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Meanwhile on L3...

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Meanwhile on L3...

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Thu Oct 06, 2005 10:35 am

-Lisa Nichruen's Room-

Lisa had her own quarters in the same government building Kiyoshi did. It made getting to work really simple. The morning light reflected into the colony by its mirrors slowly began to creep into her room. Her body held on to the man sleeping on his side, that was in her bed and as the sun slowly began to pour in he started to turn over onto his back.

Han had found great comfort in Lisa, and after he returned to L3 to make a report, one thing led to another and he found himself in Lisa's bed. He awoke, gently moving Lisa's arms off of him, as to not wake her, and sat up yawning. Han looked around for a clock but couldn't find one. The movement from him standing up and collecting his clothes woke Lisa from her sleep.

Lisa - Han...?

Han - Yes?

Lisa - Where are you going...

Han - It's morning...I'm supposed to meet up with my Ensigns for some training.

Lisa smiled seductively, but tiredly as well at Han.

Lisa - Can't come to back to bed for a few minutes just to wake me up?

Han smirked as he began putting on his clothes.

Han - As much as I'd like to, I better not. A few minutes could turn to a few hours like it did last night.

Lisa smiled and rolled over reaching for her glasses.

Lisa - Well, I better be checking on if Kiyoshi came back last night.

Han - Be sure to let me know if you need anything. I'll be in touch.

Han leaned in to kiss Lisa and she pulled awhile slightly continuing to smile seductively.

Lisa - Well, I hope to feel your touch again...

Han smiled back and kissed her then walked out. Lisa pulled the covers over her naked form again and decided to get a few more minutes of shut eye.


Eota and Base stood by their Leo's in the hanger. Lt. Han had told them to be there promptly at daybreak.

Eota - It's not like him to be late.

Base - Something probably came up. No biggie.

Base held his helmet over his shoulder and sat down up against his Leo's foot. Eota had his helmet under his arm, looking around for Han every now and then.

Base - I think I'm going to try and see that girl today.

Eota - You mean Stacy Matta?

Base made a slight nod to confirm Eota's question.

Eota - She did seemed interested in you.

Base smirked looking over at Eota.

Base - Come on, how could she resist?

Eota smiled as he closed his right eye that had the scar, but looked at Base with his other.

Eota - You're lucky that the girl you like is into overly dramatic numb skulls.

Base glared and waved his fist at Eota jokingly.

Base - Hey now!

Eota - At least it's not like your last crush...

Base - Vicki was different!

Eota - She didn't want to have anything to do with you.

Base - No, that's just what she TOLD everyone. It wasn't true.

Eota - Sure...maybe in "Base's Magical Dream World".

Base - Well what about you? Huh!? What was that girl's name that you dated...the ugly one...

Eota - I only dated her because she was Ryona's friend, and you wanted to date Ryona!

Base - Ryona! I haven't seen her in awhile...but what was ugly girl's name?

Eota - Eris...

Base - Ah! Yes! Eris...well at least I didn't date the ugly girl.

Eota - I went out on a date with her twice! Because of you!

Base - So, that's still a date. Two of them.

Eota - Fine, see if I'm ever your wing man again. Next time you date a cute girl who won't date you because she wants someone for her friend, don't come crawling to me.

Base blinked a few times and then jumped over to Eota dropping his helmet.

Base - Wait! But your the only person I can go crawling too.

Eota looked the other way with a smirk.

Eota - Nope, never again.

Base crossed his arms.

Base - Fine...I won't make you date any ugly chicks anymore.

Eota - Good.

Base - Grotesque, freakishly deformed girls though don't count in the category of ugly.

Eota - What!

Base - I'm kidding.

Han - Ensign Mars! Ensign Rynolds! Hope I didn't keep you waiting long!

Eota and Base looked over to Han as he walked up to them.

Base - Where have you been, we've been waiting here this whole time!

Han - Sorry...I had some business to take care of.

Base nudged Eota with his elbow.

Base - Maybe I can take care of some business tonight...

Eota - She's not going to put out on the first date, Base.

Base - I can dream can't I!?

Eota shook his head and Han walked away trying to hide his embarrassed smile from the two young men. Han didn't want them to know that he had taken care of business in the way Base had joked about.

Han - Alright, suit up, we're going for some combat practice outside. Load up the paint balls and lets go.

Han rode the zip line up to cockpit of his Leo. He had received a Leo soon after he returned to the colony from the battle. Base's Leo only needed it's vernier's repaired and Eota's Leo had no damage, so they were piloting the same Leo's that they had been from the beginning. They got their paintball guns, used to test and train pilots for more accurate combat outside of a simulator, and made their way outside of the colony.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Thu Oct 06, 2005 2:43 pm

Han and his team flew outside of L3. He turned his Leo 180 degrees to look at Eota and Base.

Han - Stay as far away from that ship out there as you can. Don't want them thinking we're attacking them. We'll be moving into the area with wreckage just a little ways from here. Your goal is to work as a team and take me down. Team work is very important, especially when you're in a mobile suit that is underpowered compared to your enemy.

Base smiled to himself as he watched Han's Leo pull away. Base moved his Leo to follow him with Eota right beside him.

Base - This is going to be easy...two on one.

Eota - Don't be so cocky. Lt. Richards is a combat veteran. This won't be any picnic.

Han - Okay kids! Let's do this!

Han flew backwards into the floating wreckage firing the paintball gun at Eota and Mars. The two ensigns quickly shifted their Leo's dodging the attack, but when they aimed their own guns, Han had disappeared. Base narrowed his eyes as he gripped the controls to his mobile suit.

Base - I'll go up, you take down.

Eota - Right.

Base and Eota took off in separate directions. As Base flew by a large piece of wreckage, a warning went off in his cockpit. Quickly he spun the Leo around but it was too late. Han had been hiding behind a large piece of hull from a ship. He fired a three round burst hitting Base right at the hatch of his cockpit. The balls hit with a loud smacking sound leaving yellow paint on his Leo.

Base - Damnit!

Base watched as Han turned his Leo downwards and fired another 3 round burst, hitting Eota in the back as he was flying past.

Eota - Shit! He's above me.

Base - Yeah, I already know Eota!

Han then quickly moved his Leo dodging the wreckage.

Han - Don't quit yet boys. That's one to zero now.

Base gritted his teeth together as he took off after Han. He fired round after round from the paintball gun, but missed each time. Han skillfully moved his Leo to the left and right dodging the rounds.

Eota - Base! That's not going to get us anywhere!

Han reached out and grabbed a piece of the wreckage as he flew past, his verniers were starting to overheat and he would have to stop soon. Using the strength of the Leo, Han turned and threw the wreckage back at Base. Base had very little time to react. He tried to make his Leo thrust in the opposite direction, but it was too late. He crashed into the wreckage.

Han hid behind another wall of wreckage letting his Leo cool down.

Han - Ensign Rynolds, you're being too reckless. You don't want a repeat performance of what happened against the Gundam do you!?

Base's eyes widened as he pushed himself off of the piece of wreckage he had crashed into. Han's words had hit him as hard as he had hit the piece of steel debris. Eota flew up beside him.

Eota - Base...don't let him get to you. We have to work together more than what we have, that's what we're doing wrong. How about you lure him out. I'll circle around underneath and attack him.

Base - Fine...we'll try your way. I'll get him to come out!

Base had a look of focused determination on his face as he flew out trying to locate Han. Base heard the warning again but this time reacted. He brought up his shield, turning his Leo in the direction of Han, who fired his paintball gun at Base. Using his verniers, Base flew backwards.

Base - Eota! He's right on me!

Base's shield was covered in yellow paint as Han continued to chase him. Han then heard the warning as Eota came up underneath him flying. At the last second, Han was able to shift his suit backwards and to the right dodging Eota's attacks as he flew up past Han. Base then aimed his paintball gun at Han and began to fire, but Han managed to shield himself.

Han - least they are getting better.


