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Drowning Stories Closed

The famous "Holy Grail" was destroyed...but then resurrected itself into a whole piece again. Now, in 2032, the Sixth Holy Grail War has begun and our heroes have been summoned and now have to follow the new rules. {OPEN || REBOOT}

Inhaling Insanity Closed

"What if the air we breathe is the drug and the hallucination is this picture perfect world that we live in that the government has created. What if everything is a lie? What if you're a lie?" {Accepting Additional Roles}

Silenced Whispers Closed

A twist on a anime high school RP. Class 3-3 has been cursed since 1972 and now it is the beginning of another school year in Yamiyama Town. Will there be more deaths? Will everyone make it through the school year alive? { REBOOT }