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This is Kei-chan! She just recently joined this website so she's still a newbie at everything >w<

At the moment, Kei-chan is also learning Japanese :3 So if chu see her speaking with a strange word, it may most likely be Japanese!

That's all! Kei-chan is very friendly and loves rping so please don't bite~

Mm... Though Kei-chan does want to make one thing clear. She. Is. Not. A. Boy! Kei-chan plays many male characters but she's female!

Kay? :3
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Universes Created

Welcome to Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail? Like the ones in the books? No. Definitely not. This Fairy Tail is a guild for mages of all kinds who take on missions and spread their name all over the land of Fiore.

Pact of the Exorcist

Usually, exorcists would kill demons right? Yeah, that's how it usually went. But there's another group of exorcists that, instead, chose to make pacts with them because demons aren't what people fear any longer. Hell itself is about to break lose.

Our Dark Virtual Reality

What if that online game you always played wasn't fake? What if your world, became that world, filled with exploration and adventure. Now, you must think that'd be really neat huh? That's wrong. It's more dangerous than you would think.

Bonds Through Chains

In this time, there are two people, the slaves, and the rich people. This is a world of poverty that will never disappear, where relationships between the two different 'races' aren't allowed. Still...they always say that rules are supposed to be broken.

The Abyss of Madness

~School was just going normal, just like any other normal day. Students were sleeping through the lectures the teachers taught, until one day, these students are assigned a new teacher, and they are brought into a whole different world.

Alice's Wonderland of Insanity

We've all heard of that tale, Alice in Wonderland, how it starts and how it ends. And as children, we've always thought that there was a rabbit hole and a Wonderland, but as teenagers, or even young adults, that faded. It's not real. It isn't. Right?

Darker Than Black: The Fallen

This city keeps secrets beyond what any regular person would believe. Contractors, people who are made for killing, and Dolls, things created to enslave the mind. With these two running around in this city, how much more interesting would it all get?

Synchronicity of Syndria

In this fantasy world, losing someone is far more dangerous than one would think. To get this person back, what would you do? Would you travel miles over places you've never been? Or even face death?

Seven Deadly Sins of Demise

In Medieval days, people would think of these seven sins as actual gods. But as things became more modern, so did their thoughts and the seven sins vanished. People thought they didn't exist anymore, but was that really true?

My Letter

In Japan, there are many high schools that deal with their own drama and problems. But there is one in particular where a whole group of friends must face their own romantic feelings for each other.

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