Lisa yawned as she walked into her small office that was in front of Kiyoshi's. She printed out the list of memo's for Kiyoshi and walked into his office. He had obviously not come in here last night, so she decided to check on him in his room after she put the memo's on his desk. The door was unlocked so it opened easy, but the room was as clean as it was before. The bed showed that no one had slept in it, which meant Kiyoshi had not returned last night. It looked like she would have to again delay people from seeing him again. She would just have to explain that it was a thing with War.

She sighed to herself as she walked back to her office, closing the doors behind her. She couldn't believe what had happened last night with Han, but that did not mean she regretted it. Han was a strong, powerful man, and not a bad lover at that. She had felt safe with him, something she hadn't felt in a long time. She didn't mean to sleep with him last night, it just had happened. It seemed so innocent when it started, but grew into a very torrid night. Sitting at her desk, Lisa began the long process of answering all the memo's that required Kiyoshi's attention.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Thu Oct 06, 2005 7:01 pm

Eota landed himself on a large piece of floating wreckage. He began to scan the area hoping to find Han before he found him.

Eota - I don't know where he went to, Base.

Base put the back of his Leo up against another large section of some destroyed ship.

Base - He's near here, somewhere.

Base started to go around the corner but then his monitors went out.

Base - Damnit! Eota he took out my main camera!

Han smirked as he flew past Base's Leo.

Han - Better get out and clean that main camera Ensign!

Base switched to the Leo's secondary sensors. They weren't as good as the main camera, but Base hoped he'd be able to target Han at the very least.

Base - I think he's heading straight for you Eota! Look out!

Eota jumped off of the piece of wreckage he was standing on and floated downward ready to fire.

Eota - I don't see him, I don't see him!

From out of the corner of Eota's eye he saw movement. He turned the Leo to his left targeting it ready to fire. Han had noticed that a section of a piece that belonged to a former colony was very weak. A paintball round wouldn't destroy it, but it would move it enough to trick his Ensigns. Firing another three round burst, he hit his target dead on making the colony section collapse. Eota opened fire thinking Han would be coming from that spot, just as the section broke and floated away. Han jumped out of his hiding spot and flew at Eota firing paintball rounds consecutively. Eota made his Leo fly up and over the section he was standing on earlier and the paintball rounds left a trail behind him.

Eota put himself firmly up against the wall, waiting for Han to come over it to attack him. Eota then changed his mind, quickly turning his Leo around to aim to his right side.

Han - Always go with your instincts, kid!

Han came over the wall firing down another three round burst, but Eota dodged it just barely firing back at Han. Han made his swerve and corkscrew through the rounds firing at him until he felt the heavy sound of a paintball hitting the outside of his armor. Han slowly turned his Leo around and saw Base with his paintball gun aimed at him. Base hadn't gotten out to wipe off the paint on his main camera and had used his secondary sensors to navigate through the debris and target Han. Han smiled to himself, proud of his two ensigns.

Han - Good work, both of you. You see, that team work between the two of you wasn't planned. While Eota was trying to take me out, Base had the opportunity to get into a good position and wait for me to be open. Very Good. How about we call it a day?

Eota set back relieved.

Eota - Sounds good to me.

Base - Good, I can go find that Stacy girl sooner than I thought. Guess your going to be all alone today, Eota.

Eota - I'm sure I can find something to do with my time, don't worry about me.

Han - Ensign navigated well enough with that Leo's main camera disabled, so why don't you navigate home like that.

Han fired his verniers and flew towards the colony with Eota following.

Base - Hey it's not that easy!

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Fri Oct 07, 2005 12:21 pm

Han walked into Lisa's office as she was typing in a quick manner. Han could tell by the look on her face that something was troubling her.

Han - What's the matter, Lisa?

Lisa looked up to Han in relief.

Lisa - I was just about to call for you, we have a problem...

Han sat down in the chair in front of her desk.

Han - This has to do with Kiyoshi doesn't it?

Lisa - Yes...he just contacted me from the Pegasus ship.

Han - And?

Lisa - He's not coming back right now.

Han - So? He used to be a member of the }{G, because of that he was allowed to be the leader of L3. It's not surprising that he would join up again with them at a time of war.

Lisa - That's not it. The tone of his voice suggested something. He also said that we're not supposed to let anyone know that he's not here.

Han - Well you just failed that one, Missy.

Lisa shook her head not wanting to deal with Han's jokes.

Lisa - Han, you, your team, and Ms. Matta are all to be informed about this. Kiyoshi has left his trust in us.

Han crossed his arms as he began to think about the situation.

Han - The L3ISS is still down so we can't check any reports from the other colonies, Kiyoshi has almost randomly gone back to the }{G, and...

Lisa - Has left us in charge of everything. I say us, because he told me to take care of everything, but I want you to command the L3 Defense Force. I'll also be making sure that Ms. Matta is put into a position where she can keep control and a watch over the mobile suit factories.

Han - Putting a lot of faith into a sixteen year old girl?

Lisa - She's strong for her age, Han. Plus, Kiyoshi trusts her.

Han - Alright. We'll just have to hold fort until Kiyoshi comes back.

Lisa - If he comes back...

Han closed his eyes as he responded.

Han - Kiyoshi left the }{G and went into deep space for reasons we don't know about. Whatever those reasons were, they can't be trivial. He threw away a good life and career to try and atone for something. He wouldn't just come back to the organization like that. Kiyoshi, also, has his own objective in all of this. He says it's to defend L3, but I don't know if that's just it...

Lisa - What do you mean?

Han - I'm not saying he can't be trusted, I'm just saying that from what he told me of his past, he had very little control over it. Now that he does have control of his life, he's not going to relinquish that control easily. Following another man's views and opinions just won't do.

Han opened his eyes.

Han - Kiyoshi will be back.


Base had left Eota in the quarters than Han had provided for them early on. It was a simple one story building, but had all the comforts of home, and allowed Base and Eota to live more like adults by being on their own. Base had pulled up information about Stacy Matta, and was on his way to see if he could find her at one of the mobile suit factories.

Base pulled up in the car that had also been provided for them just as Stacy was coming out of the base.

Base - Hey! Stacy! Stacy Matta!

Stacy turned to look and saw Base waving at her with both arms from a car. Stacy didn't think she would have seen him this early and wish she had had time to go home and at least clean up a little bit. Stacy walked up to the car with Base smiling at her.

Base - I thought I would find you here.

Stacy - Hello, Ensign Base Rynolds...right?

Base - That's right. I just got done with my training today and thought you'd like to go get some coffee or something to eat.

Stacy continued to look at Base with a slight smile. She could tell that this boy could be more straight forward than what he was, but he was trying to be as polite as he could be.

Stacy - I was on my way to head to the main government building. I wanted to see if Kiyoshi had returned yet.

Base - My commanding officer was on his way there after he dismissed Eota and I. I could give you a ride there, if you'd like that is.

Stacy smiled and walked over to the passenger side of the car and got in.

Stacy - Where is Eota?

Base - Eota stayed back at our place.

Base started up the car and pulled out of the parking lot and back on the road making his way to the government building.

Stacy - So you left your best friend at home to come hit on some girl, that's not very nice.

Base - He's alright, he wanted to rest anyway.

Base had lied a little bit so he decided to change the subject.

Base - work in the MS factories? That's odd for a girl.

Stacy glared a little bit at Base.

Stacy - Hey, are you trying to say I couldn't do the job?

Base - No, no, no! Just that, well most girls are medics or something.

Stacy - Well, for your information, technically I'm just a secretary, but that's because they wouldn't let me do any other work. Though now I've also been put in charge of the technicians who are working on the L3ISS.

Base - Ah, okay. How is that coming along?

Stacy - Slowly. Very slowly. We're shooting for it to be completly replaced by next week, but we're not sure of that anymore. There's been some delays.
The two of them remained quiet for a bit, finally Base spoke again trying to break the silence.

Base - You know Kiyoshi?

