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Soooooo.... I guess I'm supposed to tell you about myself? Well, something that will always remain a mystery is my gender, and age! Try and figure it out but you'll most likely never know the truth! (Although it's a bit obviously from my username on second thought...) Second of all, I'm what some call an "Otaku" or in other words, a nerd! Hate all you want, I can't say I care! Obviously, I'm quite literate as I am working on actual stories that will be published, and I'm not a fan of anything... English. I'm 75% Vietnamese and 25% American, but I'm studying Japanese and I'm pretty much addicted to the culture and what such. Strange? That's fine. It's a compliment really!
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Universes Created

Group of Idiots

Friends are idiots. But we already know that. Friends are people who help you and cheer you on. But we also already know that. What we hardly ever realize is that friends are also able to fall in love.

Attack On Titan ; Risen From The Ashes

They came years ago, many years ago, and everything was fine. The war ended. Things never changed, no. The walls still existed, and the soldiers keep us safe. Until again, the wall is broken, and all defenses were breached.

Classroom A-2

The clubroom to the 12 childhood friends who are supposed to be researching about the fake 'supernatural.' Though many things go on in this clubroom than just research, things such as drama, angst, depression, friendship, and even romance.


Being away from friends is tough when you only remember their face in Jr. High. But now you see them this summer, and something feels strange. Your heart beat is fast, you're anxious; What do they call this feeling? What happened to being 'just friends?'


Witches; Monsters, demons, things that hurt people in general. Born from curses, spreads misfortune. Some just play pranks, others kill.

Tonari High School

1x1 with ShadowedxLove!


10 Childhood friends are the closest as ever. Yet even being so close, they hide all their lies behind a simple smile when their true secrets are kept hidden from each other until that one summer where everything came out.

The Story of Us All

Alchemy, Homunculi, Transmutations, Bringing the dead back to life; It all seems like a dream, doesn't it? Maybe to you, but to the people of Amestris, it's called "Daily Life"

True Cross Academy

In a world where demons hunt humans, there is a certain type of human that prevails; exorcists. But to become someone so great, you have to start out young which is why there is True Cross Academy.

Heat Haze Days

Its useless to escape the circling loop of summer. All you have is the laughing summer heat and the insanity that will soon fall on every single last one of you.

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