what you were wearing and if its heat resistant or something you'll need to let me know so I can repost.) The blade continued on its path around and hitting the beam on the other side and connecting with it making it an energy rope more then a blade.

He then smiled bringing his other hand down the now retracted right blade close enough to his opponets neck that he could feel the heat the energy blade was giving off on it.

Master then heard in his mind as Tal-ilk's eyes flashed, "Any last words human."

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