Maximum Ride- The Darkside

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Maximum Ride- The Darkside

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Draruto on Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:14 pm

Delta circled over a skyscraper as his female traveling companion glided down to street level to retrive some food. Watching her black wings flutter, he wondered why she flew with him. 'I mean yeah I saved her when I broke off from the school. But why is she still with me?' he mused as his radio went off. Listening for a few moments, Delta dove. 'Good thing she these on our way out.' he thought before pulling out of his dive a mere six feet above the crowd. When his companion looked over towards him, Delta looks at the idiot at growls. As he feet touched the ground, his companion finshed getting the food and hands him the backpack. Taking it and slinging it over his shoulder, Delta grabs her hand and takes off into the sky.

Minutes later they landed in an abandon theme park. Placing the pack on the gound, Delta went over to the submerged trailer and sank his hands in. 'Stupid pig headed shit eating bastards.' he thought heatedly while scrubbing his hands. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he glances over said shoulder and sees his traveling companion standing behind him. "What?" Delta asked, turning and standing up. She touches her finger to her mouth before pressing it against his. Blinking, Delta thought as she went to covered camp fire, 'The hell was that for? That was weird.....and nice...... GAH!!! Where did that thought come from?' Following her retreating form with his eyes, Delta rubs the back of his neck as she return to the fire to check on their dinner. 'Welcome the Darkside, where few fear to tread....' he thought as a song popped in to his head.

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