Stacy - Somewhat. We've spoken a few times. When he came to test out the data from the mobile suit he designed, he asked for me directly. Wouldn't speak to my boss or anyone else but me.

Base - Wow, I bet you feel proud.

Stacy nodded as she smiled.

Stacy - Of course. Who wouldn't be?

They pulled up in front of the government building and Stacy got out.

Stacy - You coming?

Base - Do you want me too?

Stacy - Well you did say your commanding officer was here, and I just need to check and see if Kiyoshi has returned. I would like to repay you for giving me the drive here, be accepting your offer of a date.

Stacy smiled as she looked at Base. Base turned the car off and got out. Watching Stacy turn and walk up the stairs. Base started to do a little victory dance until Stacy turned around. Base stopped abruptly then ran to catch up to her.

Base - Heh heh...well okay, um...let me get the door for you...

Base opened the door and Stacy walked in continuing to smile at him.

Stacy - Thank you.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sat Oct 08, 2005 1:57 am

Stacy and Base made their way to Lisa's office and found Lisa and Han still sitting there. Lisa was on the phone with someone form the Mobile Suit Factories.

Lisa - What do you mean she just left!? Where is she?

Han looked over at them and smiled.

Han - Just the girl we were looking for...

Lisa looked up from her monitor to the door.

Lisa - Never mind...I found her.

Lisa hung up the phone before looking over to Base and Stacy.

Lisa - I should have guessed you were on your way here, did Ensign Rynolds give you a ride here?

Stacy - Yes? Did Kiyoshi return last night?

Lisa - Ensign Rynolds, you should probably go get Ensign Mars, I would rather not have to repeat this a third time.

Base looked confused.

Base - You want all of us here?

Han - You heard the lady, Ensign. Go get Eota and hurry back on the double.

Base nodded then hurried out of the room. Stacy sat down in one of the chairs looking from Han to Lisa.

Stacy - Something is wrong...isn't it?

Lisa - We'll wait for Base and Eota to get here.


Eota laid on top of his bed staring at the ceiling. He ran his hand down the scar over his eye. He had felt so stupid for the accident, and yet it had drove him on to become a better pilot. He guessed it was similar to Base's experience with the Gundam. Eota sat up looking around the room. He was bored. He didn't know when Base would be getting in, so he had the place to himself for awhile. Eota sighed and took out his journal from under his bed and began to write.

Eota had kept a journal since the war had started. Every hing from why he joined up to his training was written down. He hadn't had time to write about the battle with the Gundam so he started to write. Suddenly the door burst open and Base ran in.

Base - Eota! We got to get going, Han and Kiyoshi's secretary want to see us right's serious!

Eota nodded and put his journal away then jumped off his bed.

Eota - Alright, what are we waiting for then?

Eota and Base ran out of their quarters and jumped into the car speeding off back to the government building.


Lisa, Han, and Stacy all remained quiet until they heard Base and Eota running in. They both we're breathing heavily and out of breath from the running.

Base - Okay...we'

Eota - What's...going on?

Lisa sighed then directed Base and Eota to two more chairs that had been brought into the room since Base had left. Base and Eota sat down and began to listen intently.

Lisa - Kiyoshi Kazami is not returning to L3 for some time. He has joined back up with the }{G and I'm guessing they are on some mission right now.

Eota - That's not too strange...Kiyoshi was a former }{G before all of this...

Base - Yeah, and the }{G are working for the colonies.

Lisa - I do think that the }{G are working for the colonies, but not as they were before now. There is something going on that we do not know about...

Han - Kiyoshi has placed us at the head of the Defense Force for L3, Ms. Nichruen here as leader of L3 for the time being, and Stacy in charge of all the Mobile Suit Factories.

Base - Wow...Kiyoshi is putting a lot of trust into all of us.

Lisa - Yes he is...

Stacy - Why does he want me in charge of the MS factories!?

Lisa - Like Base said, he trusts you, he trusts all of us.

Han - Kiyoshi is the type of man who goes with his instincts. He knows he can trust everyone in this room, and so that is who he goes to when there is trouble.

Eota - Are you sure there's trouble though?

Han - Kiyoshi just wouldn't come back to L3 like that. He had made it clear that his mission now is to protect L3. He wouldn't just abandon us.

Base - How do you know? Didn't he leave }{G? What if he's doing the same to us?

Han - Have more trust in Kiyoshi's words. He is a dark, secretive man, but all of us have our secrets.

Lisa - We're also supposed to keep this all secret. You can not tell anyone that Kiyoshi is not keeping up to his duties of leading L3.

Eota - But won't the public start to suspect something?

Lisa - I've been the go between for the people and the leaders for years. It won't be difficult to pull this off.

Stacy - Do you think Kiyoshi is going to be fighting again?

Han - If he's with the }{G''s inevitable. Unfortunately, he's missing a key aspect to that organization's name.

Base - The Gundam part!

Eota rolled his eyes as he looked at Base.

Eota - Congratulations, Captain Obvious...

Han - He's an Ensign...get it right.

Han and Eota smiled as Base glared and waved his fist at both of them.

Base - Why you!

Stacy and Lisa started laughing at Base. Base crossed his arms and closed his eyes his face turning red.

Base - Fine, fine...laugh all you want!

Lisa calmed her self down and calmed the rest of the room down with a strong "Ahem".

Lisa - I believe we should go through with constructing Kiyoshi's Variable Frame Project.

Stacy - We could...but there's a problem with that...

Lisa - And that would be?

Stacy - I would have to have full design details on the Variable Frame...

Lisa - I already checked and Kiyoshi doesn't have the files here, he must have brought them with him.

Han - Not surprising. He probably wanted to show the }{G what he was planning.

Stacy - But...I do still have the data from what Kiyoshi had put into the simulator. I could analyze it and design something at least close to what Kiyoshi wanted. It wouldn't be a Gundam though, but it would be a strong mobile suit.

Han - Anything would probably be a better improvement at this time.

Lisa - You get to work on that, Ms. Matta.

Stacy nodded then sat back as Lisa looked to Han and the two young pilots.

Lisa - You two need to be training more. You have actually seen the Gundam in combat. If anything happens, it'll be up to you three to protect us, with the support of other pilots on L3, but I'm counting mostly on you three.

Base - Why us?

Lisa - In the past some of the best mobile suit pilots have been young men. You two could be the next ones to succeed them, and you have a very capable commanding officer.

Lisa looked at Han and smiled. Han smiled back looking into her eyes.

Han - I'm glad you think so, Ms. Nichruen.

Lisa - Now you all have your missions. Keep everything secret, you are dismissed.

Han, Eota, Base, and Stacy all got up and walked out of the room. Lisa let out a large sigh.

Lisa - Are we going to be able to pull this off...

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sun Oct 09, 2005 12:17 am

Stacy sat in a private hanger at a desk with a simple computer. She typed and then would use a stylus on a specialized pad every now and then. It had been a few hours since she had left Lisa's office. When she had returned to her work, her boss had already found out that she was now the boss of him. Because of this position she was able to secure a location to begin work on a new mobile suit.

There was a long print out of data thrown over the desk. Not only did she print out the data from Kiyoshi's simulation, but also any information the computers could gather from this data. After she had analyzed it for a long period of time, she began work designing the new suit.

There were two factors that would limit this design. One was the fact that she could not build it in what Kiyoshi had described as a "Variable Frame" mobile suit. Unlike the designs Kiyoshi had shown earlier to others, this mobile suit would not be a Multi-Purpose mobile suit. This would be an Attack Use Mobile Suit. The other factor that limited the suits design was cost. Since this was a side project she did not want to divert too much funds from the regular mobile suit production, nor did she want to get too much attention brought onto her.

She knew that if this design worked out on paper, the next problem would be selecting the workers to build it. She would have to select not only the best, but also the ones that could keep their mouths closed.

Her mind didn't stay on this thought for long, she began to think about Kiyoshi. Wondering what he was up to. She didn't worry about his safety, she knew he could take care of himself. If half of what had been said about him was true, he could do that well enough.

