[Supernatural] Maxi Mitchell (Vampric Features)

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[Supernatural] Maxi Mitchell (Vampric Features)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby VampyrKidd on Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:58 pm

This Is A Character Of Mine I Have Used In A Short Small Story (That Was On My Lost Memory Stick! D:)
But I Will End Up Putting Her In A New Short Story Soon :D

[Universe] Maxi Mitchell

Age; 19
Gender; Female
Height; 167.64 cm
Weight;114.6 lb
Eyes; Narrow bright ice blue (red when vampire form)
Hair; Long waist length, black with white straight underlayers & fringe
Clothing Style; Gothic, Casual jeans, plain black tops, long jackets (on special occasions); long skirts, white shirts & long dresses
Race;[b] Full Blooded Vampire
Hypnotize, seduction, flight, great hearing/smelling/sight, photographic memory
Vampire Form; Brown bat wings grow on her back, her breast stomach and lady parts are covered, finger nails grow longer with a posion on the tips of them.
Personality; Cold, she shows no emotion, she doens't care for anyone or anything all she wants to do is fight and create havoc. She hates humans as well as her own kind, she eats human food but cannot taste it, she regularly feeds from humans when she gets them alone. She likes to feed and fight.
History; Her parents got killed by her Vampire lord when young, but he kept her for repopulation but she soon left and ran away changing her image and personality so she will not get reconized by her own kind
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