Then her mind randomly jumped to Ensign Base Rynolds. She couldn't explain her reasons for being attracted to him. If anyone would have been a better choice it would have been Base's best friend Ensign Eota Mars. He was usually calm and cool, unlike Base. Maybe that was it, she was deep down attracted to men that were wrong with her. Stacy was also a little upset that she didn't get to have her date with Base after leaving Lisa's office. Their commanding officer, Han Richards herded them off to their mobile suits for more training. She understood it had to be done, but it did not change the fact that she wanted to have her date.

Looking at her watch she shook her head clearing her mind and got back to work.


Lisa sat behind Kiyoshi's desk as a group of citizens from some public relations board came into the office. There were five of them. Three of men, and two women. All of them were elderly, which Lisa knew this meant that they'd most likely be cantankerous.

Lisa - Hello, I am sorry about the delay for your meeting, Mr. Kazami is out on a diplomatic mission at this time. I have been given orders to help you in any way that's possible.

The Board leader sat down in front of Lisa while the others sat around him. He was a bald elderly man who walked with a cane.

Board Leader - It is a shame, for that pertains to one of the reasons why we came here.

Lisa - Oh?

Board Leader - Yes, we are wondering just exactly where is our leader. Ever since the attacks on L3, he has been missing from the spotlight. This makes many of us, the citizens of L3, worry. Has he backed away in fear of the opposition from Earth?

Lisa looked into the Board Leader's eyes as she stood up placing her hands on her desk.

Lisa - Kiyoshi Kazami is not afraid of the enemy opposition. As you know, Kiyoshi Kazami is a former member of }{G, which means he has seen far worse than the Gundam attack that happened yesterday. Mr. Kazami has not and would not abandon the people of L3, who is directly fighting for! Just because he is not here in person does not mean he is not here in spirit. He has left L3 in capable hands, as you should know.

Board Leader - Yes, you've been in this office for a long time Ms. Nichruen, but I wonder, is this your own secret objective? Perhaps you are the one to blame for the reports that the terrorist earth forces were practically allowed to walk out of the prison they attacked!

This was news to Lisa, but she did not let her face show it.

Lisa - I know for fact that Mr. Kazami was in the prison at the time of the attack. He would not have let them just walk out of there, if he was able to prevent it.

Board Leader - I would hope not. If Mr. Kazami did let them escape, would that not show that he has an allegiance to earth and not the colonies?

Lisa - Mr. Kazami would do nothing that would endanger the colony of L3. This is his home. He was born here!

The Board Leader smiled with a sinister glee in his eyes.

Board Leader - No, he was created here.

Lisa - If you want to be so technical, then yes, his parents did create him here.

Board Leader - Ms. Nichruen, would you call a team of scientists "parents"?

Lisa couldn't hold back her shock from this information this time, but she hid it away as fast as she could.

Lisa - What do you mean?

Board Leader - You do not know everything about Kiyoshi Kazami, do you, Ms. Nichruen?


Han stood in a small command post somewhere in L3. A computer that controlled Mobile Dolls was in front of him. He watched a screen displaying 21 Taurus Mobile Dolls along with two Leo's. The Leo's had his two Ensigns, Eota and Base, inside of them.

Han - Okay kids, this is going to be a bit tougher this time. Each of these mobile dolls will be as good as me. There's twenty-one in all, and it's up to the two of you to destroy them. You're using your live weapons, so try and be a little careful where your shooting, don't want to hit the colony too hard. Alright, begin!

Base and Eota launched out of the colony and quickly got their bearings. Soon the two of them saw several Taurus units in arrow formation.

Base - Split up, take out as many as you can!

Eota - Right!

Eota fired his verniers and went to the right. He aimed his beam rifle and fired twice before bringing up his shield to block the beam rifle attacks from two Taurus units that fired as they transformed out of fighter mode. Once they had stopped fired, Eota lined up his shot and fired once at each of the Taurus suits. Two of them burst into flames as the blast hit through their main camera's. Eota then quickly shifted his suit to the side dodging attacks from other Taurus's.

Base flew in his headstrong manner, drawing his Leo's beam saber and cut through two Taurus suits in two consecutive slashes. Base then turned his suit around and shielded himself as another three Taurus's flew past him firing. Base's suit took a few hits, but by turning around and replacing his beam saber and aiming his beam rifle again, he managed to shoot down all three.

Base - Heh too easy...

The warning alarm goes of fin Base's cockpit but before he has time to react, his Leo is hit several times from the Taurus suits beam rifles. This destroys his shield and part of his leg.

Base - Damnit! Means I need even more repairs!

Back in the command center Han shakes his head as he gives the commands to make the Taurus's go a bit easier on Base. He didn't want Base or Eota to be destroyed, but he had to give these two as much experience as he could.

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Eota had sweat running down his face under his helmet. He had successfully shot down four Taurus Mobile Dolls. If he and Base had split them evenly, that left him with three. His shield was near it's breaking point as he saw the Taurus dolls come into formation and transform into their fighter mode. Behind them he could see Base in his Leo firing at two mobile dolls coming after him. He saw that Base's right leg was gone as well as his shield. Eota aimed his beam rifle. He was afraid for Base's safety and decided he had to finish this now.

Eota fired two shots from his beam rifle. They hit one of the Taurus, the first knocking it a little out of formation, the second destroying it. Eota raised his shield as he was pounded with fire from the remaining to Taurus dolls. His shield finally gave way as the Taurus's flew past. Eota turned and fired at them over and over. His shots manage to take out one of them, just as the other circled around transforming back to it's normal mode. Eota flew at the mobile doll at top speed, dodging it's attacks as best as he could. When he got close enough he drew his beam saber and cut through it and then changed his flight path to back up Base.

Base flew backwards strafing left and right trying to dodge the Taurus's attacks. Base saw as a couple of blasts from a beam rifle took out one of the Taurus coming after him. Eota flew up behind the Taurus and Base smiled.

Base - Just like you to come and save my ass?

Eota - Yeah, with out me you would have already been destroyed.

Base and Eota smiled as they both pulled the trigger to their beam rifles at the same time destroying the last remaining mobile doll. Han smiled slightly at the screen in front of him. Han wasn't proud that Base had suffered major damage, but overall he was proud of both Base and Eota in how they had performed. This was the first time they had faced that many enemies at once. He would have them repeat the exercise over and over again in the simulators. Han didn't want to waste anymore mobile dolls. The mobile doll system needed to be tested anyway, so this was a good test for it and his young pilots.


Back in Kiyoshi's office, the Board Leader had been discussing Kiyoshi's past with Lisa.

Board Leader -
You will have to face the truth about him at some point, Ms. Nichruen.

Lisa - How do you know this!?

Board Leader - I at one point had connections to the organization that had him created. You should ask him about it. He is the one that assassinated their leader's daughter.

Lisa - People would know about this! Especially, if there was another organization in the past.

Board Leader - We kept in the shadows. Kiyoshi had only found out because he put his nose where it didn't belong. But you see now why I do fear him, Ms. Nichruen? He was created to fight for Earth, not the Colonies.

The Board Leader shook his head as he looked at the other members of the board and then at Lisa.

Board Leader - I did not know this at the time when I worked for this organization, but it was rumored that Kiyoshi had been programmed to destroy the colonies, but the project did not go as it was supposed to, and the boy still had some free will. Obviously he did, or he would not have killed the leader's daughter. He was...involved...with her at the time, as well.

Lisa looked away understanding Kiyoshi a little bit more. If what these man had said was true about Kiyoshi, he had ever reason to be cold and distant from the world.

Board Leader - We will be keeping an eye out on Mr. Kazami. If he does show to be a threat to the people of L3, then we will come out with this information.

Lisa - You will have to do what you feel is I say this as kindly as I can...get the fuck out of my office.

Lisa looked at the Board leader with hard eyes. The board members all looked shocked at Lisa's language, but didn't move.

Lisa - Do I have to call security?

Board Leader - When the time comes, Ms. will share the same fate as Kiyoshi Kazami.

Lisa - It's a fate I would be proud to share.

Board Leader - I am glad you see it that way.

The Board Leader stood up and then walked out with the rest of the members of the board. Lisa glared at each and every single one of them as they left. She guessed that they were some of the few colonists on L3 that did not like the fact that the }{G had taken control of the colonies, and since one of them had some dirt on Kiyoshi, they saw this as a way to move in.

She sighed to herself as she thought about Kiyoshi.

Lisa - A man created and used all of his life...are you living for yourself now, Kiyoshi?

She turned her desk and looked up towards the "sky" of the colony in a direction she just guessed Kiyoshi might have been in.

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Base's Leo was brought in on a truck back to the hangar. It would begin repairs to it's Leg and another shield added soon. Han walked up to the two young men with his arms crossed.

Han - Once again Ensign Mars has come back with the least amount of damage. You shouldn't be so headstrong, Ensign Rynolds.

Base - Hey! At least I came back...that's the important thing. I also took out 5 of those mobile dolls early on.

Eota - But I had to save you from the last two.

Base - We took out the last one together!

Han - Yes, I'm glad to see your team work is improving. You will be repeating this exercises again and again in the simulators. I want you to be prepared for a large attack, as if you'll be the only ones fighting.

Base - We have a whole Defense Force, and you're putting everything on our shoulders!?

Han - No, if the time comes I will launch the rest of the L3 Defense Force, however, I want you two to feel like everything is up to you. One day, it might just be left up to you to save the colony. I want you prepared for that.

Eota looks at Han's uniform and notices his new rank. Han had risen two ranks.

Eota - Commander Richards?

Han smiled as he uncrossed his arms and stood proudly.

Han - Ms. Nichruen didn't think it would be right to have a Lieutenant as the leader of the Defense Force, so she bumped me up two ranks. I'm glad you noticed, Eota.

Base - Great for you Commander Richards.

Base and Eota saluted Han.

Han - At east, men. Take the rest of the day off. I want you in the simulators early on tomorrow though.

Base and Eota - Yes, sir.

Han - Dismissed.

Base and Eota walked off talking to each other as Han turned and made his way to a car to drive back to Kiyoshi's office. He wanted to talk to Lisa and be sure she was alright today.


Stacy sat at the computer finishing her design. She guessed with Kiyoshi behind the controls no matter what he was in he could get the job done. She had also made sure that the suit would be easily upgradeable before or after a battle. This she had guess was something that Kiyoshi had wanted essential to his Variable Frame project. Because of the different hard points on the mobile suit it would allow easy modification for different types of missions. A mobile suit that was equipped for close to medium range combat could easily be made into a unit for long range attacks in just under an hour.

Lisa had implemented this as best as she could into her design, but half way through making the design, she had decided she wanted this to be a bit different from what Kiyoshi had designed. She wanted her design to be her own, so she would be proud of it if it performed well. Looking at the design she smiled to herself. She had also kept with Kiyoshi's style of a mostly Blue colored suit for the prototype, but had deviated from it a little bit here and there. She didn't know at this time that Kiyoshi only picked blue because it was his favorite color and had made the prototype he was going to pilot in that color, so that it would reflect himself in some way.

Picking up a large binder she began to flip through profiles and information of the factory workers in L3. Most of the computer systems were down because of the technicians working on the L3ISS. They had requested that all systems that weren't absolutely vital to L3 be taken down as they worked. This meant Lisa couldn't just search through these files on the computer. It wasn't that much of a problem, but it would take a little bit more time.

An intercom on her desk made a loud buzz startling Lisa. She pressed the button and heard the voice of the secretary that had replaced her after Lisa was given her new position over the MS Factories.

Secretary - Ms. Matta, there's an Ensign Base Rynolds here to see you.

Lisa - Send him to my hangar.

Lisa turned off the intercom and smiled. She could use a break, and a date with Base seemed like a good one to her. After backing up her design on a data disk, she made sure that any information on it was cleared completely off of her computer. She didn't want anyone to know about it. Everything had to remain a secret, as she was told. The door behind her opened with a loud squeal and clang. Lisa made a mental note to oil the hinges on the door eventually.

Base - Hey, I was told to just come on in.

Lisa - Yes, the secretary told me you were here.

Lisa smiled at Base as he walked up to her.

Lisa - How was your training today?

Base - Eh, I took some damage, but I did alright I guess. Haven't gone up against more than one opponent before.

Lisa - You'll get better, just takes time.

Base looked around the hangar putting his arms behind his head.

Base - So, is this were your designing Kiyoshi's new suit?

Lisa - Yes, I wanted it out of the way so I could be sure it was safe and done right.

Base - Makes sense. I came by to find out if you still wanted that date?

Lisa smiled as she looked into Base's eyes. She didn't want to seem too eager, but couldn't help it.

Lisa - Sure, we can go now. I'm all done for the day.

Base smiled and made his way to the door. Holding it open for Lisa, Lisa walked past him and outside.

Base - Well, let's go then!


Han walked into Kiyoshi's office where Lisa was still just sitting there reflecting over the events of the day.

Lisa - Hello, Han.

Han - Hello babe, how was your day.

Lisa shook her head and held up her hand trying to stop Base from asking further.

Lisa - I don't want to talk about it too much...

Han walked over and sat on the desk looking at Lisa.

Han - That rough of a day, huh?

Lisa - I learned somethings about Kiyoshi that I'm not sure are true or not.

Han - What?

Lisa - I don't want to talk about it.

Han - Whatever it is we have to accept Kiyoshi for who he is. Whatever happened in the past made him who he is today, but who he is today is different than who he was.

Lisa - Can you be sure off that?

Han - I trust Kiyoshi. I'd give my life for him. I wouldn't do that just for anybody.

Lisa smiled. Han's words had reminded her that in this time, she couldn't doubt Kiyoshi. He had came in during a confusing time, when the people of L3 were split on what to do, and brought about order in a peaceful, yet powerful way. Kiyoshi had to be a man living by his own personal mission, not anyone else's. She would just have to keep telling herself that.

Han - Anyway...I'm done with the kids for the day, so it's just us for now.

Lisa - That sounds good to me.

Han and Lisa leaned forward and engaged in a deep passionate kiss.

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Eota had been sitting in his room for awhile now, writing in his journal. He had finally brought everything up to date and was proud of himself for that. Now he was bored though. Placing the journal under his bed, Eota got up and walked to the kitchen. The light from the refrigerator as it opened filled the dark room with light. The only other light in the small house that he and Base shared was the one coming form his lamp on the nightstand beside his bed. Eota looked up and down in the refrigerator but couldn't find anything he wanted to eat. This was mostly do to the fact that the cabinets in the refrigerator were mostly bare. Eota hated shopping, but knew Base hated it more, and if he left the grocery shopping up to Base they'd be eating nothing but pop tarts, raman noodles, and macaroni and cheese for the rest of their lives.

Closing the refrigerator, Eota went and grabbed his jacket and keys and walked out of the house. He made sure to lock the door before he walked away from the house. He wasn't really afraid of someone trying to steal any of his or Base's belongings, it just made him feel more secure. He then began the long walk to the nearest grocery store.


Meanwhile, Base and Stacy pulled up in front of a restaurant. It wasn't a high class, overly expensive, too small of portions for the price you paid, kind of restaurant, but it was better than fast food. Base held the door open for Stacy as they walked up to a waitress behind a small podium.

Waitress - How many will be dining this evening?

Base - Just two.

Waitress - Smoking or non?

Base - I'm guessing non.

The Waitress nodded and picked up two menu's and silverware wrapped in a cloth napkin, and lead Base and Stacy to a small table away from everyone.

Waitress - What can I start you off with to drink?

Base - I'll have a coke.

Waitress - Is Pepsi okay?

Base grumbled a bit but nodded as he flipped through the menu.

Waitress - And you miss?

Stacy - I'll have a sweet tea.

Waitress - Okay, I'll be right back with your drinks and be back in a second to take your order.

The waitress then walked off from the table. Base didn't understand why all waitresses couldn't just tell the truth. That it wouldn't be a second for her to bring the drinks, it would be several minutes. Not to mention the long wait between food, but that's standard in a restaurant like this.

Stacy - I don't get why they don't just say "It'll be several minutes for me to get your drinks..."

Base blinked since Stacy just voiced his thoughts outloud.

Base - Yeah, I was just thinking that too.

Stacy smiled as she looked at Base. His brown hair was kept up by a bandanna he wore around his forehead. She guessed it was like Kiyoshi's sunglasses, something that made Base, Base. Base looked up from his menu.

Base - So, what are you getting...get whatever it's my treat.

Stacy - Oh! I completely forgot to look.

Stacy opened her menu and started looking through it. Base was looking at the steaks. His mouth watered in hunger looking at the choice cuts of meats grilled to absolute perfection. Looking at the prices, however, made Base feel down. He though he had enough money, but wasn't sure if it would be enough if he bought himself a steak. Reluctantly, he flipped the page and looked at a cheap item on the menu that he knew would be good at almost any restaurant. Chicken Tenders. They weren't his first choice, but they sounded good in the description. Base closed the menu and looked at Stacy.

Stacy was eying each item on the menu. She wasn't too sure what she wanted. Then she saw one of the large salads that had the same chicken tenders that Base was looking at in it. The waitress finally came back with their drinks and placed them on the table.

Waitress - Have you decided on your order, or do you need a few minutes.

Base looked over at Stacy as he moved his drink over a little bit.

Base - I'm ready, are you?

Stacy - Yes, I'm ready to order.

Waitress - Okay, what will you be having?

Stacy - I think I'll have this chicken...strip...salad thing.

Base - I'll get the chicken strips and a side order of fries.

The Waitress wrote down their order and then picked up the menus.

Waitress - Okay, it'll be a few minutes.

The Waitress turned and walked off. As soon as she was far enough away to not hear him, Base shook his head.

Base - Oh so now it's a few minutes? A few minutes my ass...

Stacy began to laugh and Base smiled.


Lisa laid in her bed smoking a cigarette. Han laid beside her with one arm around her shoulder and the other behind his head.

Lisa - I think that did help relieve some tension.

Han - It sure did for me.

Lisa smiled as she inhaled on the cigarette and then handed it to Han. Han took in the cancerous air just as Lisa was letting hers out. The sex had distracted Lisa long enough to not think about what the board leader had said about Kiyoshi, but laying here in the quiet brought those memories back.

Lisa - Do you think it's true about Kiyoshi?

Han let out a sigh as he put the cigarette out in a nearby ash tray.

Han - I've told you. I trust Kiyoshi. I don't care about his past. I trust him for who he is now. Not whatever he might have been before.

Lisa - But what if this IS some plot from some organization on earth.

Han - Kiyoshi is more concerned about peace and defense. He only took a leadership role in L3 because we needed someone like him at the time. Think about how screwed up things would be if we didn't have Kiyoshi in office. The L3ISS crash, the Gundam attack, those are things that not every leader can work through.

Lisa made a slight nod as she pulled the covers over her and Han. Turning over she wrapped her arms around Han, holding her body close to him.

Lisa - I'm glad you're still here, Han.

Han smiled as he looked down at her. He ran his hand through her soft hair.

Han - I'll be here as long as time allows, but everyone's time runs out eventually.

Lisa kept that thought out of her mind as she closed her eyes running her hand down Han's strong chest.


Eota made his way through the grocery store wit a cart. He had filled it up with enough groceries to last until the end of the week. He didn't want to have to carry too much stuff all the way back. Pushing the cart to the front of the store. He saw that none of the lines were really that small. With a groan he pushed his cart, to the lane that he thought would go the fastest. Of course, this wasn't true. It was always either the lane right next tot he one he was in, or one two rows down that seemed to go at light speed compared to his.

Boredom set in as he waited for an old lady to put all her items onto the conveyor belt. Eota had summarized that the lady must have decided to buy the whole store tonight. Eota's eyes went to the tabloids that were at the front of the room. The one on top the "L3 Inquirer" had a picture of Kiyoshi on the front. In large print it said "Experimental Earth Weapon Becomes Leader of L3". The title made Eota laugh a little.

"The things people will write about these days...", Eota thought as he saw that the old lady had finally finished unloading her groceries from her cart. Placing a thin plastic stick on the belt after the last few items of the old lady, Eota began to unload his own cart. " experimental Earth weapon? Yeah right...".

Finally, Eota paid for his groceries and carried the sacks outside and began to make his long walk home.

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After Base and Stacy had their meal, they had returned to Stacy's house where her parents had informed her that Lisa Nichruen had contacted them, instructing Base and Stacy to meet in her office. The young couple wondered what was going on. When they arrived in the office, Base and Stacy found it empty.

Lisa - We're in here!

Lisa called out from Kiyoshi's office, so Base and Stacy went inside. As soon as they did they saw the man who had been missing from L3. Kiyoshi Kazami.

Stacy - Kiyoshi!

Hello, Ms. Matta, Ensign Rynolds.

Inside the Office was Lisa Nichruen, Commander Han Richards, and Ensign Eota Mars. They were all sitting in front of Kiyoshi's desk and there was two chairs open for the two of them. Base and Stacy walked over and sat down.

Now that everyone is here I would like to fill everyone in on what has happened. As you may know, I went and joined with the }{G once more inboard the Pegasus. Afterward, the }{G and I, consisting of Kaden, who is alive, and Zhelir, went and took over MO-V. It was during this time I realized what my true mission was.

Kiyoshi paused for a minute to let his words sink in. Kiyoshi then went on to tell them what Sin was planning, which made the group in the room looked shocked.

I learned of the true nature of the Colonies leader, and of the growing threat Asia is becoming on earth. Add this to the already long list of threats to the colonies, there is no true way to be safe. I do not want war with Earth, I want to see peace between the two. That can not happen with the men that are in power at this time. As I said, I, along with the }{G took over MO-V. This was my first objective in my mission. I had to help separate }{G from Sin. Once that was accomplished I moved on to my second Objective...form an alliance. I went and hunted down the Defenders. The "terrorists" that attacked L3.

Everyone in the room seemed shocked again, especially Lisa.

You must understand. The Defenders only wish to protect Earth. I only wish to protect the Colonies. Our goals are too similar to not have an alliance. They are soon going to attempt to make an attack on Asia. Their forces are only the Gundam that you faced in battle. I told them that you would help out.

Base - You want us to help some Earth trash group that infected our computers, and attacked us!

Yes, yes I am. This will also show these people that not everyone from the colonies is evil.

Han - Normally, I would agree with my Ensign.

Han stood up looking Kiyoshi in the eye.

Han - But I trust you, Kiyoshi. You wouldn't send us down the wrong path. Furthermore, we're all connected to Kiyoshi. If we stay here on L3 once Sin finds out he and the rest of }{G have turned their backs on him, none of us will be safe.

That is why I had accommodations made for you on the Defender's ship...Gilgamesh. It is up to you, whether you go or not. If you do not, I will send the unfortunate news.

Han - I'm in.

Eota - So, am I. I can't side with the leader of the colonies if that's true, and I too trust Kiyoshi.

Base put his arms behind the back of his head.

Base - If Eota's in...guess I have to go along. Being his sidekick and all.

Base smiled slightly.

Stacy - If there's a could help me with my design for the new mobile suit?

New Mobile Suit?

Stacy - Yes...the Variable Frame project would be too expensive, so I've been working on a personal mobile suit for you, that should perform near as well.

Kiyoshi smiled looking at Stacy.

Thank you, I look forward to it.

Kiyoshi then looked to Lisa.

Lisa - You know...his is exactly what I was told you would do. That you would align yourself with Earth, because you're real goal is to destroy the colonies.

Kiyoshi did not looked shocked by Lisa's words, but it did effect him.

Someone from my past must have gotten to you. If this was 3 years ago, it would be a possibility. I am living for myself now, no one else. I am no longer anyone's puppet. If you fear that in me, you can stay.

Han looked at Lisa, who had closed her eyes. Slowly she opened them and looked at Kiyoshi.

Lisa - I too trust you, Kiyoshi. They told me I would suffer the same fate as you. So, be it.

Kiyoshi smiled as his team stood up.

There is an old small carrier located in Port 17. Inside are three Taurus mobile suits. The ships computer already has the coordinates so that you can easily rendezvous with the Gilgamesh. Good luck.

Han - You're not coming with us?

No commander. I have to go back to the }{G. I will be joining you eventually though. I need you to protect everyone on the Gilgamesh. They are the only people from Earth I think we can trust. They are honest and mean well. Also, if you need to contact me, I have a new frequency.

Kiyoshi placed five communicators down on the desk in front of everyone.

These will link up to my new }{G Communicator. If anything goes wrong, contact me, but only in an emergency.

Han made a nod.

Han - Until we meet again, Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi nodded in return.

You should all pack your things, but pack light. I don't think there's a lot of room on the Gilgamesh. Again...Good luck and take care of yourselves. I want to see all of you again.

Kiyoshi started to walk out of his office but stopped and looked back at Stacy.

What is the name of my future mobile suit?

Stacy smiled.

Stacy - "Cygnus". It's named after the swan constellation, and a legend of two mobile suit pilots who had both fallen in love with a girl that would often be represented by a swan. I thought it was fitting since those two pilots were legends in their stories.

Kiyoshi smiled and then walked out.

I like it..."Cygnus".

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The leader of the Public Relation's Board walks into Kiyoshi's former office with his hands behind his back. His name is Raphael Winson, a man with a corrupt mind and the look of a devil. He smiles as he runs his finger through the dust that has collected on Kiyoshi's desk. Turning towards the new secretary, Oshia Sayuri, Winson scoffs.

Winson - Yes, his former office will do quite nicely, Ms. Sayuri. I only hope you have more...determination...towards the people of L3 than your predessor.

Sayuri - Is it true that Mr. Kazami, Ms. Nichruen, Commander Richards, Ensign Mars, Ensign Rynolds, and Ms. Matta all defected?

Winson - 'Defected' I do not think is the correct word. Abandon...yes...that is more propper.

Winson walked around the desk and spun the large leather chair around. His eyes focused on the city behind the large window.

Winson - I have dreamed about this moment for a long time now. You know...back when I belonged to the Foundation, I was promised the true leadership position of L3...instead...I got the leadership of the Board of Public Relations. Do you know how much of a slap in the face that was?

Oshia started to answer, but Winson held up his hand to cut her off. He sat down in the leather chair, his evil smile growing wider.

Winson - Though...I guess I shouldn't complain...considering the truth of the Foundation did come out and there was near a revolt...but certain events got in the way to cover it up. But powerful position is mine.

Oshia - There would have to be a vote from the people, or you would have to be instated as the leader by Sin.

Winson eyes quickly focused on Oshia. She was a petite young girl with dark hair. Winson licked his lips as he thought of using the girl more than just typing up memo's.

Winson - The LCISS will be coming back online in under twenty-four hours for all the colonies. I will take full credit for this. I will then show the people of L3 the truth of their former leader!

Oshia - You mean the information in the tabloids...

Winson's laugh crackled through the government building. He slammed his hands on the desk as he stood up.

Winson - Yes, it was I, who released that information to the tabloids. It's all true as well. To think a genetically engineered weapon from Earth was running the L3 Colony Cluster...

Oshia - Sir...that sounds like madness.

Winson - The scariest truths in the world always sound mad, my dear. The experiment that went wrong. It would seem Dr. Frankenstein can never control his monster.

Oshia was confused. It seemed like the Board Leader had gone as mad as he said the truth about Kiyoshi was. She didn't know Kiyoshi, she had only seen him in the broadcasts that were shown upon him taking over L3. It was odd that he and those that were supposedly connected to him, had suddenly disappeared. She wondered if Mr. Winson's conspiracy theories had any truth to them. He said they did, but it was hard to believe.

Winson - I want our Defense Force turned into an Offensive Force. I know what the people of Earth are capable of...and will the rest of L3.

Winson turned around in his chair, and steepled his fingers with an evil smile on his face.

Winson - Now leave me, Ms. Sayuri.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Thu Oct 20, 2005 12:16 am

Technicians scurry down hallways. Many of them tweak wires, replace panels over wires, or type furiously on keyboards. It was time to bring the L3ISS back online. Team's of technicians on each of the colonies in each of the colony clusters had worked hard to bring back the LCISS, and now, it would be reborn again.

To mark the occasion, Raphael Winson took this time to make his announcement. He had made sure to have his speech be set up in the exact same location as Kiyoshi had. Winson wanted to destroy Kiyoshi's image to the people of L3. He had became the hero that swooped in at the time of distress, and led them in the right direction. Winson wanted power, and for the last few years he had been taking steps to one day insure his power. Now it was thrown right into his lap.

Who would have thought that the "ultimate weapon" of the Fre Foundation would return to his birth place, at this time. Not only that, but the fool Kiyoshi, had played right into his hands with out even knowing it. Winson had been a part of the Fre Foundation since it's beginning. He was the link between the Earth Based Research and Development Division and the Colonies, specifically L3. The Fre Foundation had hopes of one day conquering both those that still lived on the land of Mother Earth, but also in the Heavens just outside of it. To accomplish this, over twenty-two years ago a project was devised to create a better soldier. Conditioning of young children had proved successful in many aspects. One example would be the Gundam Pilot Heero Yuy, however, there were set backs to this. The Fre Foundation had decided to start from the very beginning. They would control the birth of their soldier, all the way down to his genetic code. The child that would be born from this project, was named "Kiyoshi". The leaders of the Fre Foundation, particularly the son of the Fre Foundation's original founder, saw this project not only as a way to create the Ultimate Weapon in war, but also create the perfect human. Oswald Fre died of an unknown genetic disease, his son Ronald Fre, feared the same fate for himself, and eventually his child...Fiona Fre. He believed that if they could create a genetically perfect human being, then a cure to the condition that killed his father could be found.

The name "Kiyoshi" roughly translates to "purity". It was Ronald Fre's hope that the specimen that would be created would be completely pure, to the extent that it met with his own goals, as well as that of the Fre Foundations. Kiyoshi would, however, not be pure. It was because of this that would eventually lead to not only the death of Ronald Fre's daughter, but also his own, and the crumbling of the Fre Foundation. Winson had never forgiven Kiyoshi for what he had done. For years he had pushed aside his past, hiding it from view, making all think he was an avid supporter of the colonies, however, he still held the ideals of the Fre Foundation. A "pure" society. It was a goal that could only lead to a mass genocide, with a replacement of the species.

Because of what Kiyoshi had done, very few knew about the Fre Foundation, and this allowed Winson to name his faction in honor of his fallen comrades. Winson would bring about purity to both Space and Earth, the first step would be to remove this...proto-type, Kiyoshi Kazami, from the pages of history, just as Kiyoshi had done to the Fre Foundation.

Winson stepped forward onto the stage as the lights focused on him. He would now take the power he deserved.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Fri Oct 21, 2005 1:16 am

Raphael Winson looked at the crowd that had gathered in front of the stage. Many of them had come from the announcement that was made before Raphael had taken the stage, others had come in confusion, wondering what was going on. This speech would be broadcast through out L3 as well as the other Colonies. Raphael saw the people for the fools that they were, and would now lead them on his own path.

Winson - My fellow L3 Citizens, I am proud to announce that the LCISS systems have all been restored on the colonies, today! This effort was not brought about by your former leader, Kiyoshi Kazami, who has abandoned you in this time of need! I, Raphael Winson, the Leader of the Public Relations Board here on L3, come to you with the truth of Kiyoshi Kazami. The horrible truth of a man you saw as a savior!

Winson paused in his speech as he took out a small remote. Clicking the button, the large screens displayed images of a scientist in a lab. The images continued to cycle through several scientific looking images. Showing the very beginnings of life. The very beginning of Kiyoshi's life.

Winson - What you see here is no science fiction movie. No what you see here is a project that was deemed the "Ultimate Weapon" for an organization of the past. This organization came from Earth, to create this weapon in space. They believed that the colonies would provide a more sterile environment to produce it. What they created some twenty two years ago was an abomination to all life born from the Earth. This abomination's name was...Kiyoshi.

The sounds of shock ripped through the crowd, and through out the colony, as an image of a baby in a tube was shown. Someone who might have known Kiyoshi might have recognized a resemblance, but very few had been close enough to recognize him as a baby. However, the images that came after it, showed the growth of the baby, until it reached Kiyoshi when he was a teenager.

Winson - Yes, Kiyoshi was made to be the weapon for conquer the colonies. The people of the Colonies fear earth for restarting the rise of Mobile Suits! I say we should not fear mere mobile suits. Earth tried to create a race of supermen! Luckily, Kiyoshi was the only one. Now, let me show you the true nature of Kiyoshi!

Winson clicked the button again as it went to a security camera image. Kiyoshi held out a gun towards Fiona Fre. The audio was not there, but the people did not need it. They saw Kiyoshi pull the trigger, and then Fiona fall to the ground dead.

Winson - A man willing to kill an innocent young girl! You saw him as a savior for you! I wish I could deny all of this. I wish I could say it was all fiction, but I cannot. Do you need further proof of the evils of Kiyoshi, than the fact that he has abandoned you all, when he promised to defend you! I refuse to stand for this! It is for this reason, that I, one of your own, not some inhuman creation, Raphael Winson, make my promise to you, the people of L3, that I and the Fre Faction will protect the people of L3!

A roaring applause spread throughout the crowd. None of them knew, Winson's true intention. That he would escalate the war until the mass genocide would be easy to accomplish, and then...he would replace them all with exactly what they feared. Winson loved when a plan went together so perfectly. Soon everyone within the colonies would see Kiyoshi as the murderer he is. He hoped this would make anyone he came in contact with lose their trust in him, and slowly begin Kiyoshi's destruction. It would not be complete until Kiyoshi was dead.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Fri Oct 21, 2005 11:13 pm

Raphael Winson had made his way back to his office. Taking over was simple, but people were delusional with fear. Now, he began to ponder on his next move. Would he go after Kiyoshi Kazami, or the people he cared about. Winson had prepared for this moment early on, especially when he learned Kiyoshi had returned to L3. The last he had heard of him was when he was a member of }{G. Raphael smiled to himself. Yes, he would first send Kiyoshi the message, that he has lost L3. Then he would begin to try and hunt down where the leader of the L3 Defense Force, Kiyoshi's secretary, two young Ensign's, and a Mobile Suit Factory secretary, disappeared to. Winson pressed a button.

Winson - Oshia, please have Captain Harrison Mitchells visit me in my office.

Oshia - Yes, sir, Mr. Winson.

Winson began to smile evilly. Captain Harrison Mitchells was a dangerous mobile suit pilot. He was only at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade before Winson began to build his forces for the Fre Faction. It wasn't that Harrison Mitchells had a problem following orders, no, that wasn't the case at all. He had a problem not destroying a populated area if there was one around. Winson also had picked him to lead the Fre Faction's force because of his strong hatred towards Han Richards.

There wasn't even a knock on the door, Harrison preferred to just slam the door open as hard as he could. Harrison had short black hair and a large muscular body.

Harrison - What the hell do you want, old man?

Winson - You shouldn't talk to your superiors like that.

Harrison - I know...I just don't give a shit. I'm guessing you have a mission for me.

Winson - Indeed. You will head to MO-V. It is rumored the }{G have taken over.

Harrison - }{G, huh? I know people say I'm crazy...but I'm not that crazy. Wait...yes I am.

Winson shook his head at Harrison, but then continued.

Winson - You will lead a team to MO-V and get the }{G's attention. I want Kiyoshi Kazami to know who has taken his colony.

Harrison crossed his arms.

Harrison - I don't look after no team.

Winson - You may need it. I know you are a capable pilot, but this is the }{G we are talking about. Again...this is only to get their attention. Do not engage in any...risky battles. Your team will consist of five Taurus mobile suits and five Leo's. I suggest you focus more on your...particularly dangerous skill.

Harrison smirked then began to walk out.

Harrison - Finally, get to blow up some "innocent" civilians and not get barked at it by some old bastard.

Winson watched Harrison walk out and slam the door to his office. This made Winson jump, and also glad that the cocky man had left. The mobile suits and the ship that would carry them all were marked with the old Fre Foundation logo. Kiyoshi would recognize it, instantly. The question would be how would he react.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sun Oct 23, 2005 4:56 pm

Two ships split the team that left from L3. One ship had the five Taurus mobile suits, the other had the five Leo's. Harrison stood on the observation deck of the ship looking at the progress of the course they were taking to MO-V. Harrison took out a cigarette and lit it, as a crewman walked into the room.

Crewman - Leutinent J.G. Mitchells, the Captain wanted me to inform you that your team is waiting inside their mobile suits.

Harrison - Why the hell do I care!? Don't bother me until we reach the designated area to launch.

Crewman - I'm sorry to bother you, sir.

Harrison glared at the Crewman as he walked out. Harrison then turned to a console and typed away at the keyboard. He wanted all known data on the }{G. Which members were thought to be apart of the MO-V uprising, and their skills. Three images were brought up of Kaden, Kiyoshi, and Zhelir. Harrison smirked as he took a long drag off of his cigarette. Harrison began to remember what that old fart Winson told him before leaving...

~Flash Back~

Raphael Winson and Harrison Mitchells stand on a small walk away leading towards one of the ships that has the mobile suits on board.

Winson - I want Kiyoshi to know that the name "Fre" isn't something that he can just forget.

Harrison - Can I kill him?

Winson - Hmph...I doubt you can, but no. Kiyoshi must suffer for what he did.

Harrison - So he shot and killed a little girl, who cares.

Winson glared at Harrison.

Winson - The Fre's could have changed the world!

Harrison shook his head as he threw up his arms.

Harrison - Why must everyone's goal be to change the world!

Winson - Because, this world is not right.

Harrison - It's just like all of you to think that. That there's something wrong in the world that needs fixin'. I don't believe that. I believe we should just destroy it anyway! That's all we do to begin with.

Winson - You're not here to make beliefs. You're here to accomplish my tasks, however you see fit.

Harrison smirked as he took out a cigarette and lit it.

Harrison - However I see fit, huh? You sure you're not doing this to just finally nail me on something?

Winson - The people of MO-V have always been on harsh terms with the Colonial Government. Now that the }{G, the former leaders of the colonies have defected, we'll be seen as those that are trying to uphold the true nature of the colonies. The more you kill...the better.

Harrison - But I can't kill this...Kiyoshi...fella?

Winson - As I said...I want him to suffer. Once he has seen that the Fre Faction is involved in these attacks, then he will know that every one of the lives lost will be his fault. His suffering won't in there

Winson made an evil smile that Harrison just ignored.

Winson - But...maybe once it's all said and done, and Kiyoshi is near dead...I'll let you finish him off. Now go. Let him know, his past has returned.

~End Flash Back~

Harrison smirked as he looked at Kiyoshi's codename.

Harrison: "Future"...fitting...for a man who's "past has returned".

Harrison started to laugh as he closed the images of the three }{G pilots and walked out of the room. They would be near MO-V soon, and thats when the battle would begin